A/N: My brother let me have his palm pilot to play with, it happened to be his birthday, and so I wrote this for him. He seemed to enjoy it. He still likes Sesame Street too. : )

Guy Smiley walked to the center of the large stage under the glow of a brilliant spotlight. Turning to face the audience, he raised his microphone, and in what else but a loud voice announced:

"Today is Jareth Last Name Withheld's birthday, and I'd like to say, on behalf of everyone here on Sesame Street, Happy Birthday Jareth! Yaaaaaay!"

And with that, the red curtains opened to reveal all of Jareth's favorite characters, plus the additional cast members, all cheering for him on his special day, when he turned fourteen.

As Jareth stared at this spectacle, his nice older sister, who wrote him his very own silly birthday story, snuck up and hit him in the back of the head with cake, spurring an all-out birthday war (involving everyone present) that would be remembered throughout the ages.