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They're running out of food and clothes, there's hardly anything in the cupboards and there are piles upon piles of dirty laundry everywhere. The house is a mess but their dad is away on business and their mum is too out of it to even notice. So the house stays dirty, the cupboards stay empty and the laundry stays unclean.

Effy goes out almost every night dressed in short skirts and revealing tops and each night Tony watches from his bedroom window as a boy reveals himself from the bushes and takes her arm and they walk away laughing like lunatics.

Sometimes he'll follow her to a club if he doesn't like the look of the guy. Sometimes he'll sit at the bar wondering why his friends don't visit anymore or why Michelle still won't speak to him. Sometimes he'll watch Effy from a distance, rubbing herself against men and women alike and wish it was him.

Sometimes is tonight.

She prances down the stairs, hair a mess, make-up smudged and clothes looking years too small for her. Tony stands at the doorway being the over-protective big-brother he often is. She kisses his cheek and says goodbye without a care knowing that she'll see him later at the club.

When she's almost down the end of the road he grabs his jacket and exits the house, locking up and silently saying sorry to his mum who is oblivious to what is going on. He walks slowly, keeping in toe with Effy and her choice of boy tonight but always staying far enough away so as not be seen by her toy.

The bouncer at the club greets her with a smile and chats to her for a minute about random things. Effy shouldn't be allowed in the club, she's not even 18. Sure enough though the bouncer lets her past and Effy and her boy toy disappear from sight.

Tony gives the bouncer a nod, the bouncer knows Tony well. Tony was a regular before the accident and now he's only here to look out for Effy. He lets Tony past and Tony races in to the crowd bustling with drunken bodies.

A swarm of people surround him but he pushes past to a clearing at the bar and orders a drink. This will most likely be his look out point for the night. He'll watch for Effy here and when he finally catches her eyes he will take care not to lose her from sight and when she finally decides it's home time he will follow after her and wait till her boy toy disappears.

He didn't expect so many people here but there are, including his former friends. Tony sees Sid and Chris and Jal sitting in a corner, clearly off their faces and he sees Michelle near by dancing with a boy and Maxxie and Anwar dancing too. He misses that sometimes, his friends and who he was with them but then he thinks, if they were such good friends they'd visit once in awhile instead of pretending he doesn't exist.

A girl comes up to him, as drunk as can be she asks if he wants a drink but he tell her he already has one. She giggles and snorts like it's attractive that she's almost passed out but he brushes her off to the next awaiting male and keeps his eyes fixed on Effy.

Effy is still squished between two male bodies, dancing her cares away. Tony sees Michelle go over and hug Effy like they're old friends. What Michelle doesn't know is that Effy currently hates her for abandoning her brother. How dare Michelle claim to love him and then leave him when he needed her most! So, he made a mistake, he went down on a guy, he wanted a new experience, you can't blame him for that. Now he's recovering from a serious accident and she doesn't want anything to do with him. How she hates that Michelle still has a grip on her brother.

Michelle disappears back into the crowd and Tony notices the way Sid watches Effy protectively like Effy is as much Sid's sister as she is Tony's. It's not like that anymore. Sid shouldn't care. It's wrong that Sid can care about Effy but not about Tony.

Tony disappears to the bathroom to get away from the noise, he finds Maxxie in there taking some pills. It's a few seconds before Maxxie registers who Tony is and it's quite awkward to be stuck in such a small proximity with someone who hasn't spoken to you in a few weeks.

Maxxie says a soft hello and asks how Tony is. Fine, Tony says, no thanks to my friends he adds. Maxxie looks guilty like he should. He should be helping Tony recover instead of avoiding him. It's hard on us, Maxxie says, hoping Tony would understand, but Tony doesn't. Hard on them? They're not the ones who can't remember parts of the last few years of their lives are they?

Tony storms out of the bathroom, furious at all his so-called friends. He races past Chris and Sid who barely notice Tony at all. Effy is on her own tonight, Tony can't be here. He can't sit at the bar by himself watching Effy dance her cares away while all Tony's are there not even caring that Tony is alone.

He leaves, races out the door. Even the bouncer is astounded. He walks as quickly as he can down the ally way and it's only then he hears the dull yell of his name coming from a familiar girl voice. It's Effy. Of course it is. Who else could it have been? Michelle? Not likely.

Wait! Tony! She yells out and he stops. Effy takes time to catch up to him but when she does she asks him what's wrong. He tells her what's wrong and that he just couldn't be there so she offers him spliff in hope to calm him down. He at first rejects it, knowing he shouldn't but then he accepts it knowing it'll help.

They walk home together, quietly creeping inside even though their mum is too drunk to hear and their father isn't home. They each go to their separate rooms, Effy climbs into bed with just her underwear and a shirt on and Tony just his boxers.

Not 5 minutes later does Tony's phone give a blip and he stupidly mistakes that the text might be from Michelle. It's not though, like usual. It's from Effy, his sister next door.

Michelle's a bitch. Don't worry about her, Tone' I love you, that's all that matters.

It's like she can read his mind but in fact she can't. She's just a good sister and that's what makes her special. He replies clumsily, still making stupid mistakes with spelling as he texts, he hasn't quite got the hang of it and Effy laughs quietly as she reads her reply.

