This is the entry for SweetestIrony's November Contest. Based loosely on the theme, admittedly, but it does set this story up.

Theme= History

"Once upon a time—too used. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away—no, too nerdy. This is a tale long forgotten by time—that doesn't sound right."

Gohan paused as he heard the words coming from down the aisle. Turning his head, he saw Sharpner hunched over his part of the desk, erasing furiously on his paper. For once, the Son boy had to say this was the first time he had ever seen the blond do any sort of work. He hadn't expected him to be talking out loud his thought process but what ever helped, he supposed.

Gohan looked down at his own piece of paper. Today, his class had been given an assignment to write an essay on something they found interesting; specifically its origin, the history surrounding, and how it was influencing everyone today. The class had then spent the next twenty minutes just trying to figure out what origin meant and how they were suppose to write the paper about it. The demi-saiyan had lost count the number of times a question had been asked, even though there were subtle variations of it.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of paper crumpling. Turning his head again, the teen saw Sharpner tossing a wad of paper away, looking very irritated. "None of those openings are perfect!" he shouted, getting the attention of the class.

The teacher at the front of the class sighed as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders. "Why are you shouting in my class, Sharpner?" he asked, not looking forward to the answer.

"I need the perfect opening for my essay and everyone I think of is pure sh—" he paused for a moment, stopping that last word from coming out. "Crap."

The teacher rolled his eyes. "I guess I can help. What are you writing about?"

This time Sharpner looked as if he were about to burst with pride. "I'm doing the awe-inspiring beginnings of the Great Hercule Satan."

Gohan blinked. Why was it every time the class had some major report or project to do, Sharpner always elected to do it on Hercule Satan? It occurred without fail every single time.

A slight movement caught the Son boy's attention a moment later. Focusing on it, he saw Videl laying her head on her desk, a large vein pulsing on her forehead. If his experiences with the Satan girl were any indication, one wrong move or word from Sharpner would cause her to lash out at him, via bodily harm.

Once again, Gohan looked back at his own paper, seeing half of it covered in his handwriting. It hadn't taken him very long to figure out what he wanted to do and he was pretty sure everyone in the class would be just as interested in his topic; after all, they used it in everyday life. He was just going to make a stop on his way home for more information.

Suddenly, the Son boy felt something nudge him in his side. Turning to look, he saw Erasa looking at him with a small smile. "Looks like you know what you're writing about," the blonde whispered to him.

Gohan nodded his head, returning the smile. "Yep. How about you?"

"I'm doing the History of Textiles. How they became such a big industry and all."

That made Gohan pause. He had been under the impression that Erasa wasn't scholastically-motivated. From the way she spoke though, it sounded as if there were some sort of intelligence in her head, not that that was a bad thing of course. "What made you want to do that?" he asked.

Erasa's eyes brightened. "Well, I'm always on the look out for clothes, their materials, and such. I'm an expert whenever it comes to this sort of thing."

Ah, he supposed that was as good of an answer as any. "So what are you doing?" she asked.

Gohan replied, "I'm doing the Inter-Dimensional Properties of Subatomic Compartmentalization. I'm pretty sure everyone would be interested in it."

"That's…nice," Erasa said, a sweatdrop rolling down the side of her head. "I'm sure you'll knock everyone out."


For a moment, the blonde thought about the demi-saiyan's…topic. "You know, that does sound like complicated stuff," she said. "Are you going to do some research on it?"

Gohan nodded his head. "Yeah, I'm gonna drop by a friend's place and interview them."

"You have a friend in the city?" Videl pipped up, causing the Son boy to jump. When had she started paying attention to the conversation? "Excuse me if I think that's a bit of a stretch."

Erasa frowned. "That's not very nice, Videl. I'm sure Gohan's made some friends here."

Videl cocked an eyebrow. "A friend that understands quantum physics? I highly doubt there's a person in this school that would know about it."

Erasa turned to Gohan. "I have to agree with Vi on this one. Does your friend come to this school?"

