Malevolent Slumber

By: My Final Death

AN: My inspiration for this story came from one of my dearest online friends. I jokingly asked him to tell me a bed time story, and to my astonishment, he complied without realizing I was simply joking. He told me a story of a Viennese boy who moved to America and began to have dreams of the beautiful and lush forests of his homeland. Upon returning as a much accomplished doctor, he came across the forest of his dreams and decided to explore it in his spare time. While he was exploring he came across a clearing and there in the middle of the forest was a beautiful woman who was in a deep sleep upon a soft blanket of grass. Awed by her beauty, he stepped forth and kissed her on the lips causing her to awaken. They fell in love and lived happily ever after from thence forth.

This story takes a setting in the OoT world, but by no means does this mean that I won't include characters from other stories. I would say also that this is an alternative universe type story, but aren't all Zelda games like that? I mean, Link is amazing, but he can't possibly be expected to do so many adventures )

Yes, this chapter is a bit slow. In most ways it's just sort of an introduction. Yes, it is the last time you'll see Saria.. XD And have no worries... although this story mostly seems like an adventure, it is in all ways a romantic comedy... in other words, yes, Zelda and Link will end up happily ever after. )

I will try to update as often as I can. I'd say at least look for an update every week.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, and I do not write this for profit or fame (I doubt it'd get me either anyways!). This is merely just where my imagination has taken me.

Chapter 1


In Which A Hero Sets Out

"Link! Please be careful!"

The words were called out by young girl that seemed to be nearing her teen years. Her hair was cut short around her face in a hair style that wouldn't avert any eyes, but the color was definitely an attention grabber. Each strand of her hair was a different shade of a bright and brilliant green as if they were all leaves of different trees of the forest. Her eyes, which tears were beginning to brim, were also of the same coloring. Her clothing was simple and seemed to be composed of mostly earthly colors. Floating above her, yet not too far away, was also a fairy with a yellow glow around it that tinkered softly with each movement it made, but its actual shape couldn't be seen since its wings created such a flurry to keep itself in the air.

The girl was surrounded by other children that all seemed to be around her same age. Each of them had similar characteristics and a fairy of their own that varied in different glows. Each of them had a frown stretched across their faces, and some of them were having to wipe their own tears away. Link had been like a brother to them and it was a very tough ordeal for them to have to part with someone they considered their own, for it was not something that happened often at all. In fact, neither of these children-like people had ever experienced having to say goodbye in their lifetime and they weren't quite sure how to cope with it.

The man named Link, who was considerably older (having just reached manhood) in appearances, turned and smiled sadly. His appearances were similar in that he wore the same type of clothing, but he had bright blonde hair and extended ears that protruded out of his medium length locks. His eyes were a vibrant blue and unlike the girl and the others, he had no fairy that hovered around his shoulders. It was because of these differences that Link had decided two weeks ago that it was time for him to leave the people of the Kokiri forest. In truth, he was the only living being in the 

forest that appeared to be over the age of twelve, even though the lives of each of the children-like people have probably expanded over hundreds of years. They were a secluded people who only ever heard rumors on the whispers of wind and through animals of an outside world.

As Link had grown with them, they told him of how he came to be with them although they could not tell him from whence he came. All they knew was that one day a woman who was half dead was found on the floor of the forest carrying a bundle in her arms. A skullchild, a forest inhabitant that had probably been a Kokiri child once in its life time, alerted the others of her presence. If she had any words for them, she could not speak them. She died there in front of them as they watched with strange expressions as her spirit was lifted from her body, which disappeared into the ground of the forest. The bundle was all that was left, and curiously the Kokiri children unwrapped it to find a baby within the folds. As kind hearted people they took the child in and raised it to the best of their abilities, and although no fairy ever came for him, they loved him as if they were one of their own.

