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Kai now angry and bored walked back into the main hallway leading to his room. But in his haste passed it up and walked up to the most forbidden room in the whole building...the retard room! Kai looked up to the door it was in disrepair and the hinges were rusted. The floor around the door was

covered in a wet unidentifiable substance. "ugh..." kai thought as he stepped in the goo. He didn't even want to think about what it could be. The room itself was totally avoided by all sane patrons of the facility. "well i might as well find out now.." kai thought as he put his hand on the doorknob. But what he didn't know was that behind the door was a fate worse than death. Kai twisted the handle and walked in the dark room. The moment he walked in a terrible smell hit his nose akin to rotted flesh mixed with stale feces. Kai gathered his senses and walked farther into the darkness. Upon finding the light switch he flicked it and what he saw would haunt his dreams forever.

Surounding him were some of the most ugly creatures ever created. they all was disfigured in some way or had really fucked up faces. It looked like they all were hit by about 50 ugly trucks and beat with 200 ugly sticks. Some had multiple eyes or noses or mouths filled with broken rotten teeth in a block like pattern. What was worse was they all smelled and were covered in feces or stale urine. The room around them was also in terrible shape so bad infact that not even a hazmat crew could disinfect the place, heck even a hazmat suit wouldn't protect you. Kai got ready to scream but before he did a lould booming voice said "ENOUGH!!" kai looked up and winced. Sitting on a raised platform was a creature so fat and ugly you would think it was jabba the hut but wasn't. The creature then announced to the circle of retards standing around poor kai "bring him to me!" Kai winced as the retards hauled him up to the fat creature. "My name is Wumbo and I king retard, why you here in our retard room!" kai looked up and wrinkled his nose. "I was just curious?" "oh really" the creature replied. "uh yeah!" said kai in the same shy tone. "you get it good now because you be punished for tresspasing in retard room." the fat creature replied. "As punnishment you become one of us!" "NOOOOOOO" kai wailed. " NOW RESTORE!!"

What happened next was horrible. The creature reached into its faded blue pants and pulled out his monster of a cock. The head dripped with

a foul smelling goo. Begging did no good for kai as the creature rammed its hard dick down kai's throat as all the retards cheered wumbo on. After finishing the punishment the creature pulled his flaccid dick out of poor kai's throat and slapped kai up side the head forcing kai to swallow the creatures

nasty tasting cum in one gulp. Suddenly a bright flash of light surounded kai and soon he was like all the rest before him a victim. Kai in his newly retarded state looked up, his chin still dripping with the creatures goo and said in a retarded momotone with a stupid smile on his face "duhhhhh..."

Meanwhile in the halway the patrons of the facility were all shaking their heads and one known as jasper said in a sad voice "poor kai...he is just like all the rest before him a poor unfortunate victim...of the tards!!"

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