Installment three in the anthology…

Installment three in the anthology…


1.New Year's Day-U2

Freddie watched the soft flakes of snow settle softly on the ground on his front lawn. He had money, a home, and was well on his way to having a top office position at his job. But all he could think about was where he should be, and who he should be with. It was New Year's Day, and nothing was changing unless he made it change.

He called for a taxi that took him to the metro that took him to downtown Seattle. He pushed his way through the celebratory crowd, walking several blocks to a large apartment complex. Maybe this time he could do it right, maybe they cold begin again.

He climbed the seven flights of stairs, walked down the thirty feet of hallway and stopped in front of room 713. Freddie raised his fist and knocked on the door. He heard shuffling on the other side of the door, and waved at the peephole. The door opened, and there she was, long golden waves and brilliant blue eyes. "What do you want Freddie?"

"To be with you…"


2.Think For Yourself-The Beatles

When it happened, he'd had a word or two. She'd missed the constant adoration, missed the fact that she could always rely on someone to be there for her. And when she told him that if he closed his eyes and forgot all about the other women in his life, everything would be great between them.

He told her that she needed to think more for herself. She needed to get back on the horse and realize that there wasn't always going to be an easy target to fall back on. But her mind was too clouded, and he watched her fall into despair. He and Sam both watched. They watched with pity for the friend they used to know, and they were glad that they had found each other.


3.All I Need-Radiohead

She felt like the next act in a play, waiting in the wings for Freddie to move on from his little crush on Carly. She was always there, right in the middle of his picture, but she seemed to be hiding in the reeds and he couldn't see the possibilities.

She was like and insect, just wanting to share his light. But he never turned it on for her, he kept her in the dark. But she stuck with him, because at least was close, and that was all she needed.


4.Going To California-Led Zeppelin

Freddie had been in this relationship for too long. Terri was not a kind person, well, she was in public, but in private he felt like her prison bitch. Someone had once told him that there was always the right girl out there somewhere, and whether or not she had love in her eyes and sunshine in her hair, she would be the one for him.

So he left. And he found his girl, the one he had dreamt of. The sunshine was in her hair, there was love in her eyes, but there was a little in her fist. If anyone ever said that all women were the same, he'd have to disagree. Some of them were much stranger than others, but from his experience, he liked them that way.


5.The Wanton Song-Led Zeppelin

He heard the window to his room creak open and he turned with a smile to greet the girl he knew would be sneaking through. Not a word escaped his mouth, her lips were against his with a fervor before he knew what hit him. He felt her legs trap him on either side, straddling his waist.

Freddie gasped as her hands, cold from being outside, slid their way under his shirt, and pulled it over his head. "Sam…" it came out as little more than a whisper. He had never seen her like this. She looked at him pleadingly, and he nodded for her to continue. Clothes flew around the room, and their movement rocked the bed back and forth.

After they were done, she buried her head in his chest, and curled her body close to his. He wrapped her in his embrace and whispered in her ear, "Do you wanna talk about it?"

She shook her head. He would hold her close and hope that for now, it would be enough.


6.Never Gonna Give You Up-Rick Astley (Holy shit I totally got Rick Rolled while on my own Ipod.)

They weren't strangers to love, they'd both been in relationships before. Both of them knew the rules, and this was breaking all of them. But he was thinking of a full commitment, and she knew she wouldn't get it from many other guys.

They'd known each other for years, and might have like each other for almost as long, but they were both to shy to say anything. Eventually though, they both figured it out, and it became a game. A game they played nonstop, trying to get the other to crack first.

And then, "Sam, I need to know, how do you feel about me?"

She smirked at the dorky tech producer, "Are you really that blind?"

"Sam, I can't say I won't hurt, or won't make you cry, but I know damn well that I'm never gonna give you up."

She smiled and pressed her lips to his, "That's all I need."


7.Polar Opposites-Modest Mouse

They were polar opposites, and like polar opposites, they never really pushed to far away. But unlike them, they didn't stick to well together. It was less of a mesh, and more of a tangled clash of ideas and personalities.

And it killed her every time he didn't give her what she needed, every time he tried to give it her and she would throw it to the ground, not taking it for anything special. And that's what had pushed her to this. The parts of the days around them that she couldn't just ignore and faze out of, she drank away.

She drowned all of it in her bottle. And she hoped, and prayed that someone might notice the slur in her voice, or the dark circles under her eyes, but he didn't, and she didn't think he ever would. They were just two polar opposites and there were some things of the day that she just couldn't drink away.


