Hello everyone...again, ShadowMajin here with something very unique under my belt.

As of...awhile ago, I have been involved with a G/V group that wants to get the fandom rolling again. One of our ideas is to have a contest once a month that has G/V fanfiction and fanart entries. In case you haven't caught on, this is my entry for this month's contest; the theme being vacation. And since I took the time to sit down in front of my computer and write this thing, I decided to post it on ffn, so all of you can enjoy this.

But as you may have noticed, this is not complete. Why? Because I plan on doing more entries and instead of making a oneshot out of each and everyone, I'm just gonna throw them all together and not worry about making a new fic every month. I've got plenty of that going on anyways. So be expecting an update of this thing about once a month. Some things aren't gonna seem to fit together and for that I will apologize to all of you readers that like a straight, coherent timeline.


Well, this was typical.

For once, Videl had the entire summer off to go enjoy herself. The police force had decided to give her the time off for everything she had done for the city. What was surprising though, was that the Satan girl had agreed to take the time.

But then Erasa had heard about it and just had to make her actually do something.

So here she was, sitting on the in their hotel room as she waited for her blond friend to come out of the bathroom. She'd been in there ever since they had returned from their previous beach adventures that day and the dark haired girl had a pretty good idea why.

At that moment, someone knocked on their door. Getting up, Videl walked over and opened the door to see a tall boy by the name of Son Gohan.

Though a complete mystery to the girl, she had allowed the boy to come with them because Erasa had insisted that he come. And by insisted, Videl meant blackmailed.

And no, she wasn't gonna tell anyone what that blackmail was exactly.

But there had been a plus side to it. Now she didn't have to worry about the other guy who had tagged along with them. With Gohan's goody-goody act, there was no way the pervert would get out of the boys' room and into the girls.

That pervert was another school buddy of Videl's; a guy by the name of Sharpner. What she wouldn't give to put that guy in a coma and forget about him.

"So how's Erasa?" Gohan asked, his voice full of concern.

"Well, she's locked herself in the bathroom and refused to come out," Videl answered. "You heard me, right? I warned her about using that cooking oil stuff instead of sunscreen."

"Yeah, I just don't get her sometimes," the Son boy replied.

Videl chuckled. "You and me both."

"Hey guys."

Both Videl and Gohan turned to look down the hallway and lo and behold, the other male half of the group stood there, completely beaten, bloodied, and with a couple shiners around his eyes.

All and all, he could've looked better, but then, this was an improvement.

"So, finally escaped all of those beach guys, huh Sharpner?" Videl said with a smirk.

From the moment the four friends had arrived at the beach, Sharpner had made the big mistake to announce that "the Sharpenator was there for all women kind" and "ready to satisfy their every desire." While most ignored him, some guys who actually felt threatened by him had joined forces and ganged up on the blond jock.

For that, the Satan girl had been thankful. That meant she hadn't seen the guy all day once he had turn tail and ran for his life.

"Yeah," Sharpner said as he took a deep breath. "I have no clue what those guys' problem was, but they didn't have to chase me all around town."

Gohan's eyes widened. "They chased you all around town?"

Videl rolled her eyes. "No Gohan, Sharpner was just using an expression."

"Uhh, actually they really did chase me around town."

This time it was Videl's turn to have her eyes widen. "Wow, they really wanted to beat you up good."

"And I didn't do nothing, either," the blond complained. "It wasn't like I was gonna hit on all their girlfriends or anything."

"Umm, you do that at school all the time," Gohan said.

"That's cause everyone knows I'm not being serious."

"What about the blue haired girl? You told me that things were getting serious between the two of you."

Videl cocked her eyebrow. "Oh? And why haven't I heard about this?"

Sharpner waved his hands in front on himself. "Hey, you know you're the only one for me babe."

"That a fact? Then why did you try to hit on the first girl you saw when we all went out to dinner last night?"

"…I liked her shirt?"

"She was wearing a bikini top."

"And how can you not like that?"

At that, Videl scowled. This guy was just proving how shallow he was with each passing second; and the daughter of Hercule Satan always made examples out of those kinds of guys.

Fortunately for Sharpner, and unfortunately for her, the blond boy caught that danger sign and said "I think I'm going to go lay down. Later." And with that, he took off down the hall, never looking back.

Before Videl could go after him though, a weak voice called out for her. "…Videl?"

Letting out a big sigh, the Satan girl said "That's Erasa. I think she needs some girl time Gohan so why don't you go to the gift shop or something."

Nodding, the Son boy left, allowing Videl to close the door and turn around…

…to come face to face with an extremely red Erasa.

"Holy!" Videl shouted as she jumped back. She knew the blond girl would be sunburned but she had never expected like this.

"I should've listened to you," Erasa said as she winced from the burn. "Who knew cooking oil doesn't help you tan?"

"Umm, do you want me to answer that?"

One look from the girl told Videl that the girl would've killed her at that moment had she not been hurting so bad. "Well, how bad is the damage?"

"It's everywhere."

"What about the parts that your bikini suit covered?"

"Videl, you know I tan nude."

Videl winced. Well, Erasa wouldn't be doing anything else during the trip until she healed. Looks like she would be stuck with all of Sharpner's advances for the rest of the trip.

Oh hell no.

"Well Erasa, why don't I go get you something to eat?" Videl suggested as she walked to the door and opened it.

"Yeah, thanks Vi. You're so good to me."

Videl smirked. "Of course I am. Who else would I be nice to? Sharpner?"

Not waiting for a reply, the Satan girl stepped through the doorway and closed the door behind her. Heading off to the elevators, she stumbled upon Gohan as he waited for one of the steal cages to arrive and take him downstairs.

"Hey Gohan," Videl greeted as she stopped next to the boy.

"Oh hey Videl," Gohan said back. "So how's Erasa?"

Shaking her head, Videl answered "Not good. I'm heading out to get her something to eat."

"Oh," was all the boy said before he seemed to think of something. After a bit, the elevator opened for the two. Just as the teens boarded, Gohan said "Hey, would you like to get something to eat?"

Looking at the boy, Videl replied "Sure, better than hanging around this place with the other idiots."

Smiling, Gohan looked towards the metal doors as they went towards the ground floor; Videl repeating his actions. Maybe the whole day wouldn't be a complete tragedy.