I couldn't help but write a SoulXMaka story. I'm sorry, it's kind of short. I like how it looks on a 1/2 page than a whole page. sweatdrop

If you find any spelling/grammar errors, tell me, please! I'll fix'em right up! ;) If I get enough reviews, I'll write a second chapter.

Note: The notes are spelled the Japanese way. Such as... Re Ray... Ti Tee. I bet you'll get it.

Do Re Mi

"...Soul," Maka shuffled though her ingredients lying on the kitchen counter. She finished, "Soul wanted extra tomato... hmm..." Maka grabbed two tomatoes and washed them thoroughly, humming along to a familiar song. She couldn't remember where she heard it, but it was kind of creepy. Yet, she loved the sweet tune as she cooked.

She finally got the food into the oven and cranked up the nob. The oven heated up, and Maka left the kitchen, still humming the tune. She wished she knew how to play an instrument; she was jealous that Soul could play the piano. Suddenly, an idea sparked. Maybe he could...

Maka ran to the living room and spotted Soul sleeping. Damn. She really didn't want to wake him up. She figured she'd just make the request later.

Her book lay on the table next to Soul. Was he reading it? That idiot? Probably not. Maka picked it up, sat herself at the far end of the couch from Soul, and began to read about weapons. The idea of playing piano continued to distract her studying. It came to a point where she placed the book in her lap and began to pretend to play.

She realized she was making a fool out of herself, and turned to look at Soul, peacefully sleeping on the couch. His chest expanded and deflated slowly. His eye lids covered his ruby eyes, unfortunately for Maka. Maka tended to smile more when she saw his eyes.

Maka snapped out of her trance and gently placed the book on the table. The oven beeped loudly a couple times.

A few minutes later, the food was placed on the table, and Maka stood over Soul, trying to figure out a way to tell him. She decided she shouldn't bother, so she sat down once again to eat her food. The food, once again, proved excellence, but something seemed to be missing.

Maka once again looked at Soul, and couldn't help but to keep staring. Her eyes wandered from his head to his toes. Soul appeared to be peaceful. Maka tilted her head to the side, watching him breathe deeply. She slowly started to crawl closer to Soul, who had no idea of her presence.

Maka's hands gripped the couch on either side of Soul. When she realized her position, she blushed a tomato red color, and rolled off the couch, landing on the floor with a thud. She wanted so badly to book chop herself, but that would be silly.

As she was even closer to Soul, the air around him felt warm. She sat up on the floor and looked at his smooth face. Why couldn't she stop looking at him? He always slept here. Why was this moment so different? She figured it was her eagerness to ask him to do that one thing... just to show her... to help her...

Maka closed her eyes and rested her head on the front of the couch, perpendicular to Soul's head. Sleepiness took her over. She felt like closing her eyes and just breathing. Her eyelids gently shut and her body became limp.

Soul sat in front of a strange piano in the middle of darkness. His ruby eyes searched for something he had been expecting for a while now. He had to wait longer. If he didn't, he'd surely miss the opportunity.

What was he thinking? Maka was probably done with the food. She wouldn't... she would be eating. He felt maybe he should give up and waken. No, he wanted to stay... just for another five minutes.

Soul ran his fingers across the keys of the piano. Man, he was too cool today to be in this condition. But then again, if this event happened, he'd be the coolest guy of all time. He swung his legs around the seat and began to tap the keys in order of pitch. Soul didn't feel like playing a song now. He just wanted it to happen... then maybe he would.

He had heard her crystal clear. She remembered.

"Soul..." a voice behind him said weakly.

Soul turned around to see Maka in that beautiful obsidian dress she wore whenever she entered his soul. Maka seemed extremely confused as she asked, "Why am I here?"

Soul chuckled and scooted over on the seat, letting Maka sit down.

"I think it's because you fell asleep extremely close to me," Soul smirked, showing his shark-like teeth.

Maka blushed and brushed her finger over a piano key. Now was her chance to ask him the favor. But what if he didn't want to? What if she could never do it? Maka's hands shook as she pressed a key.

Soul smiled. He couldn't think of a better why to do this, or to tell her. Maka was actually there in his soul. He placed his hand on Maka's and held it gently.

Maka abased her head and let her freehand lie on top of the piano keys. She bit her lower lip and sighed.

Soul raised an eyebrow and asked, "Is something bugging you?"

"Soul," Maka finally said after silence. "Will you teach me how to... play piano?"

"Heh heh" Soul chuckled. "I thought you might ask. I heard you humming the song I played for you that one time..."

"Oh," Maka's eyes widened. That's what it was. The song he played. That dark melody. She remembered his concentrated face, and his loose fingers. Soul seemed to enjoy himself as he played that tune, that awfully dark and insane tune. Maka remembered clearly. Very clearly.

"...so will you?"

"Will I what?"

"Teach me..." Maka made herself clear as she brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs.

"You seem to be in a good mood right now," Soul pointed out, patting her back. "I guess it's worth a try. What kind of guy rejects a simple request such as this?"

"Idiot..." Maka muttered. "Stop worrying about your reputation." She pressed a bunch of random keys at once, creating an unpleasant sound.

Soul sighed and said, "Please save the practicing until you know something."

"Fine. You're still an idiot. Men get that title by default," Maka explained before letting her feet touch the ground again.

Silence once again overruled Soul's soul. Maka kept staring at the glamorous piano that stood before. This instrument had massive power in both battle and mood. She stood, still in awe at what her abilities may soon be.

Meanwhile, Soul reran the basics through his head, figuring out where to start with Maka. Unfortunately, he kept getting distracted by her enchantment to the piano. He noticed her green eyes had softened, and her breathing took a steady pace.

