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Chapter 1: time travel

A small droplet of sweat hit the ground. A slightly taller than average man with blonde hair stood focusing on a triple-bladed kunai in his hand. He glared at the kunai, before glaring at the training post across the clearing. Throwing the kunai towards it, he concentrated. And, in a blast of chakra, landed on his butt.

Naruto swore, rubbing his butt. Going super fast with chakra, only to ram into the ground, really hurt. Naruto was trying to master the Hiraishin, but just couldn't do it. He would focus the chakra on himself, which is what would give him the speed, but he couldn't see which way he was going, or even up from down! That was what the kunai was supposed to help with, by focusing some chakra in it, he could detect where it was and go there. But the chakra he kept putting in the kunai just didn't seem enough!

Standing up, Naruto walked over to the post and pulled the kunai out. He could feel the chakra in it now, but he couldn't detect it when surrounded by his. Damn. Naruto went and sat under one of the nearby trees to rest a little and think. Maybe if he put more chakra in it? But that might cause it to explode. He couldn't compress the chakra either, or the enemy would be able to pick it up and notice the trick. If he had simply more potent chakra-WAIT! The Kyuubi! Maybe if Naruto used the Kyuubi's chakra, he could do it.

Standing up, he brushed himself off. Thinking about it, he reasoned that it had to work. The Kyuubi's chakra was so potent, that even if an enemy realized there was chakra coming toward him, they would be more likely to think it was a genjutsu or ninjutsu! And it wouldn't explode the kunai because it is still a certain amount of chakra! It would be like replacing water in a cup with soda. Soda would be more potent than water, so you might not drink as much. But to the glass, it's the same!

Calming down his excitement, Naruto pulled gently on Kyu's chakra. He could now call a certain amount of it up without having to ask, but it wasn't much. Pushing as much chakra as he could into the kunai, he threw it. Naruto closed his eyes and pulled his chakra around his body, like a cocoon. The air slid off the chakra like water, as Naruto temporarily became something unreal, translucent, and ghostlike. It took a lot of chakra. He flew towards the kunai in a golden flash.

Grabbing the kunai, he became fully solid again, but he had a bad headache. Like he had just been run over by a fat, glaringly pink, flying hippo. Ow. Naruto looked around for a comfy place to sit, and noticed all the trees seemed taller. Also, where was the training post? Taking a step forward, Naruto winced in pain. He looked down at himself and kindly noted the he was covered in small cuts, and his skin was burned in some places. He also noticed that the white t-shirt he had been wearing was covered in dirt, burned slightly, and torn in many places. But that didn't change the fact that it looked barely shorter than a dress! The dark blue ninja pants he had been wearing for training were beyond too long. They were around his feet, so he was standing there in his underwear. Blushing, he pulled his pants back up and thought to himself.

Naruto felt like he was ten, maybe even younger! He had to talk to Kyuubi about this. Folding his legs, he noticed that the whole thing with the pant legs hanging past his feet was very annoying. So he ripped off the bottom of the pants to make them fit. It wasn't too hard since they were already torn up. He tied the ripped off pieces around his waist to hold up his pants like a belt so he didn't have to.

Focusing, he dove into his mind.

Drip, drip, drip

Naruto opened his eyes to the usual sewers. Running down one path, he turned. In front of him, was a pool surrounded by ancient Greek styled pillars. On the other side of the pool, sat the Kyuubi. The bars on the cage were a little beat up, and one bar was broken in half, bending to the right. Naruto knew the seal was weakening, but in a good way. Kyuubi could reach out and slash at him all he wanted, but every little bit of chakra Kyuubi sent out would become Naruto's permanently.

'Kyuubi, do you know where we are?'

A pair of blood red eyes opened behind the bars, as some giant teeth grinned.

'Brat, you forget that my power is time'

Naruto knew that every single Bijuu had one special power that none of the others had, in addition to their elements. Kyuubi's was time. That was why Naruto would heal so fast, he wasn't simply healing. Kyuubi was fast-forwarding time in a small area of Naruto's body.

'When you used my chakra and threw that metal thing, it flew through time. I honestly have no idea where or when we are'

Naruto was able to figure out the rest. Since he had used some of Kyuubi's chakra in the kunai, and he had Kyuubi's chakra flowing through him all the time, when he had focused on the kunai, he managed to follow it through time.

'Damn. What happened to my clothes?'

'That technique you created to travel without being slowed, stopped, or killed by air resistance was meant for traveling a certain distance. Not for traveling through time, now get out of here and stop bothering me'

Naruto forcefully opened his eyes. Looking around he sighed and got up.

'Alright, I've got to get home without using another kunai, since I have no control over when or where it will go. Until then;

I've got to find the closest town.

I've got to figure out when I am

I've got to figure out where I am

I need to find out if ninja villages exist

If they do, I should go to the nearest one

See if I appear young enough to others to enter the academy

Think of a fake name

Alright, the only one he could do right now was think of a name. He couldn't use any of his adult friends names, in case they were alive now. And, if this was the future, he couldn't use any of his normal friends names in case they became famous, or dreaded. Like, if any of his friends had become someone like Orochimaru, like how Sasuke used to be, then he wouldn't want to be named after them. So he started flipping through names he knew were very common.

Aoi? No, who wants to be named blue? Daisuke? No, 'suke' means help and he didn't want people thinking he needed help. Ryuu might be a cool name, but it just didn't fit him.

What if he used the name of someone he knew to be dead? Sarutobi? No, he's an old man, if this was the past, then he would almost definitely be alive. Minato? The Fourth Hokage? That would be a cool name, but kind of suspicious at the same time. Especially if he was in the past. He could imagine it now.

