Ok First Of All I Dont Own Twilight

I Only Own Future Characters That Are From My Own Head

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Ok I was thinking that this maybe alittle confusing so I'm going to clear somethings up

All this takes place I'm going to say about 30 years in the future

Like I said before Edward left and never came back

About a year later Bella was changed by some random vampire

(I may change that later)

We will all see what happened to Bella after the Cullens left in the next chapter

(hopefully if everything goes the way I want it to)

Ok now in going to go and try to get the next chapter up tonight

Edwards POV:

Alice was watching another one of those 'Where Are They Now' shows about figure skating and I had no interest in whatever they were talking about, but for some reason Alice insisted we all watch it. They started by showing some clips from past competitions, but when they showed a close up on the face of one of the skaters, I was shocked. It was Bella, My Bella, with some other guy who I didn't really care about. As we watched I could tell everyone's eyes were glued to the screen. She moved with such grace and beauty, I knew that if I could cry I would. I took a second to look at my family… Esme was clutching Carlisle's arm, while he was just staring at the screen. Jasper was trying to keep everyone calm which was only helping alittle. Rosalie was holding Emmett as he was sobbing. I looked again, Omc Emmett was crying.

I looked back at the television just in time to see the horrible accident that stopped Bella's career. Her and her partner were spinning next to each other and he was getting too close. Then it happened. The edge of his skate caught her around the face and all you saw was her fall to the ice. Her partner stopped and went to her side. Then the camera did a close up on her face and you could see a horrible gash from her eyebrow to the corner of her mouth.

And that was all we saw. Suddenly the power in the house went out, casting us into darkness. I ran to the television and started shaking it, trying to get it to come back on. I ran to Alice and looked at her.

"Why did you show me that?!" I shouted.

She just smiled and stated, "Don't worry, you'll see."

God knows I love Alice to death but sometimes I wondered what she hides in the back of her mind.

Suddenly Alice's eyes went wide and I knew she was having a vision. When she snapped out of it, she looked up at me and I knew something was going on. I looked at her very closely and then I saw it…

A girl was in the woods, right on the border. She was running, from what I couldn't tell. She tripped and fell down a hill then she screamed.

I didn't know who this girl was but I knew we had to help her…

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