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Chapter 5

A Turn of Events

--Riku's P.O.V—

The mall was nice, yeah. It felt especially nice since Sora's finally here with me. I still can't begin to imagine why he tried to keep his distance with me. What the heck is he thinking? Yeah, so I put my arms around his waist a minute ago. However, the next minute, he's scooting away from me with a growl. He seemed really mad—no, more like frustrated and hell, seeing him frustrated did the same thing in me for about ten times as much. Yes, I'm ten times more frustrated than he is now and I bet he had no idea about that.

I tried to inch myself closer to him. However, an inch closer and he's two inches away. Can you believe that? I guess not. I seriously wouldn't be able to hold this much any longer. He doesn't know what he's doing to me. Now I'm kinda envious of Axel and Roxas. At least Axel can have his way with Roxas. That guy has a face as thick as a dictionary. While I—I have to keep my cool. Don't want to lose any self respect by drooling over that brunette which is really pissing me off.

Why did he forget about me anyway? This is unbelievable—simply unbelievable and hurray, he remembered Roxas. I swear, that Roxas kid had something for Sora. Believe me, I can see it through him easily and I know that Roxas is not one to worry about their relationship as cousins or any of that bullshit.

So, the mall was really crowded today, maybe because of the festival taking hold tonight. People—especially couples—were taking over the mall. Those straight ones… haven't eyed any homo couple though it's not like I care anyway. I tried to keep up with my steps as Sora kept straying away from me, seemingly intending to look for that cousin of his. I tried to convince him that Roxas could handle Axel but he wouldn't listen. I guess he still had that same stubbornness he had in him since he was small. He was much cuter in the past. However, now, he seemed more and more innocent.

I just hope he won't be going back to his home too soon. Yeah, I know Kadaj told me that he's staying for a month and all and I believe that's more than enough time for me to have him going all crazy over me. Although I have this bad feeling that he'd be taken away much too soon again like last time, and last time they said he was going to stay for a year. However, no sooner than one day, Sora was already taken away from me. It's just been a day and I already have this bad feeling. Yeah, just a day—and usually my feelings are correct. I really shouldn't be growing this uneasy. "Riku!" Hearing the brunette's voice snapped me back to reality. My hands which were shoved to my pocket just now got out from its hiding. I put it on my hips, eyeing the suddenly cheerful Sora. He pointed to an area which seemed to be the game center, "Roxas and Axel are there!" Typical Axel, dragging Roxas into the game center.

Sora was about to run over to the blond and red head but with my quick reflexes, I grabbed his wrist, cleverly stopping his tracks. He shot me a look that said What the hell? He squirmed, trying to get away from my grip. When I shot him back the mirrored looks, he paused, afraid of the expression that I gave him, "Leave them alone," I said calmly yet sternly.

"What?" He frowned, not understanding what I jut stated.

"We can meet them again when our walk in this mall is over."

"Riku," he formed a pout to his mouth. That pout… it's so sweet… no, there's no way I'm going to show him my weaknesses.

"C'mon, let's go. Are you really feeling that uncomfortable with me?" I asked, waiting for his answer. I released my grip and he took back his wrist, rubbing the area which had turned red. He threw his blue eyes to the floor, avoiding my eyes, seemingly searching for something that's never there. He seemed a bit hesitant and he shoved his hand into his pocket.

He bit his lower lips out of frustration and finally stared me in the eye, "It's not that," his voice softened and I can see a faint blush on his cheek—scratch that, maybe I'm just seeing things. He couldn't be blushing when I'm not doing anything aggressively physical to him. "Just feeling really nervous," he said with a grin.

I blinked a couple of times. Luckily, he had looked away before eyeing my expression. I sure wouldn't want to lose my cool and calm in front of him. This boy's really driving me insane… I smirked, "Well, where do you wanna go?" I asked softly, trying to calm him down. Why would he feel nervous anyway? That's strange. I didn't do anything to him for like—the past ten minutes.

"Well, I'm feeling a little bit hungry," he stated truthfully.

I nodded, "Well yeah, you haven't had any breakfast and it's almost lunch. Alright, Chinese, Italian, fast foods, or food court?"

He bit the inside of his lips, thinking, "Food court?" he quirked an eyebrow, asking for my permission.

"Your pick," I smiled.

"On second thought if you're treating, I'd like Chinese."

"Chow Mien?" I quirked an eyebrow, not expecting him to be one to prefer Chinese.

"Yeah! Sounds cool," he grinned happily and he tugged me away, lacing his fingers with mine. I blushed at the sudden aggressiveness coming from Sora and from the contact. What is he doing to me?


