I know this is about two years overdue, but I hope that those still reading enjoy the new chapter.

Chapter 15

I can feel the change. He takes a step back, those blue eyes widening. My own, I know, are burning scarlet.


Another step back and I follow. Both of his hands are raised, palms toward me, an attempt at placating my anger. It is not a successful one.

"Was the first time not enough?"

How did he get out?

It doesn't matter. What matters is him, standing there in front of me, playing at shock.


"Shut up."

My power wraps around his mouth like the scarf he once wore, silencing him.

How was he trapped within the book and still free?

These are questions for later. I wrap bars around thighs and ankles. He sways but doesn't fall.

How has he taken human form?


The emotion shrinks away, leaving only rage.


Echoes of a deeper voice ring inside my own. He shakes his head, eyes enormous above the gag. I ignore the helpless look, cling to rage because despair waits behind her.

"I should rip you to pieces."

Let me explain.

The shock of a voice that isn't my own stills me for an instant, long enough for him to try again.

This isn't what you think. Raven. Please.

"Isn't it?" I snarl. "Why should I believe you? You've lied to me. Everything you've been to me IS A LIE!"


The bonds of my power begin to crack where they meet his skin, white light shimmering in the gaps. They shatter and fall.

"No, Raven."

He takes a step toward me.

"It is not at all what you imagine."

His voice is so soft, his hand held out as though he expects me to take it.

"I love you."

Rage cracks and falls away like the power that held him. I can feel her prowling around the edges of my mind, though, always ready to return.

"Why? Why are you still doing this?"

It is my turn to retreat, shaking my head.

"You win. You tricked me into falling for you again. You win. Go away."

I turn my back on him. I don't care what he does now. I have no one. I lost the Titans, and Red X, the man I thought Red X was, never existed. Something like laughter rises in my throat. Starfire's story of the future after Warp stole the clock is playing behind my eyes. I guess you can't change destiny after all. Ten years alone, slowly going mad, only this time Star wouldn't be come looking for me. It would go on, decade after decade, endless nothing trapped in my own mind. Arms slide around my waist from the back, a body molding itself to mine.

"Raven," he breathes against the nape of my neck. "I am not the dragon."


The word is empty.

"My name is Rorek of Nol."

I whirl, and he stumbles when my hands slam into his shoulders.


Everything stops. I hear my heart beat, once, loud in sudden silence. Then he's throwing himself over me and we both hit the ground, one long hand saving the back of my head from the impact. That's when the shock wave hits.

At this point the story could go one of two ways, and I appealing to you, dear readers, to let me know which you would prefer.
Option one is that the attack is Slade, who told Robin about Raven and X to get her alone.
Option two is that Batman and the Titans succeeded in finding them.
Tell me what you think.