Malevolent Slumber

By: My Final Death

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Chapter 3


In Which Cows Are Concerned

Tatl stayed with Link all through the night and slept snuggly on top of his shoulder and curled up to his neck. He, of course, had no idea this had taken place for when he had fell asleep she was still fluttering about nervously as if something were weighing heavily on her mind. However, whenever he tried to get her to tell him whatever the matter was, she snapped at him to mind his own business and stayed still until he stopped paying attention to her.

As soon as the first rays of sunlight began to shine through the trees, Tatl made sure that not a second of Link's time was wasted on much needed sleep. Standing up on his shoulder, she tugged on one lock of his bangs that hung down to his chin. When he gave no reaction, she persisted in tugging yet harder. Her efforts were rewarded with an annoyed swat of his hand. Tatl avoided it by simply jumping up into the air and staying afloat. "GET UP YOU LAZY ASS!" she shouted irritably, and sunk her teeth down into the shell of his ear.

It would have been an understatement to say that this gave a desired response.

With amazing agility, Link made a tumbled roll forward before standing up to full height with both of his fists clenched into balls and rearing to go. Tatl had almost immediately lost her group and was flung outwards in a spinning motion. After realizing that there wasn't any great threat, or even anything the least bit menacing within sight, he relaxed his shoulders with a sigh. He raised his hand up to his hear to rub away the stinging sensation and was shocked to feel the tips of his fingers come in contact with a liquid substance. He brought his hand to his face, and to his dismay, realized that the stuff that was smeared across his fingertips was blood. His blood.

"I'm bleeding!"

Tatl, who had just regained her composure again, sighed and made a shrugging motion. "Don't tell me you're going to cry about it."

Far from it. But Link was more than curious about as to why he was wounded. "How'd I get cut?"

Tatl snickered. "Well, if you fall asleep under a tree there's a high possibility that a bug will fall on you. And most bugs like to bite fleshy things." She failed to mention that this wasn't actually what happened, but she decided that it'd probably be better if he were left to figure this one out on his own. In fact, she thought this was a rather opportune moment to make a change of subjects. "We should be able to find shelter before night fall if we begin our search immediately, but our safety until then might be in jeopardy. Do you have any way of fighting off predators?"

Link tilted his head to the side. "Predators?"

Tatl sighed. "Don't you have some weapon of some sort?"

Link shook his head no, but he pulled out an object from underneath his belt loop and held it up for the fairy to see. "But I have this?" Upon inspection it was nothing more than a simply made sling shot.

"… A pebble shooter…" Tatl scratched her head a in a clueless fashion. "That's pathetic! What were you planning to do if some monster just attacks you for the pure joy of being a bully!?"

"Well I honestly didn't think about that." In truth, poor Link would have never thought that another creature was capable of attacking another unless it was absolutely necessary.


Tatl started to float off away from him, clearly having enough of this conversation. Without needing an invitation (although he sincerely wished she would have given him one) Link followed reluctantly. He felt slightly bad that he himself hadn't thought of these things before leaving, but at the same time he was most undeniably grateful to the sassy fairy. However, they didn't get very far until they encountered their first problem.

Link's stomach let out a rather loud and ferocious growl.

Tatl stopped for a moment, and asked inquiringly, "Is that what I think it was?"
He placed a hand over his stomach and rubbed it soothingly. "I'm afraid so. I haven't eaten since yesterday."

And so they had their first pit stop of the day once the fairy guide had found a bush filled with berries that she knew to be edible. Link practically threw himself on the ground and with complete abandonment began to stuff his cheeks with every berry he could get his index finger and thumb around. The only sound that could be heard was the slight tinkering of Tatl's movements, and the mushy sound of berries being smashed and gnashed in between Link's teeth. The evidence could be seen dribbling out the left side of his mouth and down his chin.

"Ugh… couldn't you be a little less disgusting?" Tatl had picked one berry that was big enough to sustain her tiny body and was sitting atop a limb on a juxtaposed bush. She was ever-so-daintily tearing off the skin with her fingers and eating the raw material of the berry.

"Mmsowwym," was the only understandable word that came out of his lips. He swallowed the gulp he was currently working on and wiped the dribble away from his chin. He looked up at the fairy and was mildly surprised to find that he could actually see the figure of her body. "I can see you!" Her very thin and frail body seemed to mimic that of a very young girl with long hair.

Tatl blushed, and immediately jumped into the air so that her body was concealed again by the fluttering of her wings. "Why thank you, Mr. Tact. Don't you know that you're not supposed to look at an exposed lady!?"

"It's just that it's the first time I've ever seen a fairy like that. It won't happen again, don't worry, I won't look." He smiled and nodded as if to reinforce his promise.

Despite his reassurances, Tatl refused to sit back down and be at rest for the remainder of their meal. Naturally she finished long before he did, and when he had finally had his fill they set off again. With extra care to no go faster than poor Link could handle, she lead him through the forest and he faithfully followed. Within a matter of hours they finally reached the final tree line of the Kokiri forest and were faced with a vast field that seemed to stretch on for hours.

Link looked positively overcome with the thrill of adventure. He balled his fists up and brought them in close to his chest in a swift motion as he let out a loud whoop. "I can't believe it! It looks so big!"

Tatl, not quite understanding that he was referring to the vastness of the world, commented rather irritably, "Not as big as your thickness. This is where it gets tough, kiddo, so listen up."

Link nodded and looked at her with rather large and attentive eyes.

