Two months later, Gail sat feeding Helen-Louise on the sofa in the early hours on her own looking down at her contentedly feeding, when she sensed movement on the stairs. Looking up she saw Paul wander down yawning and rubbing his eyes.

"Hey" she said quietly "Did we wake you?"

Paul smiled and sat down beside her, kissing her forehead "No...I reached out for you and woke I thought I'd keep you company" he said bending to kiss Helen-Louise on her head without disturbing her. "Anyway, darling you know you don't have to do this downstairs"

Gail smiled "Yes but I don't want us to wake you" she said smiling

Paul laughed "Hey you can disturb me any time you want..."

"In that case then how about a drink?" Gail replied raising her eyebrows and smiling

Paul stood up and wandered into the kitchen sleepily, putting on the kettle. Gail smiled as she heard him humming as he made the drinks.

"Aren't you lucky you've managed to get out of late night feeds" Gail smiled teasingly as she placed the baby on her shoulder, gently patting her back.

"Hey I never complained about feeding time not even at 3am in the morning" Paul said

"I know" Gail replied shooting a smile towards Paul

Paul chuckled "Parenthood...if we knew what we were really letting ourselves in for would we actually have thought twice about it" he said

Gail smiled "Mmm" she said "Without a doubt, but this has to be the most rewarding thing we have ever done"

Paul smiled and kissed her as he returned with their drinks "Hmm for once I agree with you"

"That's what I like to hear" Gail replied "Hey Helen-Louise doesn't seem to be settling do you want to try whilst I have my drink"

"Sure" Paul said, putting his mug down as Gail passed the baby to him, holding her gently he spoke soothingly to her and stood to rock her gently.

Gail watched them both "You're going to spoil our children rotten aren't you" she said gently.

"They're worth spoiling" Paul said as he looked at Helen-Louise "Besides I spoil you all the time Mrs Robinson".

At first Paul thought he had got away with his cheek but when he next turned he saw Gail had drifted off to sleep on the sofa cupping her mug still. He looked at Helen-Louise asleep on his shoulder who was bound to stir if moved and knew Gail had been tired so he decided to sit down next to her and relax back instead of waking them both. It wasn't long before tiredness crept up on Paul and he drifted in to a light sleep beside Gail with Helen-Louise sleeping on his shoulder.

What seemed like minutes but was in fact a couple of hours passed and it was Paul that stirred first, initially wondering where he was but feeling the warmth of Helen-Louise on his shoulder he remembered getting up in the night. He looked beside him to see Gail was still asleep and it was only then that he heard the familiar high pitch squeal from Elle in her cot. Paul nudged Gail hurriedly and she woke sleepily as Paul passed Helen-Louise to her before rushing up the stairs still trying to wake himself up. Gail was left smiling to herself about falling asleep on the sofa and the commotion upstairs as Paul walked in to the nursery as Elle called out to him and hearing Paul trying to keep her quiet so the boys didn't wake as well.

By the time Paul returned with Elle he found Gail in the kitchen starting breakfast and Helen-Louise in the basinet. Elle called out to Gail as they rounded the corner in to the lounge and she looked up and smiled.

Paul said "Well that's charming, you wake me up and I race up to get you and you immediately want your Mummy".

Gail laughed as she took Elle "she's just wise"

"charming, I'll remember that next time you are up in the early hours with one of our children Mrs Robinson, I'll perhaps just stay in bed and won't keep you company" Paul replied.

"Well, if you put it like that . . . ." Gail said passing a look at Paul and kissing him good morning.

Paul laughed "mind you do you realise we possibly spend more time with our children then most parents" he said as he continued preparing breakfast.

"Sharing the workload and the children has helped as well as keeping the weekends free for the way how are things in the office?" Gail said as she poured Paul's coffee.

Paul laughed "Thought we weren't allowed to talk about the office at home" He said

Gail rolled her eyes "I know it's early, I just asked a question...I'm still interested in my investment" she said

"Your investment...I see" Paul laughed "Well Rosemary doesn't seem to be in any hurry to leave...which means I don't have to go into the office, but we need to recruit possibly an assistant for the Promotions Manager"

"Conferences going that well are they?" Gail asked surprised

"They're booming at the moment...all the function rooms are fully booked for the next couple of months and we've already had enquiries for next year"

Standing beside the basinet Gail said "That reminds me are you working today or can you look after the triplets while I take this one for her check up ...I could take Elle with me if that helps"

"Don't be silly...I am capable of looking after the three of them" Paul said

Later that afternoon Paul decided to venture over to No. 26 with the triplets armed with toys and had just knocked at the front door as he looked down at them standing in front of him.

