This is just going to be a short fluffy story with about three or four chapters. I hope you enjoiy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Bella's POV

The house was oddly silent as I moved swiftly through it looking for my allusive husband. I flipped the house on its head looking for him but found no trace. He seemed to have magically disappeared.

"Alice!" I called out walking into her room where she was happily humming along to a song in her head and flipping through the new romance novel she had purchased. Alice looked up at me and smiled, her topaz eyes twinkling with exuberance.

"What's wrong Bella?" She asked placing her book gently down on the Egyptian cotton sheets and standing up looking at me. She must have seen something in my face for her brow furrowed in worry and confusion.

"I can't for the life of me find Edward." I told her with a frustrated sigh. Edward always told me when he was leaving, how long he was going to be gone and how much he was going to miss me, that had never changed over the past fifty years. With Edward missing and not a word was spoken to me I became jumpy and felt so nervous I could barely think.

"Bella first of all, Edward is outside with Jasper and Emmett. Second of all, please stop fretting over him; you're wearing holes in your new sweater." Alice was of course right, looking down I saw that I had been fiddling with my sweater for so long I was wearing the cotton down.

"Now come on, let's go do something that doesn't have you wound so tight that you might break down." I smiled at her and gave her a brief hug.

"Thank you Alice, what would I do without you?" I meant it as a rhetorical question but Alice seemed to want to answer it.

"Well without me right now you would be beside yourself and Edward would have to rush back in and try and comfort you." Alice said matter-of-factly. I playfully smacked her arm and she rolled her eyes pulling me down the hall towards Esme's office. I don't know if you could call Esme's work space an 'office' it felt to warm and full of life that it was more like a sun room. We found Esme standing in front of her paint easel painting a perfect replication of the landscape just outside the window, right down to the cardinal sitting happily on the moss covered trees.

"Hello girls." Esme said turning around to face us, her soft caramel hair tied back from her face with a cream hair band. I smiled at Esme's outfit, a pair of paint smeared jeans and a white shirt that I don't even think could be called white any more.

"Esme, I think it's time for us to have a Cullen girl day." Alice said and Esme's eyes flashed to me quietly assessing me before she nodded her head and placed the paint brush down.

"No, Esme, finish your painting. I don't know what Alice wants to do but whatever it is it can wait until you're done." I protested not wanting Esme to stop just because Alice thought I needed some company.

"Nonsense, I can finish this later." She said smiling warmly at me before grabbing my hand and walking with me down the hall towards Rosalie's room. Rosalie was already waiting outside her oak door by the time we got there with a Cheshire cat grin on her face.

"Hey Bella," Rosalie said cheerfully grabbing my other hand and walking with us. I didn't even bother asking them where we were going, it would have been a fruitless attempt.

"Bella, every time one of starts to feel a little sad when our husbands are gone the others know it is time to pull out the Cullen photo albums and flip through the time past and laugh at all the stupid and crazy stuff we ever got caught doing." Alice informed me and I saw all of their eyes brighten at the thought of going through the pictures.

The Cullen photo albums were hardly ever pulled out but Esme always seemed to have a camera handy and I strongly believed she was trigger happy. Rosalie pulled open the doors to the closet with a flourish revealing stack after stack of leather bound albums. I didn't even get a chance to count how many there were before Esme grabbed five and shut the closest.

"Come girls, it's time for you to laugh at all the pictures I've been secretly taking since Bella has joined our family." Alice smiled trying to contain her laughter, already seeing the pictures we were going to look at. I followed Esme through the house towards Carlisle and her room. Esme's room was covered in shades of beige and crème; windows were left open at all times allowing the sun light to wash through the room on a sunny day. Alice too excited to walk at a human pace grabbed the books from Esme's hands and ran to her canopy king sized bed, jumping on it and laying out placing the books in front of her.

"We'll start with Bella and Edward pictures then go on from there." Alice said flipping over the book that had written in neat calligraphy 'Edward and Bella'. I internally sighed before curling up on the bed beside Alice and looking down at the first picture.

It was our wedding picture, the only picture of us together when I was human that I was even in the same ball park as him. I could feel my heart lift in my chest at the smile on Edward's face, one of pure happiness, innocence and love, a smile I had come to recognize across distances, in his voice and against my lips. I tried not to laugh at the nervous look I was giving the camera as I clung to Edward's arm, my crème dress hugging all the right places to give me a look of elegance. I couldn't look at the picture any longer because Alice flipped the page revealing eight more pictures of Edward and me.

I scanned across the pages looking at the early days of our marriage when I was still the fragile human. I couldn't hold my laughter any longer when I saw the picture of Edward carrying me down the stairs looking not too impressed with me. It was the night after the wedding and I had somehow managed to fall out of the bed the next morning and sprain my ankle, a memory that I found for some reason oddly hilarious.

"Care to share what is so funny?" Rosalie asked me her breath tickling my neck as she leaned over my shoulder.

"I just remembered why Edward had to carry me down the stairs." I informed her and she looked at the picture still confused.

"Well, why did he have to carry you down the stairs?" She asked.

"Oh, I fell out of the bed in the morning and managed to sprain my ankle when it got tangled in the sheets." I told her and she burst out laughing along with me, her voice the sweetest of musical voice, mingle with mine. Esme and Alice both joined into our laughter and we were creating a sweet melody just with our voices.

