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Kutner immediately leapt into action, sprinting into the crowd in search of Chase.

"I'll go get a wheelchair" said Amber.

"And I'll go to the Maternity ward and tell them we're coming" said Thirteen. House, seeing the chaos unfold from the stage, stopped singing.

"Excuse me everyone, we'll have to pick this up another time. A former protege' of mine is about to pop out a wombat." House left the stage, leaving confused murmurs coming from the room's other occupants, and soon tracked down Cuddy, who was comforting Cameron along with Wilson. Cameron glared up at him.

"I'd prefer it if you'd stop referring to my child as a wombat."

"Sorry, slip of the tongue" said House. "I meant to call it a little wombat." At that moment Kutner returned with Chase, as well as Foreman and Taub. Chase crouched beside Cameron's chair, taking her hand just in time to help her through another contraction.

"I told you I should have stayed with you" he said. Cameron gave him a weak smile.

"You couldn't have changed anything. Babies come when they come."

"Come on" said Wilson, taking Cameron's arm to help her up while Chase stood and took the other arm. "Amber should be almost back with the wheelchair by now." Once the immunologist was on her feet, her waters broke.

"My my, how original" House quipped.

"Not now, Greg" said Cuddy, rolling her eyes as she grabbed his hand and dragged him off after the others.

Meanwhile, Amber was dashing through the halls of Princeton-Plainsborough, hoping she would make it back with the wheelchair in time. Locating one not already in use had been more difficult than she had anticipated. It almost got to the point where she'd considered stealing one from someone else, but she wasn't that much of a bitch. Rounding a corner into the corridor where the function room was located. Thirteen had just emerged from an elevator at the other hall and was almost to the function room when, from the corner of her eye she spotted Wilson and Chase with Cameron. Amber wasn't going to make it before they reached the exit. Thirteen quickly formulated a plan.

"Amber!" she cried, jumping up and down, waving her arms. "Over here, A, I'm open!" Amber laughed at her friend.

"Go long, Thirteen!" Amber gave the chair a shove, and Thirteen caught it just in time for Cameron to sit in it. She gave a small woop, high-fiving Amber as she approached.

Soon, the gang were all sitting in the waiting area of the maternity ward. Watching screaming women being wheeled in and out of rooms, Amber turned to Wilson, her expression deadly serious.

"We are not having children."

"Whatever you say, honey." Hours passed.

"I'm bored" said House. Cuddy sighed.

"Well, find something to entertain yourself."

"But all my favourite past-times are out of the question. Unless you want to go somewhere and.." he waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Greg!" Cuddy exclaimed. "We are in the Maternity ward!" This conversation was prevented from going any further when Chase emerged, beaming.

"It's a boy!" he announced proudly. "Christopher Robert Chase. Would you like to come see him?"

Everybody quietly filed into the room, where Cameron sat staring in awe at the tiny blue bundle in her arms.

"Hi everyone" she smiled, looking up briefly before returning her attention to the blonde-haired, green eyed bundle. "This is Christopher." Everyone fussed over the baby boy, each taking turns holding him. Even House admitted that he was "cute, for a wombat." Eventually, the baby began to fuss, and soon the others left, leaving only Chase, Cameron, and their newborn son.

"You know what makes this even more perfect?" said Cameron quietly.

"What?" said Chase, mesmerised by his son's tiny hand curled around his pinky. Cameron looked up at him, smiling softly.

"It's Tuesday."