The only clue to Link as to where he came from was in his dreams as he slept at night. He often had dreams of a large castle that seemed to have been destroyed a long time ago and long since abandoned. The earth had already begun to grow around it, and vines grew through every crack of the foundation. The only thing noticeable that stood out to him was a large symbol of a triangle wedged into the stones that didn't have the wear and tear of time that the other man-made objects had. The triangle was set in the mouth of a stone carved phoenix and was split into 3 separate triangles with a fourth upside down triangle cut out from the middle. The phoenix lay broken into pieces in the middle of what might have been a fountain in the middle of all of the ruins.

The only other significant part of the dream was the quiet sobs of a woman that couldn't be seen that carried on the wailing of the wind. Link would call out for her, but she never responded to his voice. The only thing she ever said in between sobs was, "Fallen, fallen… Hyrule has fallen, and I have failed."

When he told the rest of the Kokiri children about this dream, they looked at him with thoughtfully and began their own search for him. They kept their ears out for news and listened to the wind, and searched with their eyes for any clues in the forest they lived in. Their fairies also helped by talking to the animals who have explored the world such as the owls and wolves. Neither of them could ever find news of this Hyrule, apparently it was either fictitious or it had long since been forgotten. It was only until the fairy of what was considered the oldest Kokiri child, Saria, finally heard the information from a very wise owl that Hyrule was no more, yet, far away in the lands of the North past the borders of their forest was where it had once been a proud kingdom.

The Kokiri stopped their search there because it was forbidden for them to leave the forest; if one child ever stepped a foot outside of the shadows of the forest he would surely die. None of them had ever even had the desire to do so, for what was life to them without their beloved tree stump homes and the whispers of the forest? But Link's heart was different. He had always harbored the secret desire to explore outside the woods and to be among his own kind. He could not hear the whispers, and he couldn't make heads or tails as to what a fairy said – it all sounded like the tinkling of tiny bells to him. His heart also told him that he didn't belong on the Kokiri forest, and that he would only be able to find his purpose by finding out where he came from.

So it was inevitable that he had made the decision to leave, although the Kokiri children could not understand it. As he sadly smiled at them, Link came to this realization and so even though he knew 

that the next words that came out of his lips might never come true and that he was in essence lying (another thing that Kokiri children were different in – they couldn't lie, nor even comprehend why someone would want to): "I will be back, everyone. I don't know when, but we will see each other again… soon."

What he had hoped to accomplish seemed to have worked. Their frowns became a little less apparent , and a few of them were able to dry their tears. The girl who had initially told him to be careful, Saria, walked up to Link and solemnly said, "Hold out your hand."

Link nodded and held out his hand. Saria brought her arms out from behind her and placed a small wooden and oval object in his hands. He looked down and his eyes widened a little in his surprise. "Saria… your ocarina! But… without this you won't be able to play to the birds in your favorite place, and-"

"I can make another one. I want you to have this. Every time you… play it, if you think of me… " she smiled, "well, we'll be able to feel each other and you won't ever have to be lonely!" She closed his fingers around the object and pressed his hand back towards his body. "And I'm positive that if I do the same, I'll be able to feel you as long as you keep this close to your heart."

Link honestly wasn't sure if it'd work or not, but it touched his heart none-the-less. He tightened his grip around it and placed it against the place in his chest where his heart would be. "I'll play it every night then." He gave her a rather boyish grin.

Saria's reserve broke and she lunged forward and wrapped her arms around him. After placing a foot back to catch his own balance, he slowly hugged her back and stroked the top of her head like a father might do to comfort a child. Her apparent sadness tugged at the strings his heart and it was all he could do to keep from the tears welling up in his own eyes.

Seeing Saria's self-restraint break had a domino effect on every other child, and they all rushed forward to hug Link as well. They all cried out, "We'll miss you! We love you!" and once they had all had their goodbyes out of the way, they watched Link go as he crossed over the bridge that separated the inner forest from the outer forest (which no Kokiri child dared to go, even if it was still classified as the the forest itself).

That was the last the Kokiri children ever saw of Link, and the beginning of a marvelous adventure for him.