"The Kokiri forest was a cake-walk, but this is the real world that you have no idea about. Walking a whole day in the forest isn't that much bothersome because you have the shade of the trees and the assurance that some form of food is available. In a vast field this isn't the case, especially when the sun is so high in the sky like this. This is where your endurance will be tested, so you have to be strong!"

He looked down thoughtfully and bit the tip of his fingertip. It all sounded a good bit tougher now that she had put it in such a harsh light. Suddenly the vastness of the field didn't become something to awe about, but rather, something to dread. "So our first priority is to find a place to stay the night!"

"Right! You're starting to get it now." She made a backwards loop in the air in a rather exited manner as she said this.

He clasped left fist into his right hand and shook it up and down with a rather determined look. "Let's do it!"


It was during the first hours of the night that Link and Tatl (actually, Link couldn't see at all but Tatl had perfect vision whether it be night or day) actually were able to distinguish a dark shape in the distance that looked promising.

Both of them were beginning to feel the pangs of hunger as well as extremely thirsty. Link could have sworn that the back of his throat had been rubbed raw from the back of his tongue. And they were both terribly exhausted. Tatl even had to take to sitting on Link's shoulder (after many promises he wouldn't dare look!) to keep herself from falling out of the sky. However, the prospect of knowing they were finally coming across something during all of their travels prompted Link's legs to hold out just a little bit longer.

As they approached it looked more and more like a rather large ranch with a few small buildings that were lit up. Since Link had no idea what a ranch was, Tatl had to explain to him in very plain terms 

that it was a place where animals were kept to be fattened up. When he inquired why anyone would want to waste their time doing that, even Tatl couldn't come up with her own answer. She made some derogatory comment about stupid mortals, and refused to say anymore on the subject other than he should hurry up so they could finally get some rest.

Luckily for Link, whoever had owned the ranch had only made a half-hearted attempt to shut the gate to the ranch off from the road. With ease (through Tatl's instructions) he was able to sneak onto the property. Although he felt it would have been rather appropriate to alert the people in the small quaint houses of his arrival, the fairy very firmly told him that it would NOT be in his best interest. After convincing him that if he did no harm to the live stock that the ranch owners wouldn't care that he had been there (and that it'd be quite inappropriate to knock on any doors this late at night), he snuck into a rather large looking building where all the animals seemed to be contained. After all, if the animals were safe enough to sleep in there, certainly he would be too.

Link was absolutely amazed at not only how large the animals were, but how funny they looked. The first thing he did when he saw a rather large animal covered all over in black and white spots was point his finger and burst out laughing. "Oh man, I've never seen anything look that way in my life! What is it, Tatl?"

The fairy rubbed her chin, and said in a very sagely voice, "That is what normal people call a cow. A very helpful animal, because it feeds people."


Although there was a moment of silence that occurred between the two, they both were thinking the exact same thought. Link was simply the first one to voice it.

"So. Can it feed us?" His stomach made another loud growl, as if it wished to know the answer as well.

"Well, I can't call myself an expert on cows, but I believe the way it feeds you is if you get underneath it and suck those pink things hanging from its underbelly. I've heard that they produce the milk of life!" Tatl had indeed heard that phrase before, but it had simply been a rather silly advertisement for Lon Lon Ranch milk. Of course, being only a fairy, she honestly had no idea that the advertisement had been an extreme over exaggeration.

"Do think it would it mind?" Link's mouth was starting to water. The more he thought about it, the more he liked the sound of the 'milk of life'.

"I SUPPOSE I could try talking to it. Give me a sec."

Tatl flew off of his shoulder and floated a rather depressed looking cow. In her most diplomatic and pleading voice, she began to beg the cow to give her and the stupid looking mortal a chance to suckle on its teats. When she had finished, she bowed her head most respectfully and awaited the response.


"I beg your pardon?" She looked up and furrowed her eyebrows together.

The cow stared back, clearly confused by the strange blob of light that appeared before it.

What poor Tatl failed to realize was that a cow was one of the most mundane and domestic of all creatures. Therefore, it wouldn't have been able to recognize magic even if it were literally right in front of it, much less understand it. To the cow, she was just a oddity that would soon be forgotten as soon as she flew out of sight.

Link looked at her expectantly. "Well? What'd the cow say?"

"Um…" Tatl scratched her head. "… She said we're allowed!" A complete fabrication.

But Link took this as absolute truth and without reserve walked next to the cow and placed his hand on the back. "Many thanks to you, producer of the 'milk of life'!"

The cow merely looked back at him wearily, wondering dully what this silly person was up to and how soon he'd go away. Much to the dismay of the poor beast of burden, he stooped down underneath her belly. Then the cow's eyes widened with panic as she saw Link's mouth attach to her teat and felt him suckling on her. "MROOOOOOOO!" The cow kicked the back of the wall and began to rear up in an attempt to stomp on top of the offending person.

"LINK! Move!" came Tatl's shrill voice.

Reacting to her voice, Link rolled out of the way and scooted backwards in a crab position away from the cow. "What's wrong!? Why is it reacting like that?" His voice had an edge of panic to it. He had never seen any animal react in such away with such intensity.

"You idiot, you obviously did something wrong!" cried the fairy.

And then a stranger's voice belonging to a very stout and angry looking man came out of nowhere replying to Link's question, "I'd say some fool decided to disturb my livestock, but that's just my opinion."

Link looked to his left towards the entrance of the stable barn door, and felt his blood run cold. Not only was did this man look rather unpleased with the cow's response, but he carried a very menacing looking weapon in his right hand that very much resembled a bow that he had watched one of the Kokiri child make once (later he would find out that this particular weapon was called a cross bow). And it was pointed directly at him.


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