Even after fifty years I still found their voices so perfect I could listen to them for hours on end. We flipped through the thick album slowly laughing at some pictures and I found myself wanting to cry at others. The pure emotions preserved on our faces sometimes were too much for me I had to turn the page before I broke down. It was the last pictures, though that made me stop and remember the perfect day, the day Edward took me out to the cliffs in Newfoundland.

"Bella!" Edward called out from behind me and I turned just in time to see him run towards me his arms wrapping securely around my waist.

"Hello Edward." I said looking up and stretching onto my toes so I could kiss the edge of his jaw. "What do you have planned for today?" I asked him leaning back in his arms so I could look into his eyes.

"I want you to see the ocean." He said placing a lingering kiss on the top of my head.

"I've already seen the ocean." I teased.

Edward rolled his eyes at me before replying. "I meant the Atlantic Ocean."

"Well then, no, I haven't seen that one." I said nodding my head.

"I think you've been spending too much time with Emmett." Edward said pulling me along with him towards the rental car in the parking lot.

"Or is it Emmett who has been spending too much with me?" I asked him with raised eyebrows before smiling at the look on Edward's face.

"Just get in the car Bella." Edward said opening the door for me and ushering me in. Edward made his way slowly to the driver's seat aware of the people who were also staying at the small inn.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked him breaking our comfortable silence as Edward effortlessly sped down the winding roads along the ocean, the sun only beginning to rise off in the distance.

"Just a place," He answered with a shrug of his shoulders, I waited quietly a moment for him to continue. When he didn't, I slid across my seat and leaned over the console, putting my head on his shoulder and placing a gentle kiss on his collar bone.

"Is it a surprise?" I whispered into his ear feeling his body tense under my head.

"Yes and I would appreciate it if you didn't try to get me to tell you." He said turning his head so his smoldering eyes held mine. I got so lost in the depth's of his topaz iris' that I momentarily forgot what I was trying to do.

"Tell me what?" I asked shaking my head slightly, still amazed that he had such an effect on me. Edward looked at me briefly with a confused expression before chuckling quietly at me, looking quite smug. I sighed and knew it would be for the best if I behaved, we wouldn't want to get into another car crash. I kissed his cheek before leaning back into my seat and watching as the sun began to rise in the horizon streaking the sky with the most beautiful shades of orange and pink.

"We're here." Edward whispered into my ear and I stepped out of the car looking out straight at the sun. Edward was soon by my side both our skin already beginning to sparkle under the sun's low rays. I hastily looked around but knew it was pointless; Edward wouldn't have done this if the coast wasn't clear. Edward's hand wrapped around mine letting our fingers entwine as he walked to the edge of what looked to be a cliff. I looked out over the cliffs edge and became captivated by nature's beauty. Edward's hand felt comforting in my hand as I watched as the sun slowly rose higher into the blue sky.

"Do you like it?" Edward asked looking down at me a soft smile on his marble lips.

"Of course, I love it." I whispered back returning the smile. I took a step closer to the edge wanting to watch the waves hit the side. Edward's hands instantly grabbed my waist and pulled me back into his chest.

"Edward, I won't fall and if I do I won't die." I told him giving him a reassuring smile as he regarded the edge of the cliff skeptically.

"Just be careful." He said but still not releasing my waist, instead he took a step forward with me allowing me to lean over the cliff. I wasn't going to argue with him, if this was what would make him feel better I would do it, even if it was silly. I leaned over the cliff and saw how beautiful the sunrise made the tips of the waves and I didn't want to look away.

Off to the left of my peripheral vision I heard the snap of a camera and the flash of the picture and I was surprised out of my thoughts. I moved a little bit too fast for Edward that we both lost our footing and went tumbling over the edge of the cliff. I got one surprised shriek out before I started laughing at the situation we were in. Free falling off a cliff because you slipped was somehow extremely funny to me. It was Edward's expression though that caused me to laugh even harder before we hit the waiting ocean below. Edward looked worried for a second; still having the strange instinct to protect me, but soon he looked annoyed.

We hit the water creating a big splash as we sunk lower and lower towards the ocean's floor. I smiled at Edward when he swam forward and grabbed my hand pulling me up along with him to the surface. As soon as we resurfaced I couldn't hold in my laughter any longer and I leaned against Edward laughing hysterically into his shoulder.

"I don't know if you laughing hysterically means you're fine or not fine." Edward said looking at every detail of my face minutely, his hands running up and down my body, seeing if my granite body was harmed in the fall.

"I'm fine Edward," I told him when I stopped laughing. "Just a little wet but perfectly fine." I added trying to make the worried creases in his forehead go away. When they disappeared I leaned for and kissed him, showing him I was fine.

"Is the water warm?" Emmett yelled from the top of the cliff and I snickered at him before nodding my head.

"Come join us!" I yelled back before watching as Emmett jumped off the cliff following Edward and my lead. Soon every one of the Cullen family was in the ocean except for Esme who stood off the side taking many pictures of us splashing around.

"Bella, is it okay if we take out Alice's and Jasper's photo album or would you like to keep looking at the picture of you and Edward on the cliff?" Rosalie asked her hands already starting to close the opened album.

"Oh, yeah, go ahead I was just remembering what happened when Esme took the picture." Esme looked over at me and smiled holding in her laughter.

"That was a good family vacation wasn't it?" She said thoughtfully, pulling out Alice's photo album.

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