So I realize that you have no clue what this story is about...

Basic summary: Edward and Bella have both grown up too fast, blaming themselves for a tragedy and living in a world where everyone else is trying to convince them that it "wasn't their fault". Together, can they learn to forgive themselves, and in turn learn to love each other?

Not as depressing as it sounds, three parts romance, angst and humor, and one major part friendship. :)



It fell like the tear drops of a higher being, cleansing and soaking Earth. It washed, it erased, it flooded.

He was afraid of water. Rain was water. But somehow he wasn't afraid of rain. It was peaceful to him.

When he was little he was told that the people he loved had left for the sky. For a place called heaven. He hated heaven, but he loved the sky. It's where his loved ones were now, after all.

The rain fell from the sky. Touching it, he felt as if he were touching some part of them, and their lost souls.

She wasn't afraid of anything. More so, afraid of being afraid. The rain was forgiveness, in her brown eyes. It washed away damage. It washed away sin.

The sun always came out after. It had to. She found beauty in this. Comfort. Peace. It always rained. It was natural. Necessary. Familiar.

In her life, anything familiar was good.

And as they sat, on different sides of town, one in her rain coat on a rock, the other completely soaked and bare, sure he was going to be sick in the near future as he lay in the grass, they realized.

Rain. No matter where it fell, or how fast it fell, it always fell in the same way.


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