Chapter 1- (4 hours before your train to Hogwarts leaves and our 6th year at Hogwarts begins.)

16 year old Arianna Romano, you, gripped the soft silky sheets and inhaled their forest like scent. WAIT! Your sheets are not silk and they sure as hell don't smell like the forest! You rolled over only to roll into a hard muscular chest. Oh god! What have done? You ran a hand down the figure's side and found a waist band of some silk boxer shorts. Thank you! After making out with Crabbe, a fellow Slytherin, while in a drunken haze, you promised yourself, and your stuffed giraffe Wonky, that you'd be more careful. You ran a hand through the figure's hair and realized that you knew that hair anywhere! It was Draco Malfoy's, also a fellow Slytherin. Suddenly your memories from last night came flooding back to you all at once and you remembered what had happened…

You'd been at Malfoy's back to school party. He'd gotten the bartender from the local pub and you were thrilled, there was also a possibility that was because of your severe alcohol intake level, when he invited you upstairs to see his 'Broomstick'. You followed him up and apparently ended up half stripped in your current state of half nakedness pushed up against Draco Malfoy none the less, in his bed.

You began to roll away and were facing the other way by the time he snaked and arm around your waist and pulled you back against him, and his chest wasn't the only thing that was hard either.

"Come on Ari, don't leave yet" Malfoy whined quietly

"I've got to go get packed" You said struggling.

"One last kiss?" He pleaded, normally you don't kiss boys unless you're dating them…or drunk…but this was an exception from the rules. Besides, it's DRAO MALFOY!!

"How could I refuse?" You say just before you kissed him softly… right as the door opened and Pansy Parkinson of all people opened the door.

"Dracie Poo?? Hurry and get up you still have t--…ARIANNA!! What are doing with my Dracie?!" Slurred a very drunk looking Pansy. Then she let out a scream loud enough to make your ears bleed and wake the dead all at once.

"Get out, PANSY!" You both yelled at once and then both regretted it. Instantly a headache throbbed to life and was currently trying beat it's way out of your head. She left in huff tears streaming down he face. You both laughed and you took this chance to escape. You jumped up grabbing your clothes along the way. You fled out the door and dashed outside only stopping to pull on your clothes. You were met by your Nanny, yes a nanny at 16, and she apparated you both back to your large Manor. "Your parents would like to meet with you in the foyer." She said her mouth a tight line as you headed upstairs to your room, "Now." With a roll of your eyes you headed into the Foyer taking a seat on your usual couch with a sigh. "Yes?" You asked them as they sat down across from you.

"We have a special present for you" Your mother replied crossing her legs.

"And what would this special present be?"

"Me" Malfoy said appearing from behind the door diagonal from you.

"What are doing here?" You snap quickly.

"You're getting married. It was decided during your first year of Hogwarts. The Dark Lord thought that having the highest Death Eater families joined, would be best." Your father started quickly and calmly, "You will be married this summer when you are both of legal age to marry. Your 7th year will be quite different. We understand if you wish not tell others of your engagement. Or if you do not wish to wear your rings." With a swish of his wand a large diamond engagement ring appeared on your finger and solid gold band on Draco's.

"Uh-uh, Uh-uh. Not happening!" You said standing up then quickly sitting up as spots formed in front of your eyes. Uh-Oh. You leaned your head on your knees and your Panic Attack quickly subsided.

"Honey, calm down it's okay! You have all of your 6th year to get to know each other a little more. You'll have lots of time to be together in the common room or in classes. You can even study together!" Your mom said as if it was the best thing in the world.

Malfoy stood in the corner a smirk plastered on his face as he forced himself not to show the hurt he was feeling. You stormed out of the room and began the ascent up the stairs. Malfoy came running after you his hand catching your wrist.

"Arianna, lets just see how it works." He said his voice calm and barely above a whisper.

"Why should I, Malfoy?" You snapped in disgust jerking your wrist away.

"Just give me a chance." He pleaded quietly.

"Fine, but if you fuck up our marriage or my life I'll hate you forever." You replied a playful grin on your face.

"Arianna, Draco, Quick get up to your room." Your Mom called hurriedly as she pulled up the hood on her death eater robes and pulled the mask into place. Your face hardened as you grabbed Draco's hand and practically flew up the stairs to your room making it in just as the Dark Lord entered.

The Dark Lord's voice floated up the stairs to you cold as ice and just as emotionless, "But, Ella now is the time for them to receive their marks. Come back down stairs Children."