Chapter 1-Itachi

"So Hyuuga-san, is this what you really want. Hinata is your heir too.", Uchiha Fugaku asked, staring at the small girl beside the Hyuuga leader.

"Hai. Her sister shall take over instead. Hinata is a better gift to seal the treaty.", Hyuuga Hiashi said without much care as if he was given away small rock.

"He'll love Fugaku. She is soooo cute. And I can help her be the perfect wife.", Uchiha Mikoto's cheerful word still didn't ease Fugaku's. The small girl in front of him looked scared and very nervous. But Mikoto was right about her being cute. She had dark hair with a blue shine to it that covered her forehead and some strands framed her face while the rest went past her ears. The girl wore light blue kimono with pink and orange flowers on it. Hopeful he would at least like her enough to take care and protect her. Even though he was only 13, the boy never showed any interest in girls...or guys. Fugaku knew that his son was very buses but he was very worried about him and the small girl in front of him. His son behavior has been very strange lately which is one reason Hinata will be his bride instead of his other son's. His other son wasn't...rebelling and many girls loved him but girls...nor guys showed much interest in him either, only becides his amazing skills. But Fugaku was also worried that he pick hurt the small girl or scare her. He sighed, the deal is done. All he has to do is hope for the best.

"Hai, Hai Mikoto demo...never mind. Let's have the wedding five years from now so the two can bond and so Hinata will be of age.", Fugaku suggested.

"Good. Hinata do you understand.", Hiashi turned to the girl at his side. Said girl was now shaking like it was zero degrees inside even though the room was very warm.

"Ha..hai otok...otokooya.", Hinata stuttered. That was another problem. She was very shy so she stuttered alot. He knew his son would find that annoying. Again Fugaku sighed then turned to the young man on his right.

"Itachi, do you understand. Hinata and you are now engaged. Will you...", the boy cut him off as he finally spoke since the meeting began.

"I understand as well otokooya.", his voice was clear, firm, and kinda dreamy like. Itachi got up and moved towards the girl. "And I'm very honored to have you as my soon-to-be-bride, Hinata-hime.", he said sweetly and kissed the top of her head. Hinata blushed instantly when his lips touched her silky hair. Her father just stared blankly at then while Mikoto and stars in eyes with a 'Oh they are so cute' on her face. The only one shocked beside Hinata was Fugaku. He has never seen be kind to something or someone besides Sasuke, bit he doesn't call his brother Sasuke-hime.

"Well we mucst leave. Itachi has a mission and Sasuke should home from training. Thank you for your time...and er your gift Hyuuga-san. Goodbye Hinata-san.", Fugaku said as he stood up and took his wife's hand.

"Of course. Take care and goodbye.", Hiashi simple stated. Itachi still was knelling down and Hinata had a pink blush all over her face.

"Go..good...bye Ita...Itachi-san.", she stuttered out. Itachi only smiled and patted her head.

"Goodbye.", he whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek. Itachi then got up and followed his parents out the door. Hinata stared at him leave with wide eyes and a dark pink color soon covered her face.

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