You, the last of the finding family, are the only person that can kill Tolo, the last of the eternal family

Less then a week later Iruka found himself sitting cross legged in a wide open field across from Kakashi and the Hokage. He couldn't think of another time in his life that he had been quite this tired or annoyed. Apparently he was just supposed to be able to magically use this Nancisor and find a man that he had no desire to find. He sighed when received another glare from the Hokage and tried…again to activate something that he had no idea how to activate.

"You just need to focus inside yourself, Iruka. This is how your uncle pulled out the power, this is how it has to be done." Iruka sighed and nodded before closing his eyes and trying again. He had been told what it would feel like, it would feel like his was passing out, black would cover his vision but then he would be able to see everything. He would be able to see everything a Byakugan or Sharingan could plus so much more. He would be able to see every weakness in himself, in the earth around him and the people fighting with or against him. He just couldn't get the damn thing to activate, he knew he was close. He had seen the black begin but he couldn't be quite sure if that was from activation or himself about passing out from holding his breath. He sighed again before looking back up at his lover and the Hokage.

"I…can't do this…I can't do this anymore, I can't do anything anymore!" Before Iruka knew it he was having a mini emotional breakdown and could feel hot tears leaking from his eyes. He had been trying so hard for days to release this jutsu and all he managed to do was frustrate and exhaust himself. Iruka buried his face in his hands to stop himself from pulling out his own hair before speaking again. "I…give up!"

"Iruka! You can-" The Hokage found himself abruptly cut off when Kakashi swiftly moved forward and picked Iruka up before he spoke.

"He just needs a break. We will see you later." The Hokage sighed as the jounin and chuunin before him disappeared in a puff of smoke. He didn't know how much time the two would have to relax before another attack happened and he was worried, more worried then he had been in a long time.

Kakashi and Iruka reappeared neatly inside their apartment with Kakashi pressing Iruka into the bed before the dark haired chuunin even took a breath. Iruka felt a mouth press over his and lifted his hands to his lovers gray hair. He had always wondered how Kakashi got that mask off so damn fast but at the moment, he couldn't seem to care. He sunk into the relaxing feel of the surprisingly chaste kiss. He felt strong hands lift him up slightly before Kakashi moved back from him and looked down at him.

"You need to relax, 'Ruka. Do you want to relax?" Iruka just nodded and pulled his lover back down to him. Kakashi may not seem like it to outsiders but he was actually a very thoughtful and reserved lover. He always asked Iruka if he wanted to do something before he did it. Well, that was unless it was very apparent that Iruka wanted to and would do anything to be able to. Iruka shook his head to clear his thoughts as Kakashi captured his mouth again with a tender kiss. Thinking could wait for later.

Kakashi effectively cut off all conversation but sinking his mouth more insistently over his lovers. He knew that it hadn't been more then a week since they had been together but he couldn't seem to get enough of the insatiable chuunin below him. He felt the lightly honeyed taste of Iruka fill his senses as he kissed the very responsive mouth below him. He could feel teeth nipping at his lips and a tongue smoothing over those minor pains before trying to dip into his mouth. As soon as Kakashi got his brain and mouth to connect he opened his mouth for this insistent tongue trying to enter him. He moaned as he felt Iruka mapping his mouth with his tongue allowing the brown haired man to dominate the kiss even if he would never dominate the sex between them.

Then the softness stopped. Kakashi couldn't wait any longer and neither could Iruka. The kiss became bruising as the two men pulled off each others clothes. The kiss was only broken twice, once when Kakashi's shirt was pulled off and once when Iruka's was. Kakashi could feel Iruka's teeth bite into his uncovered neck and couldn't help but moan while he worked off the tan mans pants. He could already feel his erection dripping in his pants and knew that Iruka wasn't in any better shape if the hot hardness hidden in his own pants was any indicator. He finally got Iruka's pants down and off and found his own being pulled down mere seconds later. He heard a chuckle before a tube of lube was thrust into his hand and Iruka was kissing him while thrusting his hard cock up again Kakashi's paler one.

