Chapter twenty Three

Bella's POV

The honey moon had been wonderful even if it was short. I was so happy to be home with my family and my child. I was currently laying on my bed with Zane curled up against Edwards bare stomach, my slightly large stomach opposite them. I was just watching Edward, watching Zane. Both so peaceful and beautiful. Edward looked up at me and smiled, I smiled back as Zane yawned and stretched his little legs. I giggled at how little and cute it was.

"I love you." Edward smiled.

"I love you too, I love you more every day I look at you." I reached out and let little Zane's fingers wrap around my pinky, marveling at his strong grip.

"Are you worried?" Edward asked.

"About me, after the birth, becoming a vampire? Of course but I know you'll take care of me…" I smiled slightly. Hiding what was truly bothering me for the past couple of weeks.

"That's not what's bothering you. I know you never worry about yourself. What's really wrong? I have waited for three months to see if you come to me about this and you haven't. Do you know how that makes me feel? Like you don't trust me, or that I have to make guesses. I don't understand why you can't just tell me, I'm your husband for God's sake!"

"Please Edward, don't ruin this moment for me." I begged, I knew this was a long time coming. I noticed how he eyed me, waited for a few second for me to speak and tell him why I had been on edge.

"Too late, now please. I can't always be the one to come to you, you need to be able to come to me. To know no matter what happens I will protect you." He snarled.

"And my children? Even if they aren't yours you will protect them too? What happens when they have to be shipped off to a breeding house? I can't raise my kids knowing that is a foreseeable future for them!" I yelled, making Zane jump and start whimpering. I cursed under my breath and picked him up, soothingly singing to him as I left the room, and a seemingly frozen Edward, just staring after us. I placed Zane in his crib and turned to see Edward in the doorway.

"Do you think I don't look at that boy and not see him as my own? I don't care if it wasn't my seed that made him. I am raising him, he is my son and he will not be shipped off like some sort of animal! Nor will my wife, nor will my babies yet born." He placed his hand on my stomach. I flinched.

"How do you know that? That three healthy humans can survive this world?" I yelled and shut Zane's door.

"You have to know the answer for that. They won't have a choice like you will. It's the only way they won't be harmed."

"What are you talking about?"

"When they are sixteen to eighteen, it's their decision, they have to be turned. They will have to be in order to be safe. Us as a family will be able to protect them from nomads till then." Edward explained, my stomach plummeted.

"It's the best we can offer them in a world like this." He spoke. I nodded and moved away from him.

"Bella please, I don't know what else we can do." He pleaded.

"I understand. Hun, it's not your fault, how did the world take such a turn? That we have no choice in our lives anymore." I hung my head and slowly accepted my children's fate.

"I wish we could do something, make the world go back to what it used to be but we can't. Aro's plan was set to motion and there is no stopping it. Never can, and part of me, sadly, no matter how horrid the living for the humans is… I'm happy just as I am right now. With you and my children and being able to be myself and not worry what people saw or trying to keep our secret constantly. I love Zane, more than my own life, I love you and our unborn child. They are mine just as much as they are yours." He smiled, brushing he hair from my face. He kissed my forehead and pushed me lightly onto the bed, slowly unbuttoning my pants.

"Wont the others hear?"

"Their hunting." He winked. Suddenly we heard the door down stairs slam.

"Bells!" Emmett yelled and Edward leaned back in a huff. I giggled and kissed his lips then pulled away as Emmett barged through.

"Really Emmett, what if I was naked?" I teased.

"Wouldn't be the last time." He shrugged.

"What do you need?" Edward asked, just wanting him to leave as again we heard the door open and close downstairs. He groaned and I knew the whole family was home. "We really need our own place." He said looking at me, I blushed.

"Oh, we wanted to know if Bella wanted to watch a movie with us, and well you too I guess Edward." Emmett winked and I looked at him like he was crazy.

"A movie sounds great!" I smiled and looked at Edward who now looked at me like I was crazy.

Six months later

I was currently standing in the middle of the floor, staring at the ground.

"Edward!" I screamed, every Cullen was in the room in a second. Zane in Esme's arms. He was so big, and almost a year old. Jasmine looked at me strangely.

"I thought grownups don't pee in da pants." She looked up at Alice.

"Oh my god, her water broke!" Rosalie yelled. Emmett looked like he wanted to barf if he could and Carlisle took my hand, Edward the other as they slowly moved me up the stairs.

"This time is so much easier, Carlisle is here and I'm not having to drive or freak out." Edward smiled happily as I doubled over in pain. Edward scooped me up and rushed me up to the birthing room, Carlisle had set up.

He laid me on the bed, looking nervous.

"I take back the whole not freaking out thing." He mumbled. I smiled and placed my hand on my stomach.

It took twelve painful hours for them to finally decide they were ready to come out. Edward had already put three holes in the wall from anger. Smashed the desk before Carlisle sent him out so that he would frak me out any more. When it was time I screamed for him. He was there in a second, hand in engulfing mine and smiled at me happily. It took another two hours to push them out. Forst, a girl, cried a few moment and then was a happy little thing. Esme came to wash and wrap her in a blanket. The second, another girl, twin girls. She came out screaming at the top of her lungs and an hour later she still was angry about being taken from her dark warm home. Both wrapped and in each arms, Zane sitting in my lap. He was well beyond sitting up but Edward's hands were still behind him, near him incase he toppled over. Zane looked at the girls like they were aliens. They both were finally silent, I decided to name the first, quiet one Annalee, and the second, my little screamer, Kathrynne.

"We have a beautiful family." Edward told me when suddenly the door burst open and Esme, Alice and Rosalie entered. Taking the girls form me, and Zane. They smiled sadely at me and I nodded. I knew what I had to do. Carlisle entered, shots in his hand as he injected them into my iv bag.

"Morphine, im hoping it will help." He whispered, he stood there watching.

"What pain?" Edward asked.

"You have to bit me now Edward. We talked about this, the sooner the better." I held my hand out and he looked at me.

"Now?" He whimpered.

"Now, this second." I nodded. He shook his head. "You promised!" I pouted, then turned to Carlisle.

"Then you know what to do." Carlisle nodded and walked to me, taking my hand.

"Bite her Edward or I will." He told him. Edward looked at me, tears now rolling down my cheeks. I wanted Edward to do this.

"Fine." He whispered and bit my hand, then my shoulder, my other hand, my ankles and finally above my heart. I didn't once make a noise, even if it did hurt. He looked at me sadely.

"I love you." He told me and held my hand as the fire took over and I passed out.