"There's a pool," he repeated.

Rosalie--his twin sister--who was sitting in front of the dresser, just sighed at his reflection.

"You'll get over it."

They weren't the same, his twin sister and he. They were both tall and lean, but the similarities were quickly cut off there; Rosalie was as feminine as Edward was muscular. Her hair was more of a yellow blond while his hair was more bronze. His green eyes met her blue ones in the mirror, momentarily calm—clear blue against freckled—an intense green.

But they both kept their distance from people. They both were private beings, who enjoyed being the wallpaper in the room, although Rosalie preferred being a bold pattern versus Edward's solid one colored-ness. They had similar characteristics—being melodramatic and stubborn, sometimes too smart for their own good. Though, the main difference was Rosalie liked to speak, while Edward preferred to listen. Explaining her current position—having difficulty summoning the patience to correctly reassure Edward about the pool.

His frown turned into a scowl. "Its eight feet deep Rosalie! Eight feet!"

Her mouth opened, but shut it when the door was opened to reveal Esme's face.

"Everything alright?"

Rosalie picked up her hair brush and began to run it through her hair again. She didn't look away from her reflection as she answered.

"We're fine."

Edward didn't say anything. He just walked past Esme and into his room, the scowl still on his face.

Eight feet of blue, chlorine filled water.

God, how he hated this new house.

Esme was at his door a minute later, as he knew she would be. He sat on his newly made bed and watched her talk.

Something about fresh starts. New memories, new friends, taking chances, forgetting the past...he zoned out after that, focusing when she assured him that the pool would remain closed until Carlisle could get someone to "fix it" and that, for the millionth time, everything would be okay.

She then told him about school tomorrow, and when she finally had nothing more to talk about she just stared at him for a few moments, her brown eyes worried.

"Just promise me something Edward."

He nodded.

"Just...just try not to be so...intimidating."

"I am not intimidating," he said quickly, "I'm perfectly civil to everyone."

But it was too defensive, and Esme already had more to say.

"It's just...sometimes you isolate yourself Edward...promise me that you'll," she fumbled for words, "talk...to people this year—make an effort."

He sighed, having nothing to say in return but a measly "okay".

Esme smiled and moved forward to kiss his forehead.


"Goodnight Esme."

He fell back against his bed, thinking of the next day...and trying to forget about the giant mass of water that was in his backyard, only thirty meters away.

Oh, god.

His first day in school was a nightmare. He made it to his first class without getting lost, but ended up standing in front of the door to the class for a good sixteen minutes until he finally opened it and stepped inside.

The silence was deafening. It made him want to crawl and scream. He stood under the gaze of twenty or so people for several moments, self conscience and anxiety covering him like an itch.

Finally the teacher stepped forward, and he was granted the permission to go sit in one of the back seats without an embarrassing introduction.

The next class was worse. He made it in early and avoided the spotlight, but ended up sitting in someone else's seat, a tall boy with greasy hair who seemed unbelievably unwilling to give up his habitual spot.

This was debate. In most high schools debate was an after school thing which entitled people who talked faster than the voices on the end of medicine commercials that said the side effects and carried around folders upon folders of information that was considered useless by about ninety-nine percent of the world.

In Forks high school, debate was a class where you got credit for presenting a new topic every week and finding some way to make it controversial so they could argue.

Rosalie, he thought silently, would love this class. He watched a tall boy with brown hair do his topic, and it took his ears a while to actually make sense of the fast noise that came out of his mouth. The fact that he constantly shuffled note cards in front of himself was not helping at all.

And then the boy was finished, his two minutes over, and the class clapped, and Edward clapped along stupidly, not having any idea or even the gist of what they were talking about.

He zoned out as the next person went, but realized that he was missing something when the class started to "ooh" and "ahh".

"...therefore abstinence is what should be taught. This would automatically eliminate the rising number of teen pregnancies and the fact that one in four people have an STD..." The boy went on, his eyes dashing back and forth on his note card at an alarming rate. He was mid sentence when he was cut off by the buzzer.

