He feels guilty for abandoning his once oldest friend. He feels terrible about not being there for Tony when he needed him most. He left him vulnerable and all alone and it tears him up inside at night.

Maxxie lies there every night, ear plugs in his ears listening to sad music. His fingers would tap on his hips and sometimes his feet would tap along as well. Then he'd sit up and go to his computer and scan through all the folders of photos for the ones he labelled 'Me and Tone'.

Sometimes he would sit there and just stare at them for hours. He would take note of the shape of Tony's hair or the whiteness of his teeth, he would take note of the shirt he was wearing – and sometimes not wearing. Other times he would find that hidden folder of pictures he had taken of Tony that Tony wasn't aware of. Pictures that maybe Tony wouldn't like Maxxie to have.

There are all together 7 photos in this folder labelled 'Tony'. Each photo is taken with care and always depict the fact that Tony is either too drunk to notice, asleep or without care. Most of the photos Tony is barely clothed. Maxxie's second favourite photo is the one of Tony and him in just their board shorts. His favourite is Tony naked and Tony has no idea Maxxie has a photo of him naked.

He'll agree that yes, it is kind of perverse and stalker like to have a photo like this but Maxxie couldn't help it. It was just a one time thing, Tony was staying at his house and he'd just gotten out of the shower and Maxxie was waiting for Tony to dress and he opened the door slightly to check if Tony was dressed and there Tony was, naked and admiring himself in Maxxie's mirror. Maxxie pulled out his phone quickly and snapped the picture before Tony re-dressed.

Sometimes, particularly late at night when his parents are asleep Maxxie will take his pants and underwear off and masturbate to that picture.

Sometimes is tonight.

He clicks on the hidden folder and brings up the picture of Tony naked. For a second Maxxie just admires it until he feels the twitch in his cock and the arousal begin. When his cock stands erect Maxxie places his hand around his erection and strokes it slowly. He's done this so many times he's lost count.

Maxxie is breathless and almost finished when his mobile rings and he's tempted not to answer it until he peeks at the caller ID and sees Tony's name. He can't ignore his former childhood friend forever.

"Hey." Maxxie answers.


They are silent and Maxxie is almost prepared to keep going in the hope Tony won't notice.

"I'm sorry about the club thing Tone'."

"Me too."

"Come over yeah? I need you Maxxie."

He hangs up and Maxxie is torn between blowing Tony off and continuing his night of endless masturbating over pictures of Tony – or going to Tony and hoping Tony might just be interested or take a hint that Maxxie is at least.

Maxxie leaves, unable to resist the urge and sets off for Tony's. He knows Anthea isn't doing well, she's not coping and he knows Tony's dad isn't home. He also knows Effy has taken this all pretty badly, he sees her all the time at clubs when she should be at home.

When he gets there he knocks just as Effy opens the door to leave. He gives her what he thinks is a friendly smile but she just walks past him in a ridiculously short skirt and revealing top and he takes that as a hint she doesn't want to talk.

He finds Tony in his bedroom flustered. Maxxie's mind drifts to dirty things immediately, like maybe Tony had been jerking off seconds before Maxxie got here but it soon vanishes when Tony looks at Maxxie with sad eyes.

"I need help. My hands aren't working again and Effy won't help."

Maxxie nods and tentatively reaches over to undo the button on Tony's pants. He gulps and tries thinking of everything but Tony's cock but it's hard (Not Tony's cock) not to and Tony notices the slight red tinge to Maxxie's normally pale cheeks.

"You alright, Max?"


He unzips the pants and helps Tony remove them from his legs. Tony sits awkwardly on his bed in just his boxers. Maxxie looks down in embarrassment and to his horror finds that his pants are bulging.

"Uh Tone…I think I might go."

Tony reaches out and grabs the hem of Maxxie's shirt.

"What's wrong, Max?"


"You aren't embarrassed of this are you?" Tony asks as his hand cups Maxxie's erection.

Maxxie gasps quite girlishly.

"No. Nothing to be embarrassed of." Maxxie smirks finally.

Tony stands up and places his free hand on Maxxie's shoulder while his other hand works Maxxie outside of his boxers. Maxxie for a second thinks this is all a dream. How could this possibly be true? Tony wasn't gay, the thing back in Russia was a stupid Tony mistake.

It takes them all of four minutes to be completely naked.

"I thought your hands weren't working?" Maxxie asks quite breathless.

"I lied."

Tony pauses for a second to look at a picture of him and Effy. Effy his sister whom he had sex with the other night. She was acting now as if it hadn't happened and Tony wasn't sure if that was good or not. Maxxie took Tony's cock and squeezed it gently.

Maxxie was sure he wanted Tony to fuck him. He wanted to feel his long time crush inside him and feel the exact moment when Tony goes over the edge and spills himself inside of Maxxie.

"Please Tone." Maxxie pleaded.

