"I can remember the title, author, and location of every book in this library, Matthew. Every book that's ever been dreamed. Every book that's ever been imagined. Every book that's ever been lost. Millions upon millions of them. That's what I remember. It's my job. Other things...I forget sometimes."

- Lucien; Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: The Kindly Ones

\\You Say Goodbye…\\

"I'm sorry, sir. There are just too many memories here for me to stay. I didn't come back just to watch things crumble." She sighed, curling in upon herself, avoiding his eyes. The poor girl focused instead on his glistening white outfit, a stark contrast to the person who she had admired.

"I suppose you're leaving too, then?" he sighed, rising from his chair. When she looked up again, he was offering her a card and a pair of bright new pink sneakers that seemed to match the color of the rest of her ragged outfit.

"What is…who else left?" she fumbled over her own words, taking the card and looking at it. A simple name was on the front, a sort of cover, and when she opened the card, she saw a picture of a small, lovely town full of color. A lanky man waved at her from the photograph, and she could hardly recognize if she remembered him or not.

"The librarian left too. He said nearly the same thing. But it was my idea to let him leave." He looked down, his white hair obstructing his eyes.

The simple little faerie looked up. "Why? Why did you send him off somewhere else? What about the library?" She blinked, looking at the sneakers. "…Never mind, I'd rather know what's with the sneakers."

"He had unfinished business concerning certain artifacts that were lost when the previous lord was trapped. As for the sneakers, they have just enough glamour to disguise you from being recognized." He placed the sneakers on the ground in front of her.

"Disguised? Why?" she questioned.

"You're going to Iceland."

"What? Iceland? But that's where most faeries and elves li-…"

"-Precisely. It's the best excuse, even if they notice you have faerie in you, they'll just assume you're another Halfling. Speaking of which, I believe you already have a legally established relative there which shall be taking parental responsibilities of you until you are of age…"

Slipping on the shoes, she blinked as she realized how light and springy they were. They almost made her long for the dancing of the midnight revels once again. When bits of hair drifted into her face, she noted the shocking pink.

"Is this your revenge for me asking to leave? This hair is ridiculous. Just because you're entirely one color shouldn't mean that-"

"Pixie, you'll be spending most of your time with kids who are color-challenged anyway. One has orange square dreadlocks. Another woman has blue curly hair. Most of them wear all one color, and you'll be under legal parentage of someone who looks like a bald version of Colonel Mustard. Trust me." He smiled, handing her a suitcase. "…You'll love it there. Here are your things. I'll send you as far as you need to go. Once you're there, I'll send you instructions."

"Instructions?" she quipped, doing a double-take. "For what, pray tell?"

"You didn't expect me to send you away without a mission, did you?"

The white-haired pale man gave her a wicked smirk as he waved his hand, sending her along the road to the waking world.

\\…and I Say Hello\\

I'm proud of this. This is my first LazyTown fanfiction.

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