8.Black Dog-Led Zeppelin

Freddie watched from the sidelines of the dance as Sam went crazy on the floor. He watched her swing from side to side and he had an almost violent urge to go to her and make her sweat, to make her groove. He watched her shaking, and wished he could be out there making her muscles burn and sting.

And then, she was walking toward him, her hips swaying in that knee high, skin hugging dress. He let out a quiet moan, when she walked that way, he almost couldn't keep away. But he wasn't going to run toward her, he was too afraid of tripping.

She was coming closer and the pounding in his chest increased. His eyes kept drinking her in as she approached, he just couldn't get his fill. As he closed his eyes, his cheeks burned red, and there were dreams of her just filling his head.

Sam stopped in front of him and cocked her hip to one side. He was going crazy. Just looking at her, he was down and out. She raised her eyebrow at him and opened her mouth, "What?"

"Nothin' just watchin' the dance."

"Dork," he looked up as she addressed him, "just do it."

He composed himself and gave her a questioning stare, "Do what?"

She gave him a look that told him clearly that she wasn't stupid. He took a deep breath and stood from his chair, grabbing her hand and leading her out to the dance floor, "Let's dance."

Her smile lit up the room.



She knew that when she was dead and gone that this moment would be on the videotape of the highlights of her life. Mephistopheles seemed to be reaching out to her as of late, and pushing him away through her.

But none of it seemed to matter to him, he kept coming, kept pushing to her. This was one of those good days, he was there, and that was all she needed. And when she was spinning away, out of control, he was her center keeping her grounded.

And just like everything else she loved, she knew it wouldn't last, so before he could tear her to pieces, she did it to him. Writing a note because she couldn't do it face to face, her words talking to him, but it was too late.

The pounding rain and whistling wind battered the apartment window. She sat there curled on the couch eyes dry and empty, there was nothing in her now. A tap cracked against the window, and she got up she couldn't see anything out side on the fire escape, so she opened the window.

There he was, his brown eyes boring into her. She started to talk, but he interrupted her, "You're wrong."

She stopped with her mouth open and let it hang there, not making any noise. The silence hung thick in the air for a minute before he spoke again, "I'd never want to leave you."

"Freddie I-…" this time it was his lips on hers that shut her up. The rain water slid down his face and left wet trails where it ran onto hers. She reacted, letting her hands run through his soaked hair and feeling the rivulets of water run cold streams down her arms.

No matter what happened now she wouldn't be afraid, because today was the most perfect day she had ever seen.


10. She Looks to Me-Red Hot Chili Peppers

Pathetic. I thought. Here I was, wiping the streaked makeup from my face because I just been without a doubt, told that no one cared…twice. First, by the tech geek. If he had known how right he was, he probably wouldn't have said it, he was too nice, if he had known how much it hurt, he would have laughed, he wouldn't have believed me. Because, I, Sam Puckett, just had to put on this façade of being unbreakable.

Secondly, by my mother. That's what broke me. The doors seem to open by themselves as I make the familiar mile long trek to Carly's apartment building. And up the stairs to their apartment. A yellow sticky note stands out on the door, "Out to eat, BRB."

There's no one in the halls and I feel a tear slip down my cheek. I choke a laugh out, here I am, breaking down again. The door behind me opens as I lean against the Shay's apartment door, racked with silent sobs.


I turn a tear-stained face toward him, "Go the hell away Fredward."

"Sam, what's the matter?"

I try to hold back the tears and manage to choke out, "Nothing." Usually I'm a pretty good liar…usually.

His arm reaches around my waist and he pulls me close to him. I can't believe it, but I find myself turning around and curling up against his chest, sobbing my eyes out. Somehow we're in his apartment, on his couch, and then everything fades away.

I wake up slowly, as usual. And I'm surrounded by posters of Star Wars and Batman, I start to panic. I'm in a different bed, and it's definitely a guys. Then I see a picture of that psycho mother of Fredward's and I relax. I look again and laugh, what dork keeps a picture of his mom on his bedside table.

I walk out of his bedroom and into the living room. A blush creeps onto my cheeks, Freddie's sitting on the couch watching some TV, shirtless. Fencing must take a lot of upper body strength. He nods and pats the couch next to him, "Sleep well?"

I nod, not really knowing what to say, and feeling more than just a little awkward. I sit next to him and wait for the words to come, "Freddie, I…"

"Don't worry about it."

I look at him, expecting some blackmail, or at least…something, y'know? But he's smiling at me and I can't help but smile back, "Thanks."

I lean into his shoulder, knowing that on my roughest nights I'll always have someone to look to.


-Well, I cheated, definitely on the last one, it's like uber long. For a little drabble songfic that is. Until next time.