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Warning : Yaoi. Boys on boys.

Chapter 1

My New Family

Sora's P.O.V

I had always led a happy life back then. Yeah, I know. You'd think this is going to turn out to be one sad little story of mine but I can guarantee you it is not. Let's see. Yeah. I had always been so happy. Everywhere I go, I spread my smile and my happiness. I mean, who in the town doesn't know me? Me. The innocent little and happy Sora. I can make any kid who is crying laugh instantly; I can make the bird sing with me; I can make everyone like me. Yeah, I know, remind you of Cinderella huh?

Mother had always told me the story of Cinderella as my bed time story. I guess my parents had always hoped that I'm a girl but to their disappointment, I turned out to be a boy instead. Nevertheless, they still treat me like I'm their daughter. Hence the Cinderella bed time story. Now, I think everyone know the story of Cinderella, right? So, I don't have to go to full details about that.

I always thought that I was the reincarnation of the famous Cinderella myself. If not, why would part of my life seem to be the similar as hers? Though the thing is, I'm a boy not a girl and good thing, my Dad gave me the name Sora, not Cinderello. If not, I'll be the laughing stock of the world.

You see, just around eight months ago, my mom died of illness. She was so ill that all she could do for the last years of her life was lying in her bed, thin, only skin wrapping bones, unable to move. Dad had always remained loyal and stayed near my mom until her death.

Ever since mom was stricken by illness, it was me that took care of the chores around the house. I never complained. No. I did all of it happily. It was the least I could do after my parents had did so hard to raise me.

After mom's death, Dad had always been so sad but never showed it in front of me. I always saw him crying himself out whenever there's nobody around. So, I tried my best to return the happiness to Dad. I did successfully. Dad is always happy when he's near me. Until today, Dad suddenly decided to just take a new woman into my life—our life. He said that I would need a woman's touch around the house so that I need not do any chores anymore. Furthermore, Dad would need someone to take care of me when he's working in the car repair shop our family owned.

I don't need taking care of. Never. Of course not. Maybe Dad never believed me because of my 'cute, innocent little face' which spells deceivable to everyone. Stupid face—I say. So, Dad went on with his plan on new marriage. I agreed with it. If Dad's happy, so am I. Besides, they say a man can't hold long without a woman in his life. I wonder why…

I never liked girls. Hold it there. It's not like I'm declaring that I'm homosexual, you know. I still think I'm straight. For me, girls are bothersome. They talk too much sometimes. I just never like them that way—love—never happen to me with a girl. Maybe I just haven't found the one yet—you know, the one that… well, you know almost instantly that you will spend the rest of your life with them.

Take Selphie as an example. She's one of my best friends, one of the many blonde girls in the class. For the love of my life, I could never imagine myself with her. Sure, she may be happy, cheerful, optimistic, and always smiling… in fact, she's almost the same as me in some sort of way. Imagine, the two of us dating in the open. I think mom would keel over in her grave. Selphie is just not the girl for me and that's why we never think of each other that way. Anyway, why am I taking Selphie as an example?

Oh, and have I told you that just last week, this junior of mine suddenly confessed to me? Suddenly coming up to me one day, nervous, and asked me to walk with him. I don't even know him or his name. Sure, he's cute. And the keyword here is he. Yes, he said that he loved me and asked me to be his boyfriend. Can you imagine that? I don't think I've ever made the impression to anyone that I'm gay. So, I made a fool of myself and stuttered, answering and explaining awkwardly to him that I am sorry if I made him misunderstand but I am not gay aaand he ran away, crying. I felt so bad about myself. Luckily, the summer vacation which started yesterday saved me the shame of ever meeting him in school.

The thing about me and Cinderella… well, it's not like I have an evil step mother or something. I don't know fully well. It's just that my Dad's married again and part of it is similar, you know. However, I'm quite sure that this woman, wearing high heels with big boobs and wavy long blonde hair is going to turn into one hell of an evil step mother someday. She just had that looks in her.

So, here I am, in my Dad's wedding party and yippee, she brought with her two evil stepsisters. And once again, I don't know if they're evil or not since I just met them two hours ago. There's just this feeling inside of me—the one girls used to call 'woman's instinct'—that my life will turn out similar to those of Cinderella's for better or worst and I'm pretty sure, there will be no prince in white or something who will come look for me with his horse carriage and take me to the castle. Nope. I'm the prince here anyway. I'm a boy (and I kinda hated myself for it). It would be awkward if the princess come and take me to her castle instead, right? Very awkward.

