A/N: I'm actually considering writing a whole disco themed show. If anyone would like to see that, say so I'll stop making excuses to procrastinate on it.

"Here is another Muppet News Flash!" informed the announcer as the curtains raised and the yellow news anchor ran to his desk with a piece of paper.

"In local news," broadcast the anchorman, "an outbreak of Disco Fever has been sweeping the nation. Be on the look-out for this dangerous infection, as it can strike anywhere and at any time. Symptoms may include the sudden, unexplained doing of, or wish to do, dances such as: the funky chicken, the potato, the hustle, the electric slideā€¦"

He paused, realizing what he was announcing, and quickly re-scanned his paper. Turning to someone offscreen, he said flatly, "You're serious." Pause. "Disco Fever." Another pause, followed by the anchorman putting his face in his palm and sighing.

He turned back to the cameras, and, much less enthusiastically, read off of his paper, "Let's see here, high risk individuals are those who are straight-laced, skeptical, and hold boring jobs such as accountant, salesman or news anchor."

Raising his head, he pursed his lips at the camera.

Just then, a low beat started to pour from the walls. It started quietly, but quickly got louder and was joined by other instruments. The lights dimmed and changed colors as a disco ball lowered from the news room ceiling. Quite surprised, the anchorman jumped and looked around wildly.

"Wha-what's going on here? Where's that coming from? What's-aaah!" he demanded, then yelled as his arms started moving of their own accord in the classic disco style.

"Help!" he called as he danced and spun, "Can't..stop..grooving!" He began dancing for the door. "Hey! Where are you taking me? I demand you stop this instant! Somebody do something! Whoah..!" His voice faded as he left the studio. As he left, the room returned to normal.

"This has been another Muppet News Flash!" informed the announcer, and red curtains fell over the scene.