Name: Haiera

Summary: Once innocent dreams are plagued by the visages of threatening demons, a fear of a nameless darkness clutches the land, and a broken Sheikah challenges his place in the world. Why, when the King of Evil has been banished for three years, does a shadow forebode at the edge of consciousness?

Pairing: LinkSheik (Note: In this fic, Sheik and Zelda are separate characters, meaning Sheik is a male!)

Rating: R, will be bumped to NC-17 later on

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure

Warning: This fic contains YAOI (meaning malexmale) No one's forcing you to read this. If you have something against it, don't complain to me about it.

Disclaimer: I do not own any aspect of the Legend of Zelda franchise. However, the plot, and various out-of-game characters belong to me.

LB: Hello readers! I'm relatively new to this fandom, so I guess I'll introduce myself. My name is LB, and you may know me from the couple of Naruto stories that I did/am doing. Well I'm a long-time fan, and lately I've been inspired by the works of Aubuyn, Wyna Hiros, and Saiyou-the-lover. (Their stories are amazing. I highly recommend them.) So I thought, why not, I love to write, I'll try my hand at a Zelda story. That being said, I've poured a lot of school time and pencil lead into this, so I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Without further ado, I bring you Haiera!

Notes: This is set 3 years after the events of Ocarina of Time. I've taken a couple liberties with the storyline to make the plot flow better, so please bear with me and don't get out your rotten fruit just yet.

(Dictionary/ Pronunciations are at the bottom of the page)


Chapter One

'To Seek a Reason'


The sky was gray today, as it poured fresh tears unto the earth. It seemed to feel for the broken male, as he crouched reverently in front of a large stone memorial. A thin hand, soaked bandages hanging off of the bony fingers, traced the etchings in the granite, his lips making inaudible words as he passed over the characters.

In memory of the Sheikah, protectors and servants of the Royal Family

Those words leapt at his throat, stinging him with venom.

"Protectors and servants…" he echoed in his dead language. Language of a dead people, a condemned tribe. Everywhere Sheik went that word clung to him, whispered by villagers who thought he couldn't hear them. The fact was, he was the last of a dead race. The bringer of death. The slave who's deeds should never come to light.

Impa was not the same as him. Impa as a person demanded respect from all who saw her. Impa was a figure of authority, while Sheik huddled in obscurity, spawning feelings of distrust and uneasiness that made mothers draw their children in closer with apprehension.

By now the bandaged hung from his skin limply, the rain soaking him to the bone. Sheik hung his head, ruby eyes brimming with unshed tears. And reality came crashing down on him in that moment, that there was no place for him in the world.


Zelda's brow furrowed as she was once again halted by the Hero of Time spacing out. The male stared out the glass window at the pouring rain. The Queen took his gloved hand, rubbing comforting circles on the palm.

"Something's bothering you." The statement didn't leave room for an argument.

"He's outside in this storm."

"I'm sure he'd seek shelter. He's not dim." She chided, but a gentle smile graced her lips nonetheless, seeing the aching worry evident in the hero's face.

It pained her to see Link pine for the Sheikah every day. He loved him. She knew it. They did not.

It was nearing midday and Link was growing more and more uneasy. Zelda looked up from her paperwork suddenly, to see Link shouldering the Master Sword.

"I'm going to go find him." He declared, pulling on his gauntlets resolutely.


The wind stung his face, the raindrops like needles against his skin. Lightning tore the sky apart with a deafening crash. The Sheikah wrapped his arms around himself, trying to brace against the storm. He had trudged into the main part of the village, but with all the doors he banged on for entry, the inhabitants either ignored him or rudely shouted at him to leave.

By now, the bandages around his shoulders and his arms were already falling off of him, but he had pulled his cowl tighter around his face in order to protect some of his dignity. His lip curled in disgust as unwittingly he stepped into a mud hole, his calf sinking into the earth. The blonde's struggle to escape cause mud to splash ungracefully across his spandex suit.

A nail on the side of the entrance gate gripped unto his loose wraps, tearing a long gaping hole down his arm and across his shoulder blade. Sheik scowled darkly, the freezing cold making him slow and weighed down. But soon he stood at the top of stone stairs, looking down with hesitation. The steps were slick, covered in rainwater. Tentatively, he took a step. Rain mixed with mud on spandex. He never stood a chance.