From all those things that you had read about me, I guess you can catch that I'm not such an innocent little Sora, right? If not then never mind. It's not like I hate being branded that. Innocent little Sora. The way people think that I am so innocent always benefited me. Like that time when I go to the candy shop and get candy for free from Mr. Stewart or that free juice from Mrs. Greens. It's good.

The party is crowded and full of happy people. There are a couple of relatives that did not come because the wedding is a short notice and those relatives out of town are apparently too busy or cannot make it. I'm happy. Yeah, as I've said, if Dad's happy then I am. To spend the entire time in the party, I had eaten two times, four cakes, six deserts, and drank five glasses of fruit punches which earned me four to five times of going back and forth in the bathroom. It's embarrassing and I hate myself for it, being one of the receptionist and all. Oh, don't ask me how I could eat with being the receptionist and all. I have my way around. And eventually, a cousin of mine took over as the receptionist to cover my ass.

Back to my evil-to-be stepsisters. The older one, who is wearing red high heels with black gown here in the party, is called Kairi. She has an auburn pretty hair. She's thin and a little skinny but nevertheless is one hell of a beauty since everyone in the wedding party can't stop staring at her since she joined the party. Of course, I didn't stare at her. She's one of my evil-to-be stepsisters after all. The younger one is called Namine. She is also beautiful and a blonde. She is so pale and she further showed her paleness by wearing white dress. Like Kairi, she's also skinny yet their mother is pretty plump.

In the wedding party, I was also introduced to Kadaj, a tall and slender silver haired man who's wearing black overall coat. He's one of Dad's best friends or so I've been told. He's friendly and for the entire one hour of the party, he complained to me about his son who is supposedly also silver haired. He told me that that son of his is a handful that never listened to anyone's words and that he wished that I was his son instead. It's always good to hear that someone wished you to be his/her son/daughter. Yeah, that's enough to make me happy.

After what seemed to be like a lifetime, the party is finally over. The guests are leaving one by one, leaving only me, Dad, my stepmother, and stepsisters. The new girls in my life hung on to Dad, treating him as if he is theirs and leaving me completely out. They never even made the effort of speaking to me and I never did so either. Dad is obviously happy. Anyone can see it in his face. He is grinning and smiling in the entire party and I wondered, where'd that loyalty gone? Had it died away together with mom?

I am silent for the entire drive home which is really strange since I am always the talkative one where ever I belong. Dad drives this BMW car we have. I was cramped in the back seat with Namine and Kairi. My 'family' seemed to be engrossed in a conversation and I just stared up front out the car's big screen window like some kind of retarded boy. Apparently Dad didn't notice my silence-ness—and I thought he loved me…

I went straight to my bedroom as soon as I got home. Kairi and Namine will be staying tonight, it seems. And there, I am kicked out from my room by Dad and had to take the guest room instead.

Our house is a big house though it lacked rooms. There's only three bed rooms in the house and it's located in the second floor of the house. One being Dad's, one mine, and the other is the guest room. The first floor consists of the living room, the kitchen, and the dining room.

Of course I'm unhappy. The guest room is full of mosquitoes and is in an awful state since I'm too busy with house chores to take care of it. That night indeed, is one of the most awful nights in my life—if not, the most awful night. I stayed up all night scratching at the mosquitos' bites and ended up going to the living room to sleep on the sofa instead.

And the next morning, Dad suddenly approached me when I am still half asleep, "Sora." He called silently.

I opened my eyes a bit. It's too early for any talk. The living room is still dark and there's not a single light from outside which meant the sun is not up yet. I thrashed a bit before sitting up to regard my Dad, "Yeah, Dad?" I rubbed my eye.

"Listen, me and your mother, Stella, will be going to our honeymoon tomorrow." Dad said, sitting himself down beside me and putting an arm around me.

"Oh yeah, I'm happy, Dad." I answered, half yawning.

"Before that, why are you sleeping on the sofa?"

"Mosquitoes nest in the guest room. I can't stand it. And it turns out that sleeping in the living room is better." I smiled lightly giving Dad the look that said 'everything's okay'.

"I'm sorry you have to go through this. I promise Sora, I will call the people to renovate that room and turn it into your room."

"Wait, what?!" I squealed, jumping a bit from the sofa, "But, Dad. My room's up there where Kairi and Namine are now sleeping."

"You have to give it up to them, Sora. Your room is bigger and can hold them both. It will just be a while."

I grunted and sighed, gave a half hearted smile to Dad, "Alright." Even though my heart is squirming at me to argue with Dad. I can't… See, this is what I mean. This new family of mine is already stealing stuff from me the first day they entered my life. From my Dad to my room. Frustrating.

"I'm so sorry, Sora."