He almost slapped himself for pleading. Maxxie had never pleaded or begged any of his sexual partners for anything. Tony was different though wasn't he? Tony wasn't some random guy he met in a club he was Tony, his childhood best friend who he developed a crush on and somehow ended up in his arms fully naked.

Maxxie knew he should stop and push Tony away. What the hell was he doing? He had already ruined things once when he let Tony go down on him in Russia and he was only just making things up to Michelle now, if Michelle ever found out about this she would kill Tony and him. At least he would die happy right?

"Bend the fuck over." Tony demanded.

Maxxie wasn't sure whether he wanted to take that kind of treatment from Tony but he loved the way Tony said it. He bent over Tony's bed and looked back at Tony lustfully. Tony stroked himself and for a second Maxxie was unsure how much this would hurt, Tony was quite big and Maxxie had never had someone that big.

Tony rubbed the head of his cock against Maxxie, eliciting a gasp from Maxxie who was ready to explode. He didn't want to wait another 10 minutes or even 5 he wanted Tony inside him fucking him to oblivion now and no later.

Like Tony could read his mind he pushed inside Maxxie let a low growl escape his mouth. Maxxie grasped the sheets on Tony's bed and bit his lip. He was sure if he bit harder his lip would bleed but it was about all he could do to stop himself from crying out for Tony to stop…he didn't want Tony to stop. If he said stop maybe Tony would realise what he was doing and walk away. Maxxie didn't want that.

"I can see why guys like this so much." Tony whispered as he lent over and kissed Maxxie's shoulder.

Maxxie wanted to ask if that meant Tony was joining the gay club. He wanted to know if that meant he wanted to be Maxxie's boyfriend. He was afraid to ask. He was afraid to say anything but a yes or no. He was even afraid to let Tony know how good it felt.

Tony thrusted into Maxxie harder this time, hitting that spot inside Maxxie. Maxxie was expecting one thing from this and that was that Tony would make sure he got himself off and then would tell Maxxie to leave but he was wrong. As Tony started to set the pace he reached around Maxxie's waist and took his cock from Maxxie's hand and stroked it. Maxxie almost couldn't comprehend what was going on.

"Say something, Maxxie." Tony growled.

His mind raced with appropriate things to say. He could tell Tony that letting him fuck him was possibly the best feeling in the world but all that could escape was a measly groan followed by a gasp. Tony smirked.

Of course Tony smirked. He was loving that fact that he had reduced Max to little girly gasps and groans, he was loving that fact that he knew he was the only guy to ever do that to Maxxie. Tony was smug and he knew Maxxie wouldn't be able to string together a sentence.

Tony started to thrust faster inside Maxxie and his hand lost it's rhythm. Soon enough Tony let go of Maxxie's cock and grabbed hold roughly of Maxxie's hips. Maxxie fumbled to find his erection and stroke it himself. Tony didn't care. Tony was concerned about getting himself off, not Maxxie as well.

"Almost ready Max?" Tony groaned.


Tony lent over and bit into Maxxie's shoulder hard, Maxxie would have yelled out in pain if he hadn't have felt Tony cum inside him. His sudden pain was over taken with pleasure and straight after Maxxie was spilling himself of Tony's bed almost unable to contain his pleasure.

Maxxie collapsed just as he finished, Tony collapsing with him. Both boys were breathless. Tony pulled out of Maxxie and stumbled to his feet, sweat apparent on his forehead.

"Fuck me. I can really see why fags like this kind of shit."

Maxxie rolled over onto his back on Tony's bed and looked up at Tony. Tony smirked. Maxxie wasn't sure why until he looked down and saw the cum that was on his abdomen. Tony straddled Maxxie and licked his lips.

"Tone, no. Please, I'll cum again if you do."

"That's my plan." Tony grinned.


But Maxxie had no time to stop him because Tony lent down and licked across Maxxie's abdomen. He didn't particularly like the taste of cum but he was all for making Maxxie pretty speechless again and that's exactly what he did. The more Tony licked the more Maxxie would twitch and within a few seconds Maxxie had cum again, this time all over Tony's chest.

"You're turn." Tony grins.

They fuck four times after that, Maxxie comes six more times and Tony five. Maxxie eventually falls asleep in Tony's bed and Tony falls asleep beside him. It's not until Effy quietly creeps in does Tony stir and meet the eyes of his obviously high sister.

Effy notices Maxxie and yes, she is slightly jealous. Maxxie didn't want him, he gave him up what right does he have to come back and claim Tony his?

Tony smirks and mouths 'fuck you' to Effy who left him stranded when she left to go out. She was just playing games, she didn't mean for him to go and fuck Maxxie…although that would be hot. Effy smirks and Tony wonders why.

Effy leaves. Tony closes his eyes.

So, this is the second chapter. I know people who have reviewed were hoping for something Tony/Effy but this fic will involve all of the main skins gang in different pairings which means it's only going to be six or seven chapters long but will end with Tony/Effy. Please tell me what you think. Next is Maxxie/Anwar