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Rosalie's POV

I couldn't contain the smile I had on my face when I touched the leather of my album. I hated how secretive Esme was about what the pictures looked like and how many she actually kept and placed them in these very sacred books. I had waited too long to see them and found that I was nearly bouncing with excitment and impatience.

I flipped it open quickly and like Alice's the first picture was Emmett and me at Bella's wedding. My dress was the same navy blue as Esme's and Alice's, it was Emmett's tux that was different, a whole size too small for Emmett making it look like he was going to pop out of it at any time. I could hear Esme laughing quietly beside me along with Bella and I couldn't help but join in, Emmett looked too funny not to laugh at.

"I can't believe I didn't notice how funny Emmett looked before." Bella said looking closely at the picture.

"That happens on your wedding day, the only thing you paid attention to was Edward." I told her and she thought about it for a second before nodding.

"Guilty," She said and if she was still human I knew she would be blushing. Once I had put aside my hard feelings for Bella giving up the chance for a family, the chance to carry around a baby and love them, I learned that Bella was a truly beautiful person and hard to hate. She was kind but devious when she wanted to be, her mind intrigued me and we quickly got over the rough patches and became sisters.

The next page held pictures of Emmett and me goofing around. The hospital Carlisle worked at was having a bake sale for the sick children and he so kindly volunteered his family to make 10 dozen cupcakes. Since Alice and Jasper disappeared without a trace that day and Edward was with Bella on their honeymoon the job fell into Emmett's and my very capable hands. By the end of the day 10 dozen cupcakes were made and the kitchen floor was coated in a fluffy white layer of flour mixed with sugar and, I think, vanilla. Emmett's face was covered in light blue and light purple icing and my hair was coated with the same sticky substance.

"I don't think I've ever been more shocked by you two in my life." Esme said as she looked at the pictures.

"We got carried away," I said sheepishly.

"That icing looks wonderful in your hair." Alice said looking from the picture to my face. "I think we should permanently dye your hair that colour."

"Not funny Alice." I said through my teeth, knowing that if Alice was serious my honey locks were doomed.

"I wasn't trying to be funny. Bella doesn't Rose look good with blue and purple highlights?" Alice asked Bella. Bella, keeping up the charade, scrutinized the picture before looking back up at me.

"You do, but I think all the colours of the rainbow would be better." Bella said managing to keep a straight face but I could see the laughter in her eyes.

"Now, that's a brilliant idea." Alice said giving Bella a high five.

"Okay Ladies as much fun as it is to talk about Rosalie's hair, we should speed this along the boys will be back soon." Esme said trying to defuse a potential ugly situation. We all nodded but Alice was still staring at my hair.

"Mary Alice Brandon Whitlock, if you ever go near my hair with any kind of dye you will be living without one of your limbs." I whispered to her, low enough for only her to hear.

"Be nice Rose." Alice said before flipping the page. The next pages were filled with very candid and sometimes hilarious pictures of Emmett and me. Finally when the last picture made its appearance I was stunned and entranced by the emotions on Emmett's face and the memory of how they got there was still crystal clear in my mind.

"Emmett!" I yelled looking down the empty hallway wondering where he could possibly get to in only two seconds.

"Yes!" Emmett called back coming around the corner with a pair of car keys in his hand. I looked at the car keys then back up to his face, knowing I had never seen those keys before.

"Happy Anniversary." Emmett said handing me the keys. It took me a second to completely register what had just happened but soon I found myself in Emmett's arms.

"You know our anniversary is tomorrow?" I told him still hugging him, his strong arms holding me extremely tight.

"Yes, but I got you a slightly broken car and new engine pieces for you to put together so we can drive it wherever we want tomorrow." Emmett said smiling down at me with love. I reached up and kissed him, loving how well he knew me.

"I feel bad; I didn't get you something for today, only for tomorrow." I told him and he shrugged pulling me along as he brought me to the garage.

"Rose, I get to be with you everyday that's gift enough." He whispered in my ear and if it was possible I probably would have fallen more in love with the great big teddy bear.