Luckily, the lunch—or breakfast for Sora went extremely well—extremely well meant that I hadn't lost my cool in front of Sora. Oh, come on, I'm always better at stuffs than Sora. Don't think I didn't notice Sora blushing. It was obvious that he's losing his cool around me. Sora won't get me to be nervous around him that easily—considering if Sora is that smart. Now I wonder where I should take him to next before he comes up with that stupid idea of finding his cousin again. "Hey, let's go home," he said with an innocent grin. "We should find Roxas and Axel," he added.

I narrowed my eyes into slits. There he was, saying those things that implicated he wanted to get away from me again. I leaned forward on the table, our faces are merely one centimeter apart. I could hear him gulp. He tried to put distance between us by digging into the sofa behind him. If he could, I think he would go inside and hide in the sofa rather than look at me in the eye. Speaking of eyes, I love his eyes. The blue was making me crazy even though it drove me insane too, considering that Roxas had the almost same eye color as Sora. "No, we shouldn't," I growled. I didn't mean to, but it just came out like that.

"You seem to hate Roxas so much. Umm—why?" Sora smiled, trying to avoid eye contact with me but I was too close to him and he couldn't divert his attention anywhere else.

"Try to figure it out, So," I grin.


--Sora's POV—

I hated his grin. It always managed to send chills up my sleeves. It's not a bad chill—it's more like the chill of pleasure. I don't even know what I'm thinking about anymore. His face is so close to me. I hated him. I hated his face close up in front of me but he seemed to enjoy it a lot. "Okay," I swallowed again. "So, where do you want to go after this?"

He finally sat back on his seat, folding his arms to his chest. I breathed out a huge sigh of relief. "Anywhere, as long as there's no Roxas and Axel."

Before I could open my mouth to question him again, my cell phone suddenly vibrated. I picked it up and about to flip it open when I saw Dad's name blinking on the screen but before I knew what happened, my cell phone was snatched away by the hand I was so familiar with. That pale but seemingly so smooth hand that belonged to Riku. I was protesting and trying to grab it back but his arm was longer and he wouldn't let me. Innocently, without a single look of guilt in his face, he answered the call. "Yeah? Riku here," the silver head paused, listening in to the person speaking on the other side of the phone. "Oh, David. ...what?!" Riku suddenly hissed and shouted. I almost jumped a feet in the air, considering the Chinese food restaurant was really silent at that time.

I was getting more and more impatient and curious as to what Dad was telling Riku about. I got up from my seat and walked over to Riku, once again struggling to gain hold of my cell phone. Riku also struggled and I ended up pinning him down with my body. I was blushing madly at the body contact. He sneaked an arm around my waist and held me down on top of him when I was about to get away; the few people that was in the restaurant turned their attention to stare at us. "Riku, let go," I growled, struggling to get away but he hugged me tighter, muffling my face into his well built chest. "Leff, gho!"

"Shut up, Sora," he growled, trying to put his concentration to the other person talking on the phone. "What? Can you speak with Sora?" Riku mumbled, replying what Dad said on the phone. "No, you can't. You can't speak with him."

"Riku!" I protested, still struggling, holding my breath. I feel like it was only time before I faint. I dare not breathe. If—if I breathe, Riku's scent will find a way to my nose. I don't like his scent. It's not like he stinks or anything—it's the complete opposite. He smelled so good that I couldn't stand it. It's almost alluring and I'm afraid that I'll—no, it would never happen. I'm straight, I still stare at my opposite sex.

"You've gotta be kidding me. So, those stupid girls burnt themselves, what the hell does it got anything to do with Sora? You can't take Sora away that soon, mister."

"What dho yho mean?" I asked, my voice muffled.

Riku didn't answer my question, he continued listening intently to the phone. "You've got to be kidding me, David. If you insist..." he sighed loudly, exaggerated. "Alright, alright, I'll go with, Sora. Satisfied? I might bring along a few company," he paused. "Who?" he grinned, "Can't tell ya." There was a long pause before Riku handed over the phone to me. "David wants to speak to you."

Riku finally decided to release me and I quickly jumped up, still blushing deeply. "Yeah, Dad?" I walked away so to the restroom so that I could have a private talk with Dad without Riku there.

"Sora, is that you?"

"Yeah, Dad. What happened?" I coughed a bit of the smell of smoke I breathed in once I was inside the restroom. Apparently, there's a man smoking and even worse, inside, there's a man making out with his girlfriend, making nasty sounds and voices. My eyes went wide and I quickly slammed the door behind me, walking away from the area and went and sat on the empty sofa beside me instead.