And that's the exact face and expression that always puts me out of my sulky and pout-y attitude, "No, Dad. It's okay. Really."

"Thank you, Sora. You're a good boy." Dad messed with my hair a little. I hate you, Dad—no, more like, I hate you, Sora. Put up a fight! But—I can't… "Listen, so while we're renovating the room and while I'm at the honeymoon with your new mother, I have a plan for you."

I quirked an eyebrow, imagining the worst possible plan that would befall me, "What plan?"

"Your sisters, Kairi and Namine will go back to your mother's house to prepare for their move here and I want you to go out of town and live with Kadaj. You know him, right?"

"Kadaj? That man from the party?" I asked, making sure.

"Yeah." Dad nodded and continued, "You'll be living with him for a month. When the month pass by, the renovation and the move will be over and we will be living together as one big happy family."

"Dad, I can take care of myself and this house. I don't need to live with Kadaj."

"That's mister Kadaj for you, young man. And no, you can't live by yourself. You're still so young, Sora. I'd rather leave this house alone."

"But, what about the renovation guys?"

"I'll give them the keys. Don't worry about that." Dad answered easily with a smile.

"You trust the renovation guys more than me? Dad…" I put on a sulky face.

"I can trust them Sora. The boss is one of my best friends. And I know some of the renovation guys. They're trustable."

"…More than your son…" I crossed my arms, sinking myself deep into the comfy sofa.

"Sora, you used to be so cheerful. Why are you like this now?"

"Dad…" I glared. Here it comes again. Why does everyone expect me to be cheerful and happy everyday anyway? It's not like I'm some lunatic that would grin all day, ignoring the rest of the world. Hey, I have emotion too.

"You remind me a lot of Roxas whenever you act like this."

Yeah, Roxas, Roxas. Whenever I'm sulky and unhappy, people would start calling me Roxas. Roxas is my cousin. We used to be so close together until he moved out of town. We played together a lot. And by a lot, I mean a lot. I like him, really. He's a good guy even though he's not a happy good guy. He's a kind of moody person—you know, the one with moods that will change as frequent as the wind blows. I admit, we looked alike. Heck, I think if you see us together, you'd think we're twins.

And there's always this problem with Dad. You see, he always compares me with Roxas. No, I don't hate Roxas for it. I don't hate Dad either. I hate myself… I could never hate Roxas. I think people frequently compared him and me, like how good a kid I am while he's always sulky and a bit of a rebel. I feel guilty even though Roxas never hated me either. I wish I have him as my brother… Maybe my closeness with Roxas is what turns me to be like him. I become more and more of a rebel as I get older.

"Dad, I'm 16. I can act whatever I want." I bit back, clearly not in a good mood in the morning. The idea of waking up and told that someone would steal my room and Dad and that my Dad trust the renovation guys over me doesn't strike me as happy. I mean, seriously.

"16, Sora. You're still a child."

"Alright, I don't have a choice, do I?" I asked, waving my hand, ending the conversation.

Dad smiled, "Good. I know you'd understand, Sora. So, Kadaj will pick you up tomorrow morning."

"Wait, Dad. Does tomorrow mean—this morning or tomorrow morning?" I asked, confused. It's still dark after all.

"Tomorrow morning. You still have a day in this house. Tell you what, Sora. You can take the floor bed and come up to my room and sleep in there."

"No. I'd ruin the night of you and my new mom."

"It's okay."

I shook my head, determined. If my life is made to be miserable, so be it.

"Alright…" Dad paused a bit, touching his chin which is clean of beard, "So, what'd you think of your new family?" he asked with that hopeful look in his eyes.

I hate them Dad. Serious. Get rid of them. Get them out of my life. –was what I'm gonna answer. But being the good boy I am, I just forced a natural smile (I'm good at it) and nodded, "They're okay. I just need a little bit more time to get used to them."

Dad beamed, "Well, you'll have all your time in the morning, Sora. I'll be out working in the shop while you can make it worthwhile to bond with them a bit."

"I'll try." I smiled. My breath seemed to have stuck in my throat. I can't imagine what hell I will go through in the morning. Well, anyway, if dad's happy… then I guess I should try to get this paranoid thinking off my head. I am not Cinderella and my step mother and step sisters are not evil. That should work.

"Thank you, Sora. Well, get back to sleep." He stood up, leaning down to kiss my forehead, "Good night."

I blushed, "Night, Dad."

And he was gone. He'd gone back to his room to join my 'new mother'. Argh, I can't get this 'new' thing out of my head. I'll sort this out in the morning and be the good boy I am again. I'll impress dad and everyone… Yeah, I'd do that. Morning sounds good.


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