"Please, stretch me just enough to get into me then get there! Please!" Kakashi could feel Iruka's desperation with ever fiber of his being and almost ripped the cap off the lube before spreading it onto his fingers. He didn't even give the clear jell time to warm before thrusting two of his fingers into Iruka. He heard Iruka groan at the intrusion his hips arching and his legs spreading wider for the silver haired man between them. He had barely begin to scissor those two fingers inside his lover before Iruka grabbed his wrist and pulled. "Enough, Kakashi, I need you in me." Kakashi tried to replace his fingers but his lover would have none of this. He tried to tell him he was too tight but it didn't matter, Iruka was going to get what he wanted.

Kakashi was all too glad to give in.

He heard a guttural groan leave Iruka's throat…or was that his? It didn't matter. All that mattered was that he was now buried balls deep in his love and Iruka was just a little too tight. This made the normally suffocating heat almost too constricting on Kakashi's cock but he couldn't bring himself to care as his lover writhed below him. He felt that strangling heat clench and took the hint to begin moving.

Iruka couldn't stop the slight keening noise from leaving his throat when he finally got Kakashi to move inside him. He couldn't help but think, not for the first time, that Kakashi was too gentle with him but when that first thrust hit his prostate he stopped thinking all together. It only took him scratching Kakashi's back twice for the jounin to speed up and fuck him like he wanted. Iruka loved the feeling, he loved every deep thud Kakashi's cock made inside his body. It was almost like he could feel Kakashi in every pore of his being and he loved it, he loved the feelings, the words and sensations but most of all he loved the man. He loved that man with his whole body and heart, more then he had ever loved anyone before.

Kakashi grunted when he felt the tell tale tightening of Iruka's body around his own and sped up his thrusts. He could feel the heat tightening in his abdomen and knew he wouldn't last much longer with the irresistible chuunin tensing so deliciously around him. He felt fingers tangle in his hair before was pulled down into another smoldering kiss. God, Iruka could kiss, he could kiss better then anyone else he had ever kissed before. He felt those fingernails scoring down his back once again before the tan body below him tensed. He could feel the already tight entrance tighten almost unbearable and couldn't stop himself from tumbling over the edge even as he felt Iruka's hot come between them.

Iruka cried out as he felt Kakashi empty himself inside his body not even a second after his own orgasm blew him away. He could feel his cock twitch slightly at the stimulation of the bursts of come hitting his prostate. He let a low moan come from his throat as he felt Kakashi's body lay down on top of his. Cuddling after sex was always just as important as the act to Iruka. Kakashi knew this was true because Iruka felt that it was more then just sex when he stayed after. Kakashi definitely wanted more then sex from his sexy little chuunin. He figured one lifetime was just a bit too short of an amount of time.

"Mmm…'Ruka, you ok?" Iruka just nodded before lifting his eyes to Kakashi's.

"It was great, 'Kashi, I just wish I could see into your whole heart, see everything about you just to be that much closer to you." Kakashi gasped at what he saw when Iruka's eyes lifted to his. He could see black slowly inching over the chuunins eyes and almost freaked out, thinking something was wrong with Iruka before he remembered the Hokage's words.

"Just remember, Kakashi, when Iruka does activate the Nancisor, his eyes will change just as a Uchiha's does. His eyes will look like a Hyuuga's only inverted to black."

So…this is the legendary Nancisor.

Iruka noticed the change also but ignored it. He just kept caressing his lovers body as black and red gradually took over his vision. He knew what was happening but he was calm now, he was ready now. He watched his vision shift and turn totally black before he saw everything. He could see chakra points, the sky outside, even the weakness in the ground. He stroked his hand over Kakashi's heart and saw his weakness. It was not his heart but what his heart was connected too. Iruka. He smiled at this knowledge and barely registered when Kakashi spoke to him.

" 'Ruka! You did it, you need to find Tolo, Naga Tolo, Iruka, Please! Answer me." Kakashi watched Iruka's black eyes just trace over his body seemingly not acknowledging his words at all. Then he heard a whisper, it was barely a whisper but it was the knowledge in the whisper that made his heart almost stop.

"Naga, Tolo is located in North West Konoha, Briar road, house two." Iruka didn't even process himself saying the words, he was more like a computer giving data then a human being. He just kept looking over his lovers body, seeing him in a brand new light and he was greatly enjoying. That was until Kakashi grabbed his shoulders and pulled him into a fast deep kiss. He felt his eyes snap back to normal before Kakashi even spoke.

"You found him. 'Ruka! You fucking found him!"

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