"Listen, you already know that Kairi and Namine went back to their own house the day before, right?" I nodded as answer but I realized that Dad couldn't see me.


"Well, you see, there's been an accident," Dad cleared his throat.

"What accident?" I asked, cutting Dad's explanation, already feeling a bad taste in my tongue. I could already guess what Dad was about to say considering that I listened to what Riku was saying. Dad was going to send me back to the house to take care of Kairi and Namine, wasn't he?

"They burnt the entire house down when they were cooking," Dad explained with a reluctant tone in his voice.

Just as Dad was saying that, the TV screen hanging right across from where I was sitting began to broadcast the news. "Just yesterday, three houses in Destiny Island were burnt down. The cause—up until now was unknown. Police has investigated and came to suspect that there's a leak of gas in one of the three houses but currently which house is unknown. Here's the video, live." The screen then went to show a video containing the scenes of the houses already burning down and fire fighters trying to calm the fire. There's sparks of fire everywhere and soon, the fire began spreading to the whole area. The firefighters looked exhausted in eliminating the fire and then, there's a close up on one of the firefighters whom Sora was so familiar with even though the man was wearing the firefighter's suit, Sora was very sure that the man must be blond.

"Sora, are you there?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah, I'm here, Dad. I just watched the news. So, that's Stella's house?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry that you have to get home so early just one day after you've arrived in Kadaj's house but Kairi and Namine have nowhere else to live. I've called the reparation guys and told them to let the girls in. I hope you can get home by tomorrow so—"

"Dad," I growled, truly unhappy. "You're the one who kicked me out of house because I'm not responsible in your dictionary, Dad. And now you want me to go back to take care of the girls?"

"I am so sorry about that, Sora. But—"

"Alright, I'll be home by tomorrow, no problem." I smiled, unable to remain sullen after hearing Dad's pleading voice. He must be having it hard. Or not, since he's having his lovely honeymoon with Stella after all.

"Thank you, Sora. Stella and I will come back as soon as we can find tickets, okay?"

"No, no, it's okay. I'm sure Stella wants to stay there longer." I smiled, trying to sound as nice as I can. I don't need Stella coming back too soon to ruin my life.

"Huh? How do you know?" Dad asked. He sounded amused and amazed at the same time.

"Well, just taking a guess. I can handle this, Dad. You can enjoy your honeymoon."

"Riku will be going with you. I guess I can relax knowing that. Just don't mess up the house, okay?" Dad reminded.

So, Riku will be coming along. Dad still doesn't fully trust me. "Okay."

"Oh, and I think you'll be expecting some company too," Dad paused and soon after, before I could ask, he continued, "Stella needs me. I gotta go, Sora. Take care of yourself."

"You too. Have fun."

"Love you."

"Okay, Dad."

Dad seemed to be hesitating in ending the phone call since I didn't return the "I love you". I didn't really care, I ended the phone call and shoved the cell phone deep inside my pocket, releasing a deep dissatisfied sigh. I was disappointed. We used to be so closed and now everything's changed. I ran a hand through my spiky brown hair, hoping that I can calm myself down, even just a little. I tried to rub my temple to let myself feel relaxed but nothing worked. When I got up from where I was sitting and was about to walk away, I was met with a body bigger than me and I stumbled back. It was Riku, again. I tried my best smile on him. I guess it's about time I start to act kind and become the good old Sora everyone loved. "Hi."

"Disappointed?" he asked with a smile and suddenly pulled me into a crushing hug.

"Why do you care?" I asked politely, keeping the smile on my face. I didn't struggle like I used to. I felt like all the energy I had in me had been drained and I couldn't do anything but submit. Besides, it felt so good and comforting to be hugged like this.

"And—you don't want me to care?" he asked hesitantly, almost sounded unbelieving.

"I hate Dad."

"Yeah well, you used to say that when you were small. Except that I think you meant the completely opposite meaning of it," he laughed heartily and I listened calmly to his beating heart. It sounded so nice.

"I don't know about that now," I chuckled and pulled away from the embrace soon. "Now, stop taking advantage of me." I laughed.

Riku seemed to blush a bit and he let out a small cough to cover it. Maybe I'm just imagining things but I don't think Riku was capable of blushing. Yeah, maybe I'm just delusional. "I phoned Kadaj and let him know and while I was at that, I phoned Axel too," he stated, changing the topic. "Axel and Roxas agreed to go back to your house with you. Of course, I'd be coming along. I hope you've got enough room for us, So," he grinned.

