I was sitting at my desk completely daydreaming, bored with typing when this idea came to mind, I started to wash my face when I kept thinking about this, I decided I would most definitely write it all down quickly (ended up to be three pages of bullet points, I just couldn't stop brain storming) and well here it is. Enjoy!

Chapter one

Bella's POV

I was use to all the hiding, I couldn't remember a time when I didn't hid. My mom had given birth to me in a bush in the middle of a forest in god knows where. Eventually my parents got caught in a raid for food at a nearby Breeder facility. I was on my own now and I wasn't half bad at surviving. I had been alone for two years; I was now 17 years old and a runaway human. You might ask me who the heck I was running from, and I would answer you simply. Vampires and you wouldn't laugh at how stupid that sounds because the entire world was ruled by cruel and vicious vampires the only reason humans were kept alive was for the simple reason of breeding us together to make babies that would grow up and be turned into vampires or made to breed like their parents before them.

I was close to town and my stomach made a grumbling noise. I sighed and peered out the tree's toward the road. I watched as car's zoomed by. I smiled when I spotted was the speed limit, 150. I heard a booming laugh from behind me and saw a huge giant vampire stomping through the tree's followed by another, bronze haired vampire, he was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

"Hey little human, I can hear your stomach growling." The large one laughed again. I cursed my stomach and tried to back slowly into a dark bush, not that it would help me much, since vamps could see in the dark. My foot snapped a twig and both vamps turned quickly toward me and the bronze haired boy was in front of me seconds later.

"Hello, would you be so kind to follow me out of these awful woods?" He asked politely. I shook my head, and he raised an eyebrow at me. I sighed and stood up; he smiled and turned his back to me. There was no reason to try to run, or to fight. Vamps all had superhuman strength, and had to be as fast as lightning. I followed the bronzed haired and huge vamp as they made there was through the forest.

"I'm bored Edward, can't we go a little faster." The large one complained. The bronzed hair one, Edward turned his head slightly and looked at me,

"Fine Emmett." he snarled. Suddenly the large one was gone.

"I didn't mean I would carry her." He screamed after him, I didn't know how he could hear him. Edward shook his head and turned to me.

"Do you mind if I carried you the rest of the way?" He asked politely.

"Doesn't seem like I have much of a choice, does it?" I snapped at him.

He grinned and my stomach tied itself into a knot, his smile was crooked and the most amazing thing I had ever seen. I had seen hundreds of vamps but none as beautiful as he was. He suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto his back.

"Hold one." He whispered and suddenly we where darting through tree's as fast as light. I was going to barf, they wind whipped against my face and everything was a blur. I was totally sick and dizzy; this vamp had to put me down, soon. My wish was granted when he stopped abruptly in front of a large off road jeep. He set me to my feet but I couldn't hold myself up. I fell to the ground, and layed there for a few seconds before a pale face leaned over in my view.

"Are you ok?" Edward asked.

"I am fine, just dizzy, don't ever make me do that again." I sputtered. He chuckled and a large vamp crashed out of the tree's into the clearing.

"Oh man Edward, how'd you beat me?" Emmett pouted.

"Face it Em, I am faster than you and always will be." He grinned. Emmett snarled at him and looked at me.

"Man she looks pale, she ok?" he asked.

"She didn't enjoy the run." Edward chuckled. He strode over to me and picked me up lightly and opened the jeep door. He buckled some sort of harness over me and crawled in next to me. Emmett jumped in the front and put the car in drive.

"So human, what's your name?" Edward asked.

"Not human that's for sure." I said acid dripping from ever word, I was starting to feel much better.

"Right, so your name?" he asked, not even fazed.

"Isabella Swan. Call me Bella." I said.

"Pretty name." he smiled and directed his eyes to the road, "Take a left here."

"I know where I am going." Emmett muttered.

"Watch for the fork coming up."

"Hey no back seat driving!" Emmette roared.

Edward didn't look worried, just chuckled and leaned back. Even for the slight bumps in the road I managed to slide of into sleep. I hadn't been able to sleep sound fully for years, always halfway awake just in case. It didn't matter anymore.

Edward POV

I watched her as she slept; I had never met a human like her before. She seemed so at ease around us, all other humans where quite, scared and timid. She was fierce, bold and beautiful. I knew as soon as I flew to her side when her foot stepped on the branch that it was a very bad thing, her blood smelt like no humans I had ever smelt before and even underneath all the pine and forest smell I could smell a hint of strawberry. She frowned in her sleep which made me frown, I decided I would change her; I didn't want her to have to go to the breeding facility. It wasn't like it was a cruel place, but I would not want to live like that. Plus I wanted her and bad, I wanted to sink my teeth in her perfect little neck and…

"Ok here we are, the breeding facility." Emmett roared. She sat up quickly startled by the noise and looked around her. Her face fell when she saw where she was. I unbuckled the safety harness and she pulled herself out of the van. Her foot hit the side of the door and she fell. My hands whipped out and I caught her, helping her regain balance on her feet. She didn't thank me just took a step back and waited for me to lead her to the building. I knew that she would have to get registered before she changed so I started walking to the building, Emmett whistling behind me and Bella walking dead ahead, her head held high but I noticed a spark of fear in her eyes.