The Sheikah cried out, feeling his body lose control. His world blurred, in a tumbling spinning blend of colors. Rock struck him at all sides, eliciting yelps of pain that were drowned out by the relentless storm. Finally he fell unto the last step, and with a loud crack, his head made contact with the last step. The world became fuzzy again, the darkness enclosing on his non-responsive limbs. The male coughed and spat, the copper taste of blood filling his mouth and running down his chin. He gave one last struggle, clawing at the grass, and then the world went black.


Link's knuckles were white with growing panic as he gripped Epona's wet mane. The mare shook her head constantly, trying to keep the rain out of her eyes. He had to find Sheik, but it was impossible to see anything in the curtain of rain, and the storm didn't look like it was letting up soon.

Hopefully he took refuge in Kakariko. The hero tried to reassure himself, trying to scan the field with great difficulty.

Then he saw it, a figure that looked solid steadily flickered into view in between the raindrops. The hero bit his lip when the figure came into more detail as he got closer, and he could distinctly tell it was white and navy blue.

Epona reared into a halt, whinnying with distress. Link was quick to dismount, bolting across the distance between him and the still body on the ground. His heart clenched in his chest at the sight. The Sheikah was covered in mud, blood soaking through his loose bandages. Gingerly, the Hero scooped up the lithe form into his arms, shocked at how little the other male weighed. Link was careful not to further injure Sheik as he mounted Epona again, balancing the unconscious warrior in his lap. His arms surrounded the lithe man's frame as he gripped unto the mare's mane, nudging her to go. Link bit his lip anxiously. He just hoped it wasn't too late.


Golden sunlight gently filtered into the room through white silken curtains, the cheerful song of birds providing a forgettable background noise when ruby eyes cracked open. The first thing he noticed was he was not in the same place he remembered being. He was in a large bed that seemed to pillow around him with plush feathery softness. The sheets were also white, which led to the second thing he noticed. He was dressed in a simple white cotton nightgown that easily draped off his skinny figure. A light silken cloth was loosely fastened around his mouth, which he was mildly surprised at.

The third thing he noticed, was that a certain heroic Hylian was fast asleep in a chair across the room. Judging from the way his hands were folded in front of him, his head drooped to rest on top of them, he had fallen asleep out of pure necessity.

Something fluttered within Sheik at the sight of the sleeping hero, something warm and cozy that made him smile behind his faux mask despite himself. He allowed a soft, blissful sigh to escape his lips. At that moment the hero decided to wake up with a start, and a small noise of distress.

"Sheik! Sheik, thank the goddesses you're awake." Link cried out, and he was at the side of the bed with a bound. A calloused hand moved the sheets away slightly, to inspect bandaged wounds. Sheik was a little confused, simply studying the Hylian with a questioning gaze.

"Link…what happened?" he asked carefully, his gaze watching the hero's hands. His instincts screamed at him to pull away, but a small part of him reveled in the feathery touches to his abdomen.

The other blonde's brow furrowed, and his hand stopped moving.

"Yesterday, you were in Kakariko when a storm started. And when I found you, you had fallen down the stairs." Link chose his words carefully, extremely cautious of himself.

The Sheikah stared off into the distance, his eyebrows knit together in concentration, as he tried to remember for himself. He remembered being in the graveyard, then making to exit the village, and then his memories went blank.

"Why did you save me?" At this question Link gnawed at his lower lip a little, and then finally sighed.

"Sheik…I have something to confess." Sheik's eyes widened slightly. Was Link going to say what he thinks he was?

"I've known you for all this time, and I can't help but feel…" but suddenly the mood was ruined when they heard the frantic pair of footsteps charging down the stone hallway. A knight burst into the infirmary room, nearly breaking the door as it crashed against the wall from their forceful opening. He was panting from running so fast, bracing himself against the wall.

"Hero, Her Majesty needs your immediate presence at the north rampart! The castle is under attack!" the guard gasped out in between pants, but not before glancing at the Sheikah quizzically. Link's face immediately hardened, nodding. Sheik's eyes narrowed with determination as he sat up in the bed, but his façade quickly crumbed, letting out a cry at the stabbing pain in his ribs.

Link whirled around at the sound, worry shining plainly in his soft blue eyes.

"Don't press your injuries, Sheik. You need to stay in this bed." His tone was gently reprimanding, although his gaze was apologetic. Sheik nodded curtly, masking his disappointment. Of course it made sense, he just fell down two flights of stairs, but he couldn't quell the longing to be by the hero's side.

Watching as the Hylian rushed out the door with the guard, Sheik couldn't deny his wanting to follow him. This confused the Sheikah, as he stared up at the ceiling, questioning his strange feelings. Why did that make him sad?


