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Umino Iruka was lost. Worse than lost, he was lost in enemy territory. This was Iruka's first mission out of the village in months, he was called to the Hokage's office and given very specific instructions, he was told he was the only on who could do this.

" Umino Iruka, this is a very important mission and I need you to do this as a favor for me." These were the first words that Iruka heard from the Hokage as he stepped into his office. These words surprised him. A mission? How long had it been since he had been on a mission? Lets see…six…no…seven months. Iruka wondered why he, an academy sensei was being sent on a mission, especially this kind of mission…this kind of mission was better for someone like Shino or Sai who have jutsu's that can infiltrate enemy compounds without ever being detected. Iruka could not do this, he would be detected immediately. Is that what the Hokage wanted? Did she want him caught, or maybe even…

"Iruka sensei, you are the only who can do this mission, you are the person who is best with children." The Hokage said breaking Iruka out of his thoughts of his own imminent demise.

" But, Hokage sama, wouldn't Shino or Sai be better for this mission, with their-"

" Iruka, you have been chosen for this mission because the children there need you, this is not a solo mission, you will have a team with you. You will go to Hikkan and investigate the kidnapping ring there. The reports from the guards there have not been good, in fact, they have been disasterous, the children that have been taken have been scared, physically and emotionally, and I need you there to comfort those children once you extricate them." Iruka nodded, he couldn't do anything else, he had to go and infiltrate a kidnapping ring, remove the children and make it back to the village in one piece or his own lover would kill him.

" Hai, Hokage sama, I'll be going then." Iruka stated bowing deeply his thoughts still running rampant about how to successfully complete this mission without injuries. He stood and walked away hearing a soft 'good luck' as the door shut softly behind him. He never knew what that door signified to his life.

The mission had gone well. Iruka and the four other ninja that had been sent with him infiltrated the kidnapping ring with only minor injuries. They found the children and silently removed them from the premises. Three of the ninja were then sent back to Konoha, taking the children with them for the Hokage to treat and then find their rightful homes. Iruka and the remaining ninja then reentered the building to check for any other captors…that was when all hell broke loose.

Iruka did not know that they had been detected. As soon as he and the other ninja reentered the building they were caught in a trap. They were surrounded. There was no way to get out, the ground was solid steel, all the doors were sealed shut and they were trapped in a room with six enemy ninja and no means of escape.

They fought, they fought valiantly but to no avail. Iruka's partner took down two of the enemy ninja before he was caught of guard. Iruka could only watch as a kunai pierced his throat and sent him to the ground never to move again. Then Iruka was surrounded, he was caught in a circle of four enemy ninja's with weapons drawn and lecherous grins on their face. He was confused, why were they not attacking him? Why wasn't he dead?

" Hey, Tolo, what do you think, is this one too pretty to kill?" Iruka heard one ninja grit out between his teeth sending a suggestive look to the only half way sane looking ninja standing around him.

" Hmm, I do agree, maybe we should play a game with him…" The one that was addressed as Tolo stated as he glanced around at his companions, one eyebrow lifting in mock questioning. " What do you think, boys?" Iruka heard affirmative grunts and saw an even more gut-clenching grin spread over the faces of his captors before one, big and tattooed ninja spoke, sealing his fate.

" I dun see no problem wit' that, To, we've already sent'a message to his village that he's been captured and that they should start preparin' a military funeral for 'im." The tattooed ninja spoke slowly, as if even saying the words were a chore for him. The Iruka suddenly felt three sets of hands of him ripping off his flak vest and weapons pouch. He saw the flash of a knife before the tip was pressed against the back of his head neatly cutting off his haite. The last article that they took from him was his hair band, he heard sickening laughter as his hair fell around his face. Then he felt warm breath beside his ear and hard body pressed against his. It was not so much the words that were spoken that made him sick to his stomach but the proximity of a man who wasn't Kakashi. He felt hands grip his hips hard enough to bruise as the man they called Tolo moved close to him after just watching the other strip him and whispered in his ear.

" Run pretty boy, be our prey and show us a good time and we may not torture you too much before we kill you." The man said before he licked the shell of Iruka's ear and let him go. Iruka's last thought before the big steel door opened and he darted out into enemy territory was that that man definitely was insane, just like the rest of them.

That was how Iruka found himself in this predicament. Hopelessly lost in enemy territory with four madmen laughing manically in the tree's and hunting him like he was some type of prize deer.

" Iruka was what?!" Screamed Hatake Kakashi, this usually bored and reserved copy-nin. Kakashi felt his heart leap out of his chest as he heard the news that the Hokage has relayed to him. " Tell me you're fucking lying old man because if you aren't every single one of those bastards are going to be dead along with the fucking ninja that left him to be caught!" Kakashi was fuming. If Iruka was hurt no one would ever see the end of his fury, this was not Iruka's job, he was not suppose to be sent on dangerous missions like this, he's and academy sensei for gods-

" Kakashi, if you do not calm down I will have you sedated and locked in the damn medical ward until we sort all of this out." The Hokage yelled back just as loud slamming his fist down on her desk cracking it into hundreds of pieces with his own anger. " We do not know what has happened, but trust me, if Iruka has been injured you are not the only damn one that will be pissed, now sit and listen to me before you go off on another tangent." The Hokage still had his voice raised but nodded as he saw Kakashi sit. The Hokage relayed all of the details of Iruka's mission to Kakashi and before he could even say go the copy-nin had disappeared from his office.

Iruka was running as fast as he could but he couldn't seem to gain any ground. The ninja were fast and, unlike him, they were armed. He could feel kunai and shuriken whizzing past his head and sporadic intervals. They were playing with him and he knew, no matter how fast or how far he ran, that he would never win this game.

Iruka ducked into a cave only moments after he felt one of the kunai fly past his left shoulder, cutting into the skin. He moved as far as he could into the cave and hoped beyond hope that they could not see where he had gone in the darkness. Iruka sat and gripped his left shoulder where he could feel the sticky, warm liquid that he knew was his own blood and tried to breathe at a normal rate. It seemed as though he had been running for hours and he just needed a break.

He didn't get one.

He felt the ground begin to shake as though an earthquake were happening but he knew this was not the case as his hiding place began to collapse around him. He ran again and nearly made it out of the cave before and large chunk of rock fell and hit him square in the back knocking his breath out of him as his knees hit the ground.

He sat there, on his knees with his hands bracing him on the ground as he tried to catch his breath before he glanced up and stopped breathing all together.

They were there, right in front of him.

Then he was running again, running through the trees as fast as he could with broken ribs and gashed shoulder. He made a mistake. He glanced behind him and didn't look ahead of him soon enough to see the enemy right in front of him hurl a kunai at him, aimed directly for his heart. He couldn't even react as he felt the kunai pierce his skin and throw him back.

He couldn't breathe.

He couldn't think.

The last thing that Umino Iruka heard before the blackness claimed his vision was, " We found you, prey" and that horrible laughter.

He was dead.

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