Moon and Sun

Prologue: Petals

Kanda's POV

Her skin: Smooth, soft, light, fair, supple, unmarked except for a scar on her heart and possibly a few bruises that were my fault, and bare except for the sheet that covered both of us.

She faced towards me as I felt her breath, warm and inviting, along my collarbone and neck. I ran my left fingers along her sweet skin. My bare fingertips gently glided on the valley of her waist, the curve of her hip, and down the slope of her thigh until they reached her knee. I grabbed a hold of the joint as lightly as I could as I rubbed small circles into her skin with my thumb.

Her skin reminded me a lot of petals. From a flower just budding. Soft, smooth, and oh so fragile. I looked past her and saw something so similar, in an hourglass and slowly losing its precious petals. She knew about this, and yet she still stayed with me. Still wanted to know me, even though she knew of my demise. When I asked her about this, all she said was, "Everyone dies. You just happen to know how far left you have." Now, with three petals lying on the bottom of the hourglass, I knew that my time certainly was limited. And I wanted to spend every second with this flower right beside me.

I know I shouldn't get attached to anyone because of the fact of my curse, but I couldn't help but to need this goddess of the sun. My nearly unmarred skin touches her skin that mirrors my own, and it feels completely and utterly natural. Almost like our meeting was fated to happen, that hot, summer day in the eating hall. My skin was a curse, while hers was a gift, supposedly from God (1).

I notice a small smile grace her features as I turn back to her from my daydream, or would it be nightdream because it is so late, and I couldn't help but compare myself to her.

Warm, loving, kind, always smiling, ready to met people and get new friends. Cold, sneering, anti-social, always has a "stay away from me and nobody gets hurt" look. We were complete opposites, but…Well, you know the saying.


1. D.Gray-Man hasn't said anything about Kanda being Christian or religious in anyway, so in here, he isn't.

AN: As you probably guessed (and from the summery), this is the multi-story tied in with When the Day Met the Night, and if you haven't read that, you should. It will make more sense if you do.

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