The teacher, Mr. Cain, sat on his stool dutifully and looked up from whatever he was doing.

"Rebuttal?" His gray eyes searched the room and landed on a girl several seats in front Edward.

"Swan. Go."

The girl folded herself out of her chair, and made her way to the podium. When she turned to face them Edward realized two things. One, she was unprepared, having no note cards and judging form the way she was bitting her lip, a lack of confidence. Two, she was...she did not belong in that class...

"In 2008, teaching abstinence to high schoolers is useless. Studied have showed that six in ten teenage girls become sexually involved, and..." She went on swiftly, her smooth voice carrying across the room steadily. Her cheeks were becoming light pink from either talking so fast without breathing or because of what she was talking about.

Edward watched her lips move, fast, smooth, every now and then showing her white teeth. Her brown eyes stayed focused on something in the back of room.

And then she was done and he followed the class in turning to the teacher who was staring at the girl he knew only as "Swan".

She bit her bottom lip again. "Are my two minutes done?"

Mr. Cain blinked and looked down at the timer in his hand.


The girl let go of the podium.

"Oh, well I'm done anyways."

She walked back to her desk and sat down.

The rest of the morning was blurry. Lunch came, and his stomach churned when he realized he hadn't asked Rosalie if they had the same lunch; therefore, he had no clue where to sit.

But, as he made his way to the cafeteria (slow among the crowd rushing to get their food) he found his sister searching the room like him. Their eyes met and she sighed quietly and he moved forward to stand next to her in line, well aware of the casual stares they were receiving.

They got their food, a slice of pizza and rubbery mac and cheese, and walked out of the line. Edward was overcome by the amount of tables and chatter.

Rosalie led them to an empty one in the corner and they sat down.

They ate in silence and as Rosalie moved the tray towards her to take a bite of pizza, Edward glance around and saw the girl from his debate class sitting at the next table by herself, with a book propped up in front of her.

He watched as a guy twice his size with massive arms and brown hair came and sat next to her, sliding his loaded tray of food in front of her and pulling the book out of her grasp.

"Emmett!" he heard her say.

Rosalie now followed his line of vision and the pizza she was holding was placed on back on the plate.

Emmett grinned at her and turned the book to read the title.

"You've read this a million times!" A look of playful exasperation adorning his face.

Edward didn't hear her response, but saw her dig into her pizza. A petite girl and a blond guy joined them, and they too placed trays in the middle of the table.

Rosalie turned her head back to Edward. "Are they in any of your classes?"

"One of them," he replied.

And then lunch was over and he split up from his sister to walk to bio.

Walking into his class, he noticed that he was early, and, therefore had fewer eyes on him as he moved to sit in the chair the grumpy looking teacher directed him to.

Sitting absentmindedly, he watched the faces around him—putting them to memory.

He was barely paying attention when the chair next to him was pulled away from the desk and the girl from lunch sat next to him.

His head turned automatically, and he was slightly startled to see that she looked upset. Her brown eyes were alight with something, her cheeks were just as flushed as they had been in class and she was breathing in gasps, her face almost in pain.

Edward was aware that he was in one those situations where he didn't quite know what to say, and couldn't bring himself to spit it out even though he was aware he would replay the moment in his head over and over again wishing he'd said something.

The period was therefore spent with him opening and closing his mouth repeatedly and glancing at the girl beside him from the corner of his green eyes. Thankfully the teacher had put on a tape and no one seemed to be paying much attention to anything, although his neighbor's eyes seemed to be glued to the T.V screen, but he had a feeling she too was not really listening to the narrator's deep monotone voice go on about the various layers of a biosphere.

And then the bell rang and she stood, picking up her bag in one motion and walking out in a robotic manner.

Edward stared after her before going to Spanish, where he was asked several times whether he was thirsty since the class was going over manners.

His answer was always no.

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