"Okay you three behave yourselves" he said, laughing when the boys looked up at him innocently.

"Hi Gran" he said as she opened the door.

"Darling what a pleasant surprise, what are you doing here?" Helen said as she stepped back to let them in.

"Oh I'm just looking after these three whilst Gail takes Helen-Louise to see Beverley, so I thought we could come and see what you were up to, are we disturbing you?"

"Of course not, nothing wrong is there?" Helen replied

As Paul helped the children down the steps he replied "Oh no it's just a check up...they're both fine hopefully" Paul said

"So how is everybody?" Helen asked

"Triple trouble I'm afraid...the boys are fine but Elle insists on taking out all the toys" Paul said

"Aha the joys of parenthood!" Helen said as she returned from the kitchen with drinks for all of them "You used to be the same"

"We started potty training them yesterday" Paul said "The only one who managed to sit on the potty for more than four seconds was Robert and that was after he decided that the nursery was not the place for the potty and went and sat on it in the bathroom"

Helen laughed "That child is going to go far" she said

"How is Gail?"

Paul smiled holding out his arms as Robert came towards him, picking him up and placing him on his lap cuddling him close "She's fine...a little tired" he said

"You are helping aren't you Paul" Helen said pointedly

Paul laughed "If you call getting up in the night to keep Gail company whilst feeding Helen-Louise, yes. No seriously of course I am...the good thing is with Rosemary still here I don't have to worry about the office as much."

"Hmm she seems happy enough to stay at the moment" Helen said "By the way did you know that Jane is back...I saw her get out a taxi yesterday and go into Joe's"

"No I didn't" Paul said casually "Wonder how long she's back for."

"Until Nell Worthington orders her back to England I should imagine" Helen said

"Hmm do you think the idea of her granddaughter marrying Des brought on Mrs Worthington's heart attack" Paul said raising his eyebrows

"I should hope not but you could never tell with Nell and I shouldn't imagine she liked the idea of Jane marrying Des" Helen replied "By the way, have you heard from Des since he left?"

Paul sighed "No...just think he needed to get away from things and spend some time with Jamie; I think this street holds too many memories for him."

"It's been a rough couple of years for him and Jamie...first losing Daphne and now Jane" Helen said

"Poor little many people have disappeared from his life" Helen said looking towards the three playing in the lounge with the toys Paul had brought over.

Paul followed Helen's gaze and sighed "I know Gran, first Daphne, then Eileen moving away, Bronwyn stops looking after him then Jane leaving...makes me glad that Gail and I are together and able to give our four stability...after all that's what every child needs" he said

Helen broke the silence and laughed "When did you become all philosophical?" she joked

"The minute these three were born. Hey I was thinking about what to do for Gail's birthday...this year I think we're going to have to stay here"

"I think about a surprise party?" Helen said "You could invite Ian over"

"Hmm...what pretend I've forgotten her birthday, look how much trouble that got me in last time" Paul said

Helen shook her head "You don't have to forget her birthday, let us look after the children and spend the day together then surprise her with a party at our house in the evening" Helen said

"What would I do without you Gran, that's a great idea. I had better think of a really good birthday present too as she's going to be 30 this year" Paul said

Helen laughed "I wouldn't mention that too much if I were you...could find yourself in the doghouse" she said

"Spoilsport..." Paul said winking

Helen glanced at the two boys, still gurgling to each other in their own language, smiling she turned back to Paul "So why don't you spoil your wife for the day and let us take care of the children" she said

"Thanks Gran that would be really good." He said, smiling as Helen held out her arms as Elle toddled towards her holding out her arms to be picked up. "She seems tired" "Helen remarked

"She should be she's been up since 6am this morning" Paul said "Sometimes thinks she feels the odd one out with the two boys"

Helen smiled "I remember when Lucy was this age" she said "Her eyes used to light up whenever she saw you...these three do the same"

"Usually when I have food in my hand" Paul laughed

Helen laughed "No it's more than were the only one that could really settle Lucy at night and she still listens to you at times" she said

"Actually I think you'll find she listens more to Gail these days than me" Paul said "Those two are more like sisters than Lucy and Julie"

"Well when Julie decided to let Lucy know the reason why her mum died...Gail was there to pick up the pieces; even with three small babies to look after" Helen said "Lucy still has that bond with Robert too"

"She doesn't mind babysitting either" Paul laughed "Mind you once they're in bed they usually stay asleep until its morning nowadays"

The conversation was interrupted by a call from the back door as Gail entered with Helen-Louise in her car seat. "Hello all of you, I got your note to say where you would be. I don't know anything to get out of looking after the children on your own Paul"

"Hello to you darling, I love you to!"

