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Summary: What if Sasuke's attitude was a cover up of how he really felt? SasuIno

--Body Language--

There are many words to describe Sasuke Uchiha. If you ask any of the senseis, he's an excellent student. A prodigy at most. Girls all around Konoha would say he is the hottest, strongest, and best ninja around. In the heat of the moment, Naruto would call Sasuke what no one else dares to. A stuck-up-his-ass-arrogant-unfeeling-bastard. But Naruto knows that this is just a cover up of the real Sasuke, and he is right.

Sasuke isn't unfeeling at all. In fact, he does feel something for someone. Someone that no one would ever suspect: Ino Yamanaka. He can't explain when the feelings started happening, but Sasuke knows that he has them. It kills him to the core since he vowed to have one feeling and one feeling only. That feeling was hate, hate towards Itachi; because any other feelings would simply get in the way of his revenge. Yet, at the same time, Sasuke doesn't want these feelings to go away.

Whenever he's alone, Sasuke closes his eyes and thinks of the Yamanaka. Her image brings a smile to his face. Every part of her tells him something.

Her porcelain-like skin for instance. Every time Ino is around the Uchiha, she jumps on him. Sasuke can then feel her skin on his. It's Ino's way of telling him that she just wants him to hold her, at least once. She wants to feel his gentle caress. And as much as Sasuke wants to do that, the avenger knows he mustn't. For if he begins to get close to her, his revenge might suffer.

Then there are her lips. Whenever she's happy, Ino's slender lips curve themselves into an incredible smile. When Sasuke is there to witness that moment, something inside him fills up with deep joy. The only sign that this happens is that Sasuke smirks out of the blue. And when those lips are mere inches away from Sasuke's ear, they whisper that they want to kiss every part of him.

But Ino's eyes tell him everything he needs to know. When those cerulean eyes of hers meet his obsidian ones, Ino tells him that she knows about Sasuke's hidden feelings. She understands that his revenge must come first, but she can't manage to stay away from him—something Sasuke never wanted in the first place. By looking into the boy's eyes, the blonde tells him that she is aware that she has to wait for his revenge to be complete in order for anything to happen between them. Ino is willing to do this if it means that she'll have him in the end; but that doesn't mean she'll stay away. Sasuke can see through her eyes that Ino loves him more than her own life.

So for now, Sasuke will continue to keep his emotionless mask on. For he knows that the woman who truly loves him will wait until his revenge is done.