"Hey, kid, what's your name?"

"My name is Namikaze Minato"

And then the weird guy he was talking to would say something like 'why's your name the same as the fourth Hokage's?' Or something.

"That's a unique name. I don't think I've heard of a Namikaze clan though"

"Huh?" Naruto looked at the weird man he was pretending to talk to, and it slowly dawned on him. This guy wasn't fake! He was really there!

"Oh shit"

"What was that brat?!"

"Nothing! Umm, what's your name?"

A flash of smoke and the weird looking man was standing on the back of a giant toad. He started dancing on one foot.

'Whoa, déjà vu'

"I am the epitome of manliness! I shall fall for no woman's wiles! When you're me, you only need to flash that sexiness to have women fall at your feet. The gallant, the sexy, the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya!"

Naruto's eyes widened a little as they focused on the smaller details. Yup, the guy had white hair, Jiraiya had told him that he was born with white hair. Naruto could also see red triangle under the man's eyes, those would lengthen and when they reached the bottom of his face he would be able to go into the toad sage mode. His clothes were a little different, but they were reminiscent of the clothes he had worn in Naruto's lifetime. Tears jumped to Naruto's eyes at seeing the old pervert again.

-- Jiraiya's POV

Jiraiya was on his way back to Konoha with a large-breasted blond, and a sexually questionable male. Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru had just recently completed their last mission for a long time. When they got back to Konoha, they would each take on an apprentice from the graduating class. Tsunade had gotten special permission to take on a young girl, her fiancé's niece, named Shizune. Orochimaru had his eyes on the top Kunoichi of the class. He said she had a look in her eyes that made him feel she would be a better apprentice than the top Shinobi, Mizuki. Jiraiya wasn't sure what to do, he had to take on an apprentice, but he wanted to make a careful choice. The prophecy given to him by the Elder Toad said that his student would change the world, for good or bad was not specified though.

So, obviously he had to make a careful choice. Hearing a loud sound from the trees to the right of the path, Jiraiya nodded to his teammates. It wasn't likely to be an enemy ninja, this close to Konoha. So, if it was a Konoha ninja, they should make sure that he or she was all right. Orochimaru put his hand on Jiraiya's shoulder.

"Wait, I'll go. I'm faster," Orochimaru was thinking about all sorts of experiments he wanted to try, but hadn't since they would need to be performed on humans. But he had made up his mind, to hell with the law. A scientific mind should not be held back, right? That's what Sarutobi-sensei always said. This was a chance for his first experiment.

"No, it's alright. You and Tsunade go on ahead, I'll check it out," Orochimaru cursed mentally. Jiraiya gave a short wave, "see ya later flat-chest, snake-boy"

A tick mark appeared on Tsunade's head, she turned around to smack Jiraiya, but hit Orochimaru instead. "Ah! Sorry Oro!"

Orochimaru just mumbled a little, rubbing the spot where she had hit him and started walking back to Konoha. Tsunade followed, still angry at Jiraiya. She swore to herself to get him as soon as he got back, and started devising ways to do so.

Jiraiya, in the meantime, slowed down and started walking. He didn't want to miss whatever made that noise. Looking around, he saw a kid standing by himself in the clearing. He looked like he was 7 or 8, but what scared Jiraiya was what he was doing. The kid was just standing there, staring into space. He was either very deep in thought, simply daydreaming, or insane. The kid looked like he might be insane.

His hair was brown, but that might have just been from being covered in dirt. His face had a bunch of dirt and smudges on it. Jiraiya thought he saw 3 identical scars on one of his cheeks, but he wasn't sure. The ex-white t-shirt the kid was wearing was torn and dirtied. He though he saw some blood on it, but also wasn't sure about that. It could be sap, but not likely. The pants were held up by what looked like clothe ripped off the bottom of the same pair of pants. The pants were covered in tears and rips as well. Jiraiya walked closer, desperately hoping the kid was not insane.

He decided to try an easy question, one that should snap him out of his thought processes.

"Hey, kid, what's your name?"

"Namikaze Minato" Jiraiya stared at the kid, he still had a glazed over look in his eyes. It was really starting to creep him out. 'Just keep the conversation going' Jiraiya thought to himself.

"That's a unique name. I don't think I've heard of a Namikaze clan though" Suddenly, Minato's eyes widened as they met Jiraiya's own. It was like he hadn't noticed Jiraiya there before.

"Huh?" a pause. "Oh shit"

"What was that brat?!" Jiraiya yelled, developing a tick mark. 7 year olds were not supposed to talk like that!

"Nothing! Umm, what's your name?"

Jiraiya giggled, this was always his favorite part. Forming hand signs, he summoned what he liked to call his 'Introduction Toad,' standing on top he hopped on one foot.

"I am the epitome of manliness! I shall fall for no woman's wiles!"

He started hopping on his other foot, "When you're me, you only need to flash that sexiness to have women fall at your feet"

He stuck his hand out as if blocking unworthy eyes, " I am the gallant, the sexy, the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya!" Jiraiya smiled broadly at the little kid, trying to make him smile. It was kind of annoying him that Minato hadn't once smiled the whole time he had been there. And he was suddenly worried and freaking out when Minato's eyes started tearing.

"ah, uh, ummmm" was basically all that came out of his mouth. Trying to think of what to do, he suddenly remembered that most kids mothers could always calm them down. Well, there weren't any mothers nearby, but he knew where a woman was who might know what to do. Jiraiya knocked out the kid, and, still freaking out, ran as fast as he could to catch up to Tsunade and Orochimaru.


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