Why wnot she cmoe see me Eff?

Effy feels sorry for Tony. All his friends abandoned him after the accident. Sure Sid stayed for a few days, Maxxie stayed for a few weeks after Tony woke up but in the end didn't they all abandon him anyway? Even Michelle didn't want to see Tony. They all think it's too hard to see Tony like this but how hard must it actually be on Tony who has forgotten about to write and read and sometimes speak.

She's a tosser, Tone'. I love you, I always will.

Tony feels funny when Effy says I love you because it's not the way she's supposed to say I love you to him. She says it like there's something else and Tony knows there is. They've shared kisses and sometimes touches but nothing more. Effy likes to play, she loves to tease and touch but Tony feels odd when they do, like it's wrong – and it is.

Cmoe reed to me Effy.

She welcomes the text like an invitation and heads to Tony's room without bothering to dress. Still in her underwear and shirt she hops in beside Tony and picks up the book. Her words are soft and slow and warm by his ear and usually this makes him tired but tonight there's a different approach, he doesn't feel tired at all.

Effy closes the book and straddles Tony's waist, sometimes she thinks she can read Tony's mind and maybe she can. He lets slip a groan, the desire in his boxers obvious. Why was it only when Effy was around he could manage an erection? He found it impossible to get an erection thinking about Michelle or any other girl and for awhile he thought he might be gay, but thinking about Maxxie or any guy didn't do the trick either.

Tony closes his eyes, like maybe doing that will take Effy's face away but it doesn't, her face is burned into his head. She grinds her hips into his even though she knows it's wrong. She wants to fuck her brother, touch him, taste him, she wants him to pound her into the bed and make her scream as she cums.

She bites her lip and shoves a hand down his boxers, Tony gasps as she strokes him. He feels that feeling, that tightness in his stomach and he knows he's close even though he forgets what it feels like. Effy knows too, she feels him twitch but she refuses to let him without her getting off too.

Fuck me Tony. She pleads with her eyes and he doesn't want to say no, not to her. She pulls her knickers off, throws them to the floor and Tony's boxers follow suit, hanging on the door. They rub together, cock on cunt, the feeling of being together is almost too good.

Effy slams down onto him, she doesn't care for protection, she's on the pill and she's sure Tony doesn't have STD's. He groans and cries out at the feeling, it's been a long time since he's had sex. The tightness of his sister's cunt and just the overall feeling of fucking Effy is almost too much.

For a moment and no more he feels disgusted and dirty and maybe that's what makes it so good, the fact that he's not supposed to want to lick her cunt clean or pound into her at all. The secret they have to keep, the lies they have to tell, that's what makes the fucking so much better they think.

Tony takes her hips and pushes her down harder. She screams for more, harder Tony, harder. Fuck me Tony. She cries out. They're loud and their mum is in the house but neither think she'll remember or even care if she finds out. Anthea is too wasted, too medicated to remember. She'll never remember that she heard her children fucking upstairs.

Effy rakes her nails across his chest, leaving her mark and making him wince. She's like a vicious cat, claws scratching across his chest. She wants to dominate and she is because at the moment she knows better than he does. He forgets how to touch a girl, how to lick and taste and suck he forgets how to pump hard and make a girl cum.

They take pride knowing that outsiders would never know, maybe they're in love with each other and that's what gets them off. He bruises her skin, gripping tighter then before, she gives a whimper but he doesn't let go. She likes it rough, she likes it when you bite and scratch and bruise. He slams her harder she screams for more.

Make me cum Tony. Effy tells him grinding herself down onto him as far as she can go. Her marks have drawn blood, now trickling slowly down his skin, she licks it clean and revels in the taste. Effy is sick, she's twisted and fucked up, she likes the taste of blood and feel of pain and most of all screwing her older brother.

Tony opens his eyes to see a smirk on his little sister's lips, her mouth parts just a tiny bit and her eyes are half-lidded. Right then he thinks he's never seen someone more beautiful then her, his little sister lioness, his dangerous, devil secret.

She tightens just in time and cums better than she ever has. Her cunt clamps around Tony's cock as she screams his name over and over. She leans her body down, her lips meeting his ear. Cum inside your sister, Tone'. She whispers and that's what sends him over the edge.

It's sick to want your sister, to want to claim her yours but he does and that makes him cum. He shoots his seed inside her, filling her with delight, she gasps and moans and whimpers at the feeling, closing her beautiful eyes.

He reaches for her face, to touch those pretty lips. Kiss me, Effy, kiss me. He asks, she does as she is asked. She lies beside him, half naked in his bed, she doesn't feel disgusted, dirty or regretful. If anything she feels fulfilled and blissful, like she's just experienced something worth living for and maybe she has.

She falls asleep in his bed, her head against his chest. His little sister, once innocent and pure he fucked her to oblivion and now she's tainted and a whore. He feels disgusted but not because he had sex with Effy but because he made her who she is.

My first skins fic ever! I only recently got into this show and watched both seasons. I think Effy and Tony are interesting so I wanted to write something about them. Originially this was going to a one shot between them but it's not although future chapters will be based on all the other characters as well. Reviews are really inspirational.