He gulped. Soul had to tell her that thing, or else he'll be messing up while teaching her. He had to either (a) overcome his distraction and leave it for later or (b) tell her now and become the coolest guy ever or the most uncool kid in the face of the earth. Depends on the impact of her book chop. On that note, he made sure there weren't any books around.

Maka grunted, "So what's first?"

"Um..." Soul drooled while darting his eyes to the keys. "First, you should know the notes."


"Do... re... mi..."

"Oh!" Maka smiled, "Do, re, me, so, la, do, re, fa, ti, la..."

Soul laughed and said, "No, no." He guided her hand to the piano and pressed her finger on each note as he spoke, "Do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do."

Maka nodded and repeated, "Do, re, me, fa, so, ti..."

"So, la..."

"So, la, ti, do?"

Soul nodded back and asked, "Repeat it again, please?"

Maka coughed and pressed the keys as she remembered the notes as, "Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do!" Maka grinned with joy.

"Not bad. You accidently played one note up, but you've got the idea," Soul pointed his thumb to his chest, "Thanks to a very cool guy."

Maka rolled her eyes and corrected her mistake while whispering the names of the notes again. She replaced the names with a hum. Her head moved slightly from side to side as she played the notes over and over again.

"Maka..." Soul spoke her name with a soft tone, so quiet, she couldn't hear him. There was absolutely no way a guy like him would pass up this opportunity. He just had to tell her. He had to just... just... let it all out. Soul's eyes wandered to space, thinking of a clever way to bring it up.

"Soul," Maka said, "I suddenly feel stronger." She did. Maka smiled as she thought of what this connection to Soul could do to their wavelength. She stared into the palm of her hand and continued, "Thanks."

"No problem," Soul said.

Maka couldn't help but take a peek at Soul's face. He looked very relaxed and calm, but at the same time, tense and thoughtful. Surely, something was bothering her scythe. "Are you okay?"

Soul jumped in his seat, "Y-yeah. I'm cool."

"No, you aren't," Maka said, grabbing his wrist and pulling on him to face her. "Are you considering changing your mind? Is this becoming too stressful? We can stop, you know. The food's been ready for a while."

"No!" Soul shouted. Maka cringed. He quickly corrected himself, "No... I don't want to stop."

"Then what's going on?" Maka demanded to know. Suddenly, she felt the need to back off. He appeared to be upset. She recalled that if she was stress out, he gave her the option to tell him; he never required her to share her problems with him.

"I'm... sorry," Maka apologized, turning away.

"Maka!" Soul grabbed her shoulder and turned her back to face him."There's something important I have to tell you, but I don't know how you'll take it."

Maka sighed and closed her eyes. Something he wants to tell her? What was it? Whatever it was, she noticed it was a distraction to him, and she didn't want him distracted during her lesson. She needed to know. "Tell me."

"I... don't know how to," Soul muttered, looking away.

"Psh, the cool guy? If you were so cool you'd tell me now," Maka demanded, "Is it something terrible? If it's that serious, then just let it out, you idiot. Okay?"

Soul began to open his mouth. He succeeded to let out an noise that sounded like, "I..."

Maka leaned her face towards his. "You... you what?"

Soul closed his mouth and took a deep breath. He suddenly smirked. Soul let out an evil chuckle and drooled a bit, blushing in the process. He asked, "Is it okay if I show you?"

"Er... sure...?" Maka agreed, tilting her head to the side in confusion. She didn't understand what there was to show, in this dark emptiness.

Suddenly, she felt warmth around her waist. Her eyes looked to the side and saw nothing but white hair. Maka felt Soul in a tight embrace. His hands rested on her waist. Maka smiled and asked in his ear, "So what is it?"

Soul instantly let her go. "You don't get it? Damn, you're so dense!" He let his hands meet contact with her waist once again. "Think hard about past events. Just... think. Seriously, if you can't even figure it out, I swear-"

Maka closed her eyes, recalling past events. There was the everyday life at school, her friends, and her missions. She recalled that they were on their 47th soul. She recalled that it was recently Patty's birthday. She recalled it being Saturday today. She still couldn't figure it out. Past events? Seriously, Maka needed a way better clue. Soul wasn't being cool at all.

But suddenly, a rush of thoughts came.

Don't touch her!
I'm prepared to die for my technician!
I really like you,
Give me your hand...
Are you okay?
What's wrong?

It clicked.

It finally clicked.

But she was too late. Soul had grown impatient. In a swift, sudden movement, Soul brought Maka's lips to his, and he finally kissed her. Maka felt Soul's lips - he was on fire. Maka closed her eyes and took in the message - the whole thing. He loved her. Her stomach turned over and her heart beat sped up. This feeling of care and partnership had evolved in just those few moments of bliss. Soul tilted his head to the side to kiss her with more passion. Maka's head grew dizzy. She didn't quite know how to respond, but to just let him release his emotions. Soul... she thought. I may just love you, too.

Maka's eyes began to water. Her tears rushed down her cheeks. She felt Soul's finger wipe them away as he continued to kiss her with such passion. Maka never had never experienced this before. Her heart felt strong, but weak. Her mind felt clear, but dizzy. Her body felt relieved but tired. Her soul felt love, and nothing else.

Soul broke away unwillingly and smiled. That whole time, she didn't budge. She never pulled away and kicked him. He smirked and cupped her cheek. The cool guy won again. He said, "Please don't tell me you still don't understand."

Maka's eyes opened, and the smell of her food overwhelmed her nose. Her eyes adjusted to the light. Her body lay on the couch, embraced by Soul. Soul rested his chin on the top of her head. Maka closed her eyes again and thought, Screw the food.

Soul said, "You smell nice."

Maka scooted closer to him, burying her face in his chest. She whispered, "I get it."

"Good," Soul whispered.

Maka hummed against Soul's chest. Do... re... mi...