Meh, got bored, so, here's another anthology o' the songfics. Review please and concrit id appreciated.


1)Satellite-Dave Matthews Band

Here he was again, orbiting them like some frickin' satellite. Not really in the group, but not completely out of it. He wished he was more in the group, less of a tech-geek, and more...more normal, like everyone else.

He wished, but he was caught in their orbit, and their gravity wasn't pulling him down anytime soon.


She wished he was less of satellite. He was, so out there, hard to reach. He was better than her, better than everyone else, because he was wholly and completely himself. He didn't pretend, and that's what separated them.

She wished he would come down from his orbit, but, he was too strong, and she didn't have the courage to go up and pull him down, yet.


2)High and Dry-Radiohead

He'd been used, used like some dirty washcloth, and then discarded after all the muck had been wiped up. And right now, he'd kill himself for some attention. Valerie, he'd really thought she'd been the one, the one who would finally care, but she wasn't, all she needed was a way in, and when he wasn't useful anymore, she dropped him like a bad habit. She'd left him high and dry.

She saw him like that, and for once, the urge to hurt, to mock, it wasn't there. The urge to keep him away, so he'd never know, she let it go. Right now, the only thing she wanted was to pull him closer, to push the hurt away, and give him the comfort. Just like he'd been there for her. He was high and dry, and she needed to pull him down from whatever height he was at, so she did.

He smiled at her hug, at her words, his smile was the best thing she'd seen in awhile, and his arms around her was even better. She was never gonna leave him. She promised him he would never be high and dry again.

3)She Came In Through the Bathroom Window-The Beatles (this was a weird one to write)

Freddie woke with a start at the sound coming from down the hall. He crept out of bed, and picked his fencing sabre up off the ground. As he tip-toed down the hall, he noticed the noise was coming from inside the bathroom. Confused, Freddie opened the door to see a blonde ball of plaid pajamas come rolling through the window.

He moved at caught the tumbling Sam before she hurt herself. He chuckled quietly and whispered as Sam got her bearings, "Sam, what the hell are you doing?"

She smiled, "Carly fell asleep, and I wanted to see my dork."

"You don't have to come through the bathroom window to do that," he said with a quick peck on the lips.

Moving to the window he looked out the six story window before turning back to Sam, "How'd you manage that anyway?"

She smiled deviously, "That's my little secret."


4)Money-Pink Floyd

Some people say that money is the key to happiness in the modern world, others say it's the root of all evil. I think that it just isn't enough. Got a good job, a new car, caviar, and that wealthy daydream you all have as kids, yeah, that's me. I'm the tough girl actress, everybody respects me, but, it just isn't enough. I'm getting by though.

I get by because I got me a secret. Through all this climbing to the top, through all the scandals and the rehab, I've always had my steady rock, and let me tell you, it ain't money. No the key to happiness isn't money, but then again how can money be the root of all evil, we need it to survive. The key to happiness, is my lovely man. No matter how many times the press was all over for some rumor or another, he's always been there for me. And as I rose higher and higher, and the paychecks got bigger and bigger, he was always there to give me a sharp yank back to reality.

Sure, he ain't perfect, hell he ain't even the hottest guy ever. But in this world off makeup and costumes, he's the most real thing I've got. And I'm damn proud of it.

5)Fearless-Pink Floyd

People told him it was impossible, that the hill was too steep to climb, but travel it he did. He told them he'd do it and they said they'd like to see him try. And so he gave them a show. He approached her cautiously, this treacherous slope. He went up the rungs in their friendship slowly, he let her pick the place and time. And when it came, she gave him that sign, and he went.

The paths were clearest then, and the going was easy. And when he reached the top, when he got above that tree line of doubt, he smiled, leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. And all the things that they had said to keep him down, they all drifted away. Now that he had reached the top, he was fearless, and he faced the crowd with a smile on his face. But the people who wore that awful crown of society turned to see them, frowning.

The faces in the crowd rose such a clatter, but the fool, the geek, at the top, couldn't hear their muttering, he had his girl, and with her, he was fearless.

6)Company In My Back-Wilco

She attacked him with love, that was the only thing she knew how to do. Every time she curled her lips and offered a snide remark, it was her way of showing affection, she wished that everyone else understood that. She knew they didn't, and she couldn't find any other way to show him how she felt.

It was like a steady crushing hand pressing down on her. She was moving forward so slowly, like their was a company on her back just trying to stop her from reaching her goal. The crushing hand never let up, and she had to fight for progress every step of the way.


He thought that he saw something there, between them, and slowly, but surely he tried to move toward it. He beckoned her to move forward, to move faster, but she was slow going, stubborn. She knew what she felt, but she just couldn't fully admit it yet, so he curved his flight. He would cross the line first.

He got to her, and he pushed that crushing hand away from, brought her up off her knees.

7)I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For-U2

He'd finally got what he wanted, the dream girl. Carly was his after so long. But, she...she really wasn't what he wanted. He'd been looking for something more than just friendship, looking for something special. But, when he got closer to her, it wasn't what he thought. Under that beautiful exterior, there wasn't much. And he found, that day after day, it was draining him, looking for something underneath it all, something that he knew now, would never exist. So, he broke it off. It didn't crush either of them. They just hadn't...clicked.