Gohan began scratching the back of his head. "Umm, no. She lives in a different city."

For a moment, Gohan felt as if he had said the wrong thing. Both Erasa and Videl widened their eyes. It was like he started getting undressed and they just couldn't peel their eyes off of him. "A girl? You're friend's a girl?" Erasa squeaked.

"Uhh, she's married," Gohan replied, feeling uneasy. "But she knows a lot about what I'm doing the essay on."

By this time, Videl's eyes had narrowed. "So you know some scientist in another city. Tell me, how would you know of such a person when you live hours away from any known civilization?"

Erasa, fortunately, came to his rescue again. "Gohan could've been to the city before Vi. He could've met her then."

"If that's the case, can I meet her?" Videl asked, her attention moving from the blonde and back to Gohan. "If she's from the city, I don't think she'll be too shy."

"That's a great idea!" Erasa exclaimed. "Can I meet her too?"

Gohan could feel himself giving in. But for what it was worth, he wanted to at least try to discourage these girls from following him around. "Umm…I don't think that would be a good idea. She doesn't live here and it'd be quite a long trip to get there."

"I've got a jet copter," Videl butted in. "It couldn't take too long."

Gohan started raking his brain for any other excuse he could come up with to get out of this. "B-but isn't that a two-seater?"

Videl rolled her eyes. "Not a problem. Erasa will just have to sit on your lap."

Gohan could feel his jaw dropping, not sure how far it fell. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Erasa light up, nodding her head enthusiastically. So astonished was he that he never responded to the Satan girl's idea, never heard the bell ring to end the class, never noticted the two girls pack his things up, and never felt them wrap their arms around his arms, lift him up, and somehow drag him to the roof of the school. There was no way any of good could come of this.

Gohan hid behind Videl's jet copter, his face a bright red as he tried to compose himself. Currently, the three were right outside the Capsule Corp. building—in West City—and a loooong way from where he really wanted to be.

The other side of the planet would've been such a place.

The entire trip over here was beyond embarrassing for him. Erasa, for some reason, couldn't stop moving. If was as if she couldn't get comfortable on his lap, constantly shifting and rubbing her…bottom on him. Due to that, a certain part of his anatomy was very lively and the demi-saiyan couldn't have been more relieved when Videl had landed her jet copter. Erasa had batted her eyes at him and gave him a wink once they had left the copter, adding more to his obvious embarrassment. Peaking around the large machine, he could see that Videl didn't seem too happy with the blonde's antics, something that Gohan had no clue she had noticed. Currently, the dark-haired girl was reprimanding her friend about it, who in turn was grinning crazily.

Gohan feared what would happen on the return flight.

"Hey Gohan! Are you finished yet?" he heard Videl shout out irritably. Just great, any more time spent on his "problem" and the girl was libel to rip him a new one about taking too long. He needed to speed things up. Umm…let's see. Chairs, stools, Sharpner, baseballs, cold showers, Sharpner, pencils, erasers, Sharpner, migraines…

Well, that seemed to help a bit. What else could he think of? Ordinary objects weren't working, so he needed something more exotic. Umm…uhh…oh, that's it! Roshi in his mankini! Hmm…yep, that worked.

Walking around the copter, he approached the girls with one of his hands scratching the back of his head. "Sorry about that."

"I'm not," Erasa replied with a flirty tone.

Once again, Gohan's blush returned. This day was getting worse and worse every minute. "Umm, are you two sure you want to do this? It—"

"We wouldn't be here if we didn't want to be," Videl snapped, her patience nearing its end. "Quit stalling and let's get this over with."

The next few moments felt like a death march to the Son boy. Leading the two girls, he entered the gates and headed for the front door, walking through it when the doors slid open. Both Videl and Erasa were surprised by the action until they entered a large lobby. Clean and pristine, several comfortable-looking couches and chairs were set about the room, a large counter sitting at the back of the room. Behind the desk was a woman he appeared to be a receptionist. She paid them no mind as she went about her work, only looking at them when Gohan stopped in front of the desk. "May I see Ms. Bulma?" the young man asked.

