Chapter 3-My Hime

"Alright class, time to being. Everyone grab a book and read chapter 7.", sensei order us as sat down. I picked up my bag from the side of my chair and pulled out my book. Sensei began do 'roll call'. Just when I finally found chapter 7 sensei came up to me.

"Sasuke-san where Hinata-san. Is she sick?", he asked. So he doesn't know either. Could she be kidnapped then? She is an heir to the second peacefullest clan. I shook my head no.

"No sensei. I'm not sure.", I replied. Sensei sighed and went back to his desk while finishing up 'roll call'. That's it. I've got to see her!

Sasuke soon woke up from his little nap. The sky was now in twilight. Sasuke got up and gather his things. Alright! I hope Hinata-san is only has a small cold. The young Uchiha walked down the path to the Hyuuga compound. Now the sky was dark and the only light was from the street lamps. As Sasuke squeezed through the gates he heard crying. Sasuke looked around the main entrance. There was buildings, a garden and a pond. Sasuke listened closely heard it was coming from the garden. He looked around again to see anyone else was there or behind him. Sasuke entered the rather large garden. There may different flower, even some that looked very rare. The noise grew louder every step he took in the garden. Sasuke soon found the owner of the sobbing. A small girl with dark hair in only a thin silk sleeveless night dress sat on a bench with her hands over eyes near the red roses. The young Uchiha instantly froze. The crying girl looked up with red puffy eyes staring into his black sapphire ones. Hinata-chan!

"U...U...Uchih...Uchiha-san!", her stuttered words were only above a whisper, as if she was a ghost.

"Hinata-san why are you crying? Why weren't you at the school? Why weren't you next to me!", Sasuke soon snapped out of his daze and stood in front of her.

"I...I..I", she stuttered again, only softer, tears flowing down. Sasuke, not knowing what to do just cupped her face with his hands kissed her forehead.

"Stop, please stop crying.", Sasuke whispered, siting down next to her.

"", Hinata began to cry even harder. Sasuke, without realizing it, pulled into his lap, holding her tightly with her head rest on his chest. Hinata grip his shirt and sob into, muttering a stuttered thanks. Soon the sky was dark, the only was from the moon. Sasuke looked up to see that the house lights were off. What time is it. It must be like midnight. It's too dark and cold to stay here. Hinata-chan has stopped crying. I should leave now.

"Hinata-chan it's...", Sasuke trailed off when he noticed she was asleep. Kawaii!Sasuke sighed and gentle picked her up bridle style. I can't leave her here. Or she will be sick. But Where I don't where is her room. Everyone must be asleep.

" we?", Hinata's soft voice pulled Sasuke out of his thoughts.

"Huh...oh gomen. We're still in the garden. It's really late and...well you fell asleep...and I didn't to leave out here in thec cold...and well...I have no clue where's your room." Sasuke stammered with a pink tint to his pale skin.

"Oh...sec...second...floor...the balcony...", Hinata muttered, still very sleeping. Huh? What does that mean? Sasuke looked up to find what she meant. The mansion near the garden looked like it had three floors. Along the rows of windows one of them had a balcony. That must be it. Sasuke carried the sleeping girl out of the garden. Using a tree near the window Sasuke was able to get on to the balcony while being careful not to drop her. Sasuke opened the glass doors and stepped into the room, gentle setting her on the bed.

"Sayounara my hime.", Sasuke whispered before going home.

A/n: This is the third chapter, that was separated from the second. It is just a better version. Hoped you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

Random info- There is a black sapphire, but it has a star in it. Normally called a star sapphire.