"What? You'll all come with me? Why?"

"I can already tell that you're having a hard time with all of this."

"Is it written all over my face?" I quirked an eyebrow and looked at him straight to his eyes. I like those light green in front of me and it seemed, I've become more and more infatuated with his silver. It's almost enticing—the color.

"I just understand you that much, Sora. C'mon, now we can go meet Axel and Roxas. Axel will be driving us to your place tomorrow."

"Okay." I followed him out of the restaurant. It felt so strange that suddenly Riku became so nice to me. From the Riku that I knew just recently, I could almost swear that he would flirt and make fun of me at that point but it seemed he's trying to help.

Soon, we met with Axel and Roxas. Roxas seemed to be blushing madly and he ran to my side hastily when he saw me, hiding behind me, avoiding Axel. Axel came up soon after following him with his hearty grin, hands shoved inside his pants' pocket. "I hate you." I could hear Roxas hissed.

"You said that too many time, Roxie. If you said that more, maybe sometimes it would work like a charm and you'll feel the complete opposite about me."

"Keep on dreaming, Axie," Roxas snapped, mocking and grinning sarcastically.

"Yeah, I'll keep on dreaming alright, with Riku here." Axel purred and laughed, sneaking an arm around Riku's shoulder and pulling him close.

"You keep on dreaming," Riku growled. "I never dream, Axel. I always make what I wanted of reality if you must know."

"Ooo, does that mean you've done something to Sora?"

I blushed deeply at Axel's statement. They're definitely hiding something from me and I think I have a slight idea but I'm not quite sure and it seems impossible. Roxas tugged my arms and narrowed his eyes into mere slits, death glaring Riku while asking for the explanation from me at the same time. "What'd he do to you?"

"What?" I shook my head. "Nothing. There's nothing," I grinned sheepishly.

"Well, nothing means there's something." Roxas bit his lower lips, seemingly irritated.

"Obviously you haven't studied much English, Roxas. Nothing means nothing." Riku snapped.

"O really? I don't believe you. That's why I've decided to let Sora stay with me tonight."

"That'd be great!" I laughed. It's been long since I stayed together with Roxas. However, it seemed I had stated the wrong answer since there were two set of eyes death glaring me.

"You can't stay with Sora, Roxie." Axel protested first, stepping closer and dragged Roxas away from me. Roxas squirmed and tried to yank his arm away from Axel's grip but it seems all his struggles were in vain.

"It's not your problem, jack-ass! Let go of me!" Roxas shouted.

"I want to make it my problem." Axel smirked and growled.

"You're crazy."

"Yeah, I'm crazy over you. Damn it, Roxas! What's your fucking problem?!"

"Everything! I don't like you, okay, Axel? Now, let go!"

I just watched as Axel and Roxas continued quarelling. Deep down inside, I wanted to intervene and saved Roxas but I don't thing that's a good move so I just stood and watched while Riku kept getting closer to me and soon, his hand found its way to my hand, again. "Ri-Riku?" I eyed him with the most curious look I could put on.

"I knew I should have driven a separate car myself. This could get pretty graphic, Sora," Riku chuckled. "I hope you're prepared."

And before I could ask what Riku had meant, Roxas somersaulted and kicked Axel straight in the jaw. Axel doubled over, hissing in pain but still standing up and trying to keep Roxas down. "Don't come close, Axel! You know who I like!"

"Well, I'll still try!" Axel shouted but didn't do anything. The redhead and the blond were having their stare off. Alas, Riku drew their attention and broke the silence.

"Can we go home now? We need to go to Sora's house tomorrow. And, Axel, I think it's better if I drive tomorrow."

"Sure, whatever." Axel growled and walked away to the direction of the parking lot.

We followed from behind soon after and the rest of the drive was a silent one. Roxas didn't say anything about staying together again which made me feel a bit disappointed but I guess it was for the best. Axel dropped Roxas off first then me and Riku. Not a single word was spared and the air was really heavy—so heavy that I think I could practically see it. Riku didn't say anything and he changed into his pajama right in front of me when we're inside his room. If I didn't hold myself, I think I'd have had a nosebleed right then and there. Luckily, I was able to stay calm. Everything was really weird. How could I have nosebleed over Riku? A boy? When I have every anatomy part of his body in me? I think I've seen enough. Without taking a second glance, I hastily excused myself to the bathroom, silently hoping that he's not following me.

And tomorrow, I'll be going back home. I guess it's good—with Riku, Roxas, and Axel. But I'll find out soon enough about how wrong I was—and finding the right place to fit all of us in is the least of the problem.


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