And here he sat, reclining on the couch, when Sam sat next to him. She stared straight at him and asked, "So, you happy now?"

He looked at her thoughtfully before answering, "No, no I'm not."

"What's not to be happy about, you finally had your chance with Carly, granted, it didn't work out, but still..."

He sighed and looked down at the floor, "It's just, I still haven't found what I'm looking for."

He felt her leg rub against his, and his face flushed red as he realized how close she was. Her breath tickling his ear was as sharp a reminder as any, "And what would that be?"

Freddie turned so their lips were separated by centimeters, and felt his breath catch in his throat. As he closed the gap he whispered, "You."


8)Warm Tape-Red Hot Chili Peppers

She shivered in the cool sping breeze on the roof of Carly's apartment building. The breeze picked her hair up carelessly, and sent a trail of goosebumps up her arms. The scuff of feet on the pavement announced someone else, but she didn't pay them much attention. That is, until, they pressed up against her back, sending a river of warmth through her wherever he touched.

His hands trailed down her crossed arms, lacing his fingers with hers when he got to the end. His head settled in the crook of her neck, and his warm breath tickled her ear. She shivered again, but this was a different kind of shiver. Not a cold shiver, a shiver of pent up desire.

She could feel his smile at her quivering as his lips trailed like ghosts up and down her neck. He'd told her he'd do anything for her, that he was giving her his love, and she was ready to do the same for him.

There, on the roof, nothing mattered but the boy at her back, and the tendrils of warm tape that he left wherever he touched her.


9)Eleanor Rigby-The Beatles and Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead

I look at all the lonely people in the world today, and wonder where they come from. Even the ones who have someone to confide in are lonely. Carly, for all of er beauty and guiles she's still lonely. Every boy in school wants to be around her, and in her for that matter. But under all the attention, behind that entrancing smile and her intoxicating laugh she's so lonely it hurts from here.

How do I know? Because she told me. She cried her eyes dry against my shoulder, telling me she wished there was someone else out there beside me that cared for more than her looks. We've been neighbors for years, she's like a sister to me. At one time I thought that maybe I had crush on her like all the other guys.

I look at all those lonely people, every one of them putting on their fake, plastic smiles and heading out into our fake plastic world full of fake plastic trees. And all the falseness, it makes me sick. And then I thank whatever's out there for not letting me be like that. And I thank the girl in my arms for always being there to make sure I'm thankful.

I'm thankful she's not fake like everyone else. The smell of her hair isn't a perfume, it's just...her. Her kisses taste like ham and all sorts of food that I just can't get enough of. God I love ham.


10)Nobody's Fault But Mine-Led Zeppelin

It was nobody's fault but mine. It was all my fault that he had drifted so far away. I had taken all his advances and subtle moves, and I had gone with them, only to drop him on his ass when the time. And as bad as it was, it felt good. Until I saw the hurt in his eyes. The feeling of pain that seared me to the bones, and I realized that I'd made a mistake. After that, I couldn't find anything to equal what we had, and like I said, it was nobody's fault but mine.

I couldn't go on like this, I realized that I really did need him, so I went to him, knocking on his apartment door looking more pathetic than ever before. And when he opened the wooden barrier, he looked at me, and it hurt so much. He didn't have to say a thing, the hate that almost scorched my skin was enough. I could see it, and it killed me.

And so, continuing to be pathetic, I begged for him to take me back. Because I needed him, and I needed him to know that. He told me trust was fragile, and it would take along time. I told him I'd do whatever I needed to. So here I am, friends with him again, working slowly up the ladder.

I could've been happy, I could've had him, but I didn't yet. And it was nobody's fault but mine.


You and me forever, that's what I told her. We belonged together, and I showed her that. And no matter what we had to weather, we always endeavored to make the best of it. We got through the mocking looks, through the differences we had. We learned to live with the others flaws, and lived to learn more about each other. We both gave a little, and both pushed back a little. And I learned to wait my turn in talking, lest I get burned.

It wasn't perfect, I wasn't a princ charming, and she was no exotic princess, but we made it work. And the differences, that's what brought us together. Maybe the sheer fact that there was no possible way we should end up with each other drove us to like each other.

She suggested carving our names permanently in something, I told her that I didn't need a carving to remind me how much I love her. She laughed that adorable laugh and told me it was for other people.

We weren't a fairy tale ending, we didn't sail into the sunset with heroic poses, and massive ship, on to our next adventure. But we were happy with each other, and really, in the end, that's all that mattered.


Well, that's the second installment in what I plan on being a very vast collection of these little drabbly things, cuz honestly, I really like 'em.

There's eleven in this installment because 'Together' came on right after 'Nobody's Fault But Mine', and I just had to put it in there.

And for the record my favs this time around were 'Fearless', 'Satellite', 'Company In My Back', and 'Warm Tape'.

Thanks for reading, and R&R.

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