The receptionist looked at the Son boy for a moment before nodding her head in affirmation. "Go ahead." Giving her a smile, Gohan then turned and headed for a set of doors next to the desk.

"Hold it right there." The three teens stopped in place, turning to look at the receptionist. "Do you girls have an appointment with Mrs. Briefs?" she inquired, her focus clearly on Videl and Erasa.

"We're with him," Videl replied, raising her arms up, hand closed, and thumb extended to point at Gohan.

"Sorry, Mrs. Briefs only sees people by appointment. You're going to have to wait here."

Videl stared at the woman. "What? Since when has Gohan had an appointment?"

"Since he called and scheduled one. Now please sit down or I will have to ask you to leave."

This time the Satan girl was fuming. Gohan didn't stay to see how she would react though as he escaped through the doors and into the hallway behind. It was fortunate that he'd been around Capsule Corp. lately so the receptionist would just assume he had an appointment. He hadn't even thought about that until the woman had said it. Hopefully Videl would leave before he was done here. She would most likely be steaming about this latest development.

Videl was still there.

So was Erasa, but she wasn't as mad as her friend. In fact, she looked as if she were about to fall asleep. Videl, on the other hand, looked as if she were ready to kill someone, and Gohan had the distinct feeling that he was suppose to be victim #1.

"I hope Dad and I answered all your questions," Bulma was saying as she walked beside the demi-saiyan. She appeared oblivious to the murderous vibe in the room, probably because she wasn't the intended target, the Son boy surmised.

"Yeah, I think that's all I needed to know," Gohan replied, edgy due to the glare he felt aimed at him.

"Well, if you have any more questions, you know where to come," Bulma continued, turning to look around the lobby and finding the two girls. "Oh, sorry for making you wait. Can I help you?"

Videl's focus never left Gohan. "We're wearing for him," she said heatedly.

Bulma looked stunned. "They're with you?"

Gohan began scratching the back of his head. "Umm, yeah."

"Why are they waiting out here then? Why didn't they come in with you?"

"Well, uh, the secretary said everyone had to have an appointment to see you and they didn't."

Bulma rolled her eyes. "Whatever." Putting her focus on the girls, she said "I'm Bulma, it's nice to meet you. I'm sorry if you were inconvenienced in any way."

"Whatever," Videl mimicked, elbowing Erasa in her side to wake her up. The blonde jolted up a moment later. "We're leaving Erasa."

"What? But we didn't get to meet Gohan's friend!" the blonde girl protested.

"I really don't care," the Satan girl retorted. "Should've just left his butt behind, but noooo, you wanted to wait for him."

"You can't just leave people when you're mad at them, Vi," Erasa pointed out. Videl just fumed after the response.

Turning to greet Bulma, the blonde said "Sorry for my friend. She's a bit cranky right now and not the best of company when she's like that."

Bulma waved her hand. "Don't worry, I understand."

"Great. So did Gohan talk to you about his, umm…the…uhh…"

"Inter-Dimensional Properties of Subatomic Compartmentalization," Bulma supplied, an amuse look on her face.

"Yeah!" Erasa exclaimed. "What is that by the way?"

"It's the physics involved with dino-capsules," Bulma answered.

Both girls turned their heads to stare at Gohan. "You wanted to know how dino-capsules work?" Videl stated more than asked. "All of this time and you were talking about dino-capsules?"

"I-I think I'll just stay here," Gohan said, back towards the doors he and Bulma had used earlier. "Y-you guys can head out when you're ready."

A loud war cry filled the room as Videl lunged at the demi-saiyan. In the act of preservation, Gohan fled into the Capsule Corp corridor, followed by the enraged Satan girl. Bulma and Erasa just blinked as the double doors closed behind them.

After awhile, Erasa said "I hope they don't get lost." Bulma just nodded in agreement.