"Mom signed me up for dance lessons," Akaya grumbled randomly in the middle of practice.

"Why?" Niou asked, reveling in the second year's misery. The rest of the tennis regulars surrounded Akaya, clearly wondering the same question.

"She says I should learn to do something other than play tennis and murder my neighbor's cats all day," he complained.

"I don't blame her," Marui responded cheerily, chewing on his gum. He blew a bubble and Akaya poked it, causing it to pop. "Hey! That was a big bubble!"

"Karma! Those cats had it coming," Akaya snapped.

"Dancing is healthy and fun," Yukimura said gently. "Akane thoroughly likes ballet; my whole family can dance. My parents like salsa very much."

"Do you dance?" Yagyuu asked. Yukimura didn't look like a dancer.

"Tap dancing is okay. It's not one of my favorites, but I like it. I enjoy break dancing more."

"You . . . break dance?"

"Yes, Yanagi. Break dancing is great for the body. It keeps me flexible; it's a fantastic workout. My teacher's talented. He can break dance, salsa, and tap."

"Is his name Mr. Hymnhyiukismadegdayet?" Akaya asked. "Funny looking guy with a big nose? He's the teacher of the dance program my mom signed me up for. Black And White Dance Academy."

"Really? I attend the same program."

"That's so cool!" Then Akaya pouted. "Mom wants me to be influenced by good dancers instead of tennis players, though. She wants me to get over tennis and find a love for dancing," Akaya rolled his eyes. "That means I can't come to practice as often." He looked up hopefully. "Do you all know how to dance? Mom might let me play with you guys if she knows you can dance."

"I can tap," Jackal answered hesitantly.

"I can tap dance as well, and Sanada can tango," Yanagi said. Sanada frowned. He didn't like being thought of as a dancer. "Marui's a good Latin dancer, though I find that highly disturbing. Yagyuu can ballroom dance very well. He won an award last year. That leaves Niou."

They turned to stare at him. Niou stared back. "What?" he finally asked, annoyed.

"Niou-senpai, can you dance?" Akaya asked eagerly.

"Hell, yeah. I can strip dance, lap dance, pole dance –"

"It'd be best if you stopped there," Yagyuu interrupted.

I know this is short. I originally wanted this to be a drabble, but on Wikipedia I found out that a drabble is only one hundred words long. For God's sake, I deleted three fourths of this story and I still had one hundred and thirteen words! You know how annoying that is? It's really annoying. So I decided to make this as long as I wanted. And even then, this is only a few hundred words long. I feel bad. I hope you liked it, though. See, I'm going to be learning how to Latin dance this year. I can't dance. I have the figure for it, but I really can't dance. Here's hoping dance classes will change that.

You know the name of the dance teacher? You may think I just pressed a bunch of random letters on the keyboard, but I actually took into consideration what I was typing! The name can really be pronounced, though I believe it would be extremely difficult. It's not worth the effort.

I know this is a really random comment, but I'm trying to imagine Marui dancing. I think he'd look really hot. Anyone agree with me?