Link was quick to the center of the ramparts, where he could hear several guards shouting orders, and the clashing of swords, the cries of something inhuman. At the center stood Zelda, watching down with a troubled gaze.

"Your Majesty," Greeted the guard as the two men kneeled at her feet. Queen Zelda turned to face them, nodding to Link to rise.

"Thank you Tyris, that will be all." Once Tyris had left the scene, Link decided to speak.

"Zelda, what's going on here?" Zelda gave the hero a long look, her eyes wide with horror. She pointed down to the main gates, towards the source of all the commotion.


Bodies of slaughtered soldiers littered the ground in front of the main gates. Other soldiers battled a giant, hulking black beast, a kind that Link had never seen before. The body was not unlike a Wolfos, but the beast was bipedal, easily topping the height of two average soldiers. It bared its long, jagged yellow fangs, dripping crimson with blood. Its 'hands' were massive, sporting huge claws that easily sank into a soldier's chain mail tunic as if it was paper. It had two large, reptilian tails that swung wildly behind it, slamming into another unfortunate Hylian with a loud 'crack'. Its ears stretched out long and straight behind its head, a single saber fang jutting out crookedly out of one side of its steel trap jaws. Large, eyeless sockets seem to glare out of its skull, sending chills down Link's spine. Upon closer inspection, the grass withered and browned under it's massive clawed feet.

The hero had to turn his head as the massive creature crushed a soldier's skull in it's powerful claws, helm and all.

"It just appeared suddenly out of nowhere, murdering the stationed guards without warning. And to make matters worse, it does not seem weakened by any of our attacks." Zelda explained, her tone grim. Link bit his lip, drawing his bow and an arrow out of the quiver. He notched the arrow to the string, aiming down at the demon as the tip of the arrow started to emanate a golden light. Suddenly his left hand flew backwards, letting the arrow fly. It hit its mark perfectly, right through the matted fur of the beast's chest.

The wolven creature's head pulled back, letting loose from its jaws a high-pitched, inhuman cry. All the soldiers cringed, covering their ears at the unholy sound. The wolf released from its claws the dead Hylian, reeling on its feet. Then it toppled over unto its back, the form seeming to melt into the ground and disappear. And then it was gone, and the arrow dropped to the ground harmlessly, normal now that the light magic was used up.

A collective sigh of relief echoed through the battlefield, from everyone but Zelda. If possible, she looked even more worried.

"Come, Link. We have much to discuss." She said as she turned to leave the ramparts.

In a matter of minutes the pair had visited the infirmary, to relay the news of the attack to Sheik, who listened carefully, silently studying every word.

"-I wish I could relax, but that has not been the only demon beast to attack as of late. They're appearing all over Hyrule, and getting more and more powerful, and more aggressive. Frankly, some of the villager's reports are like that of nightmares." Link thought for a second, then nodded in agreement.

"When I shot that demon, the triforce symbol wasn't burning like it did when I liberated the temples. If all these sightings are linked, then whatever it is, it's new, and it's not linked to Ganondorf." He explained.

Sheik absorbed this all, his crimson eyes staring at the wall as he was in deep contemplation. After a few moments of uneasy silence,

"I may have an idea of what all this is." He spoke carefully, both Hylians' heads snapping towards him with mild surprise.

"Would you care to explain?" Zelda probed, but Sheik shook his head gently.

"It's an old Sheikah myth, I wouldn't be able to tell it well," seeing Link's expression of annoyance, he added smoothly, "but I know who can." He paused for a second for a question, but when none came, he continued.

"There's a seer I know by the name of Machian. She's a half Sheikah, and she lives in a small hut at the border of Hyrule and Akaya." Zelda glanced at Link, who nodded.

"Then it's decided. Sheik, your injuries are not so severe, with my magic they should heal well enough tonight. Find this seer, and find out what this is. Then report to me, and we will discuss what needs to be done. You leave at dawn."

To Be Continued


LB: Well there you go! Because of the length, I had to split the original chapter one into two parts, so if you're lucky I won't make you wait too long for the second chapter. I took some liberties with the actual game storyline, don't hate me! Anyways, please review, tell me how you liked it, constructive critiques are always welcome. The dictionary is below.

Dictionary: In order of appearance in the story

Haiera: high-AIR-uh: The name of the story. Its real meaning will be revealed in later chapters.

Machian: MACH-ee-on: The name of the seer who supposedly knows of the demons.

Akaya: uh-KAY-uh: Neighboring country to the East. Known for its rolling plains and rich farmland.