"What kind of car is it?" I asked with barely contained excitement.

"A big one," He answered evasively. I stared at him hoping he would crack when he didn't I sighed. I guess I would have to wait until we reached the garage.

When Emmett opened the garage door with a flourish the small smile on my face grew and I felt like jumping up and down in excitement. In front of me was the H3 Alpha Hummer, it was brand new and looked like a monster beside Alice's bright yellow Porsche.

"I thought you said it was slightly broken, this is brand new." I told Emmett and he looked down at me sheepishly.

"Well, I know how much you love to tinker with the engines and stuff…so I took out the engine and the motor and bought better ones for you to put in." Emmett said looking down at his hands. Man how I loved him. I stepped over and kissed him pushing my fingers into his curly silk hair. Emmett didn't skip a beat and soon his arms were wrapped securely around my waist pushing me back into a dip.

"Well isn't it hot in here." Jasper said walking in with Alice attached to his arm. I pulled back from Emmett just so I could scowl at Jasper. Over the last thirty years Jasper has loosened up around the family and frankly it has become pretty annoying for him to voice all his thoughts.

"Impeccable timing as usual," I said sarcastically as Emmett righted me on my feet.

"Bella still out?" Alice asked innocently and I glared at her.

"Alice, you are a psychic honey, I think you are more than capable of answering that question." I said with a little bit more malice then I intended and I noticeably saw Jasper's arm tighten around Alice's waist in response to my tone.

"Thank you for that observation Rose and I think I hear them now. Have fun today." Alice said smiling warmly at me before her and Jasper left the garage.

"I swear she does it because she's bored." I said to Emmett and he started to chuckle, a low sound coming from his chest. Emmett's arms found their way back around my waist and he rested his chin on my head.

"Rose, its Alice of course she does it for fun. Now I believe today should just be about you, so go over there and have some fun." I smiled up at him before stripping out of my blouse and putting on an old baggy T-shirt to work in. I set right to work placing a jack under the car and lifting it up so I could look underneath it.

"I could do that for you." Emmett said coming forward but I smiled warmly at him and shook my head.

"I need you to go get my tools that I left in our room." I told him sweetly and he left speeding quickly to our room. I slid underneath the hummer and stared at it, getting extremely annoyed by the jack that was holding it up. I need Emmett to be my jack, he was stronger and steadier than this piece of junk. I heard Emmett making his way back outside and I kicked out the jack pushing myself out to the other side of the car and the hummer landed on its tires.

"Rosalie!" Emmett screamed frantically and I stood up worried something had gone wrong. I looked out over the hood and saw pain and fear written on Emmett's face and I flashed to his side placing my hands on either side of his face. His eyes were pitch black and fear shot down my own spine in response. I couldn't even get a word out before Emmett crushed me to his chest, gently stroking my hair. Confusion and fear still ran through my mind and when I finally managed to pull away from Emmett and look into his eyes I saw relief. I flash came from my side and I turned to see Esme smiling at us before walking away. As if this day couldn't get any weirder.

"Emmett," I said quietly watching as his eyes slowly changed back to topaz.

"Sorry," He murmured into my hair. "I over reacted. I saw the car fall and you under it and the protective side of me freaked out." I smiled into his chest.

"Emmett, I don't think a Hummer could hurt me." I told him calmly.

"I know, but I still felt the need to save you." I nodded and let him hold me, comforted by his scent and secretly loving how protective he was, even when I didn't need it.

"I hear the boys." Bella said standing up with a small smile on her lips. After fifty years the girl still couldn't last longer than a few hours away from Edward.

"Well then let's not give them enough time to get mud on my rug." Esme said closing the albums and stacking them up.

"What about your album?" I asked Esme as she headed for the door.

"Some pictures, I don't feel like sharing." She answered quietly before sweeping out of the door and leaving Bella and I more confused than ever. Alice on the other hand looked content before following Esme's lead.

"Come on lover girl, your prince waits." I said to Bella linking my arm in hers as we walked towards the spiral staircase.

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