Bella's POV

I walked behind Edward trying to maintain ever bit of dignity I had. I stared a up at the building, it was simple enough, a plain three story brick building the only thing odd was there was no windows, there never where any on breeder buildings. Nick held open the door and I followed Emmett in. A cold breeze hit me and a shivered, I much rather have the warmth. Edward went straight to the front desk.

"Hello Edward." The blond smiled at him and looked toward me, "I see you found one, you always do."

"Well it is my job; I want her changed right away though, by me." He stated quickly. I barley stopped myself from gasping; he was going to change me into one of them. I would rather die, I would rather live in a breeders building for the rest of my life.

"Well you will have to talk to Dr. Derenbry about that one." The blonde smiled and gestured a door to the right. Edward grabbed my hand and dragged me toward the office.

"Dr. Derenbry?" Edward asked, knocking.

"Come in Edward and bring the girl." I soft voice called from inside. My stomach tied in knots.

"Hello, this is the girl I found today, I want permission to change her myself." He said bluntly.

"Not so fast she may be in good enough shape for child birth. He looked at me, studying me would be more like it. I shuddered.

"No, I want her." Edward said almost angry.

"You have never showed any interest in a human before, why now?" The doctor asked.

"She is different; I don't know how to explain it." He muttered.

"She is a singer to you isn't she?" The doctor asked. Did they now know I was right here? I did have a name; I wanted to scream at them both.

"Yes, will you let me…"

"No Edward, we need more women, once she has given birth to as many children as she can then you may have her."

"That could be years!" Edward screamed, pounding his hand down on the desk. I flinched back.

"I am sorry Edward, but think at the addition she could give us one day, think of the the greater good for our people. Now take her through the set up." The doctor said, Edward snarled but stood, grabbing my hand and pulling me up, I quickly followed.

"I will do everything in my power to get you out of there as soon as possible, if you don't do what they say they will kill you. Promise you will follow every rule." He pleaded. My head wanted to give some smart remark but I was completely confused. Why was he acting this way and what had he mean I was different than any other human and what did the doctor mean his singer?

"I promise." I found myself saying, and I was telling the truth, I was promising this vampire I would make sure to keep myself alive. He nodded and took me in the door to the left. It was a very bright room; everything was white, the floor and walls.

"Here are some clothing you will get new one's every day, you can change in there." He pointed to a stall door. I took the clothing and went into the stall and changed. The outfit was simple, white jeans and a black t-shirt. I walked out and looked where he pointed, a hamper I put my old clothing inside and turned back toward him. He led me through another door. There was the longest hallway, door after door after door, the walls where a basic peach color and every door was white with black number across it.

"The women are on the first floor and the men are on the second and the third floor is the family room, kitchen and eating room. I will come back every day to visit you at lunch." He smiled at me and led me down the hallway. He knocked on the first door on the left; there was big letter on the door they read,

"Girl Dorm Advisor."

The door was thrown open and I a tiny pixie like vampire zoomed out.

"It's about time you got here!" She smiled turning towards me, "This must be Bella!"

I smiled at her and she smiled back, "Let me show you to your dorm." She said grabbing my hand and skipping away. I turned my head to look at Edward, giving him a last glance; my heart throbbed knowing I wasn't going to see him until…

"Every day at lunch." He called after me. I grinned and turned around following my advisor through hallways. She stopped in front of room 2016.

"This is your room, and I'm Alice by the way so if you need anything don't worry I will see and come straight to you." She smiled and raced away. I opened the door and stepped in; two pairs of eyes flew to mine.

"Ummmm… hi." I whispered.

A small girl, about the size I was hopped down from the bunk bed and stood in front of me.

"Hi, I am Jessica and this is Angelica." She smiled warmly at me.

"I'm Bella, nice to meet you." I smiled back

"So why they locate you here?" Jessica asked.

"They didn't I just caught and…"

"You are wild?" Jessica screeched with excitement. "I have never met anyone who hasn't been born and raised here."

"Well, it's not all that exiting; you just hid most of the time." I said softly, I was always a little shy around humans; I hadn't been around them a lot.

"Jessica, you can torment her later with questions right now let her get some rest, you must be so tired." She directed the last bit towards me. I nodded,

"You can sleep on the bed there, I sleep on the bottom bunk and Jessica on the top, and I hope a single bed is alright for you." She asked.

"It's fine, I don't think I have ever slept in a bed before." I said innocently, ignoring their shocked faces. I looked around the room for the first time; it was the same peach color as the hallway and the sheets where white, the bed frame and back board was white, including the bunk bed. The closet was opened and the same outfit I was wearing hung in there, several of them. I crawled into the bed and pulled the blankets up to my chin and tucking them under. I relaxed, this bed was the most amazing thing in the entire world, so soft and relaxing. It was almost like laying on a cloud. My mind quickly turned to Edward and I played my capture over and over in my mind. What was this feeling I was having toward him? I was so not use to being around other people, even if he was just a vamp. I fell asleep as confused as before, none of my questions answered.

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