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This is my first time writing Tatsuki. Just so you know.

"Ichigo doesn't like dark chocolate."

She glanced up at Tatsuki from her book with a furrowed brow.

"Excuse me?"

"Valentine's Day is coming up. I just thought you'd like to know."

"I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about."

Sighing, Arisawa sank down into a seat beside Rukia. Homeroom wouldn't start for five more minutes, plenty of time to give her ignorant classmate the down low. "February fourteenth is Valentine's Day. It's a day where people exchange gifts. Sort of like Christmas, except much more frills, chocolate, hearts, and chocolate hearts."

"I see."

"... You look like it doesn't concern you."

Rukia blinked. "Would you like a gift from me, Arisawa?"

"NO." Tatsuki waved her hands fervently in front of her face. "Lord, no! It's... more of a lovers' holiday."

"I see."

"... You still look like it doesn't concern you."

Rukia cocked her head to the side and placed the book face-down on her desk. "I don't understand. Why would it concern me that Ichigo doesn't like chocolate on a lovers' holiday?" Tatsuki looked at her pointedly. "I don't give him chocolate on any other day of the year, so why would I start now? On a day for lovers, no less?"

Tatsuki sighed. "I suppose this holiday is for friends, too... Look. Just give him something terribly embarrassing, all right?"


"Flowers. Or a teddy bear. Or something else girly. You're together, aren't you?"

"All day, every day."

Tatsuki somehow refrained from slamming her head against the desk in defeat.

Ichigo lowered his magazine at his closetmate's clearing of the throat. In her outstretched arms she held a white box wrapped in red ribbon.

"I was informed earlier this week that today is a day for lovers and friends to exchange gifts. I have crafted yours using my own hands, along with those of your good friend Ishida. Please accept this gift."

Sitting up immediately, Ichigo took the box in his hands, slowly savoring the seconds it took to slide the ribbon away and pry the lid of the box off. He removed the pink tissue paper and peered inside.


"Go on now, say something! Admit that I have marvelous taste!"


"It matches your eyes!"


"You'll look ravishing, boy. Put it on and show your family."

"... I'd die first."

"Arisawa, I did it!"

Tatsuki looked in surprise as Rukia waved at her from the dojo's doorway. "How did you know I was here? And why are you here? Don't you know what time it is?"

Rukia waved her hands in front of her face flippantly. "Ichigo told me I would find you here. And I did it. I gave him a Valentine."

Tatsuki patted the perspiration away from her forehead, gazing at Rukia with faint surprise. "You did? What was it?"

"I have to utilize nearly all of Yuzu's necessities so I don't own many girly things, but Ishida helped me fashion a dress that would be Ichigo's size."

The martial artist stared.

"A... a dress?"

"Yes." Rukia looked incredibly proud. "After I presented the dress to him, he became momentarily speechless. And then he told me that I would be receiving 'zilch for White Day.'"

Tatsuki hooted with laughter for a few minutes until she noticed Rukia's troubled face. Wiping tears of mirth from her eyes, the black belt asked what was up.

"Please explain to me the meanings of 'zilch' and 'White Day.'"

Arisawa Tatsuki was in for a long night.