"Ah, you feeling hard done by Mr Robinson, sorry" Gail said laughing as she sat down.

"Mummy" Elle cried, trying to get off Helen's lap.

"Hey ...what's wrong with you" Gail said placing the baby carrier on the floor and bending down to pick up her eldest daughter. Elle placed her arms around her mother's neck.

"How are you?" Helen asked

"Fine" Gail smiled

"I'll make you a drink" Paul said getting up. With Elle sitting on her lap Gail gently lifted Helen-Louise from her baby carrier and handed her to Helen.

"And how is my namesake?" Helen asked

"Well she has lungs like her sister" Paul said jokingly from the kitchen

Gail shook her head and sat back with Elle "She's fine, gaining weight all the time...hey did you know Jane's back?"

"Apparently so, Gran said earlier" Paul explained in a surprised tone as he returned with the drinks "Did you speak to her?"

"No she was going back into Joe's house when I pulled up" Gail said "Wonder how long she's back for"

Gail hugged Elle tightly "So have these three been causing havoc?" she asked

"Of course not they're my children" Paul replied in defence "Except Elle insisting she wanted all the toys out"

Gail laughed "Of course she did!" she said

"However I did manage to get her to put all the toys back in the box" Paul said

Gail looked at her daughter and smiled up at Paul "Ah ...did horrible daddy make you put all the toys back in the box" she teased

"Yeah" Elle said quietly

Paul laughed "Thanks for that!" he said "So what did Beverley say?"

"Well we appear to have four healthy children" Gail said looking at the baby in Helen's arms

"That's good what about you?" Paul said

Gail laughed "I'm fine...slightly tired but with four children under the age of 2 that's hardly surprising...besides we're both tired" she said

"Which leads me on nicely to what I have been thinking about; you two should give yourselves a break and let us look after the children for a while" Helen said

Gail smiled "hmm we'll see" she said "three of them were bad enough but now there are four things can get a little hectic".

Later that evening, Paul and Gail sat cuddled up on the sofa, the triplets were in bed and the baby lay in the basinet in the living room.

"Peace at last" Paul signed, as he gently kissed Gail's head

"Just wait until they're a bit older and arguing"

"Ahh don't remind me I remember when Jules got too bossy with Lucy and she didn't like it and then she and Scott would argue all the time so occasionally I had to step in as big brother and I guess I took her side mostly" Paul said

"Hmm, that's what Lucy said as well"

"Hey, what exactly has Lucy been saying about me, what else did she tell you and why were you discussing me!"

"We weren't talking about you really more about the triplets and Lucy mentioned that she thought they had the best dad" Gail said

"And you disagree with her?" Paul said looking into her eyes

Gail slapped him on the arm and laughed

"You've got a big enough ego as it is I don't need to tell you what I think of you as a father" she said "Besides you know perfectly well that if I didn't think my children had the best father I wouldn't be here"

"I supposed that's about as near to a compliment as I'm going to get!" Paul laughed

"You could say that!" Gail laughed

"Gran and I were talking about your birthday today!" Paul said

Gail turned to look at him "Darling don't go planning any trips away this year please" she said

Paul laughed "Don't worry I wasn't going to...but Gran thought it would be nice for us to spend a few hours together without the children" he said "Only if you want to"

"Hmm we'll see" Gail said quietly

Paul smirked "Don't get too enthusiastic about spending time alone with me!" he said tickling her

"Okay, okay I would love to spend time alone with you!" she said "So what else have you got planned"

"Top secret...if I tell you I might have to kill you afterwards" he laughed "Changing the subject a little have you heard from Ian recently"

Gail shook her head "No...he's off on some fascination" she said "He's been back to the town where he first met Louise and found someone who knows Louise's whereabouts or is still in contact with her"

"Aha, and I take it you still don't approve of him looking for Louise?" Paul said

"It's not that...but if she wanted to be found her name would have been on the adoption register but it wasn't, and just to say that he has contact with someone who knows her whereabouts doesn't mean he'll find her" Gail said "I don't know how she even considered adoption anyway".

"Well that's up to him" Paul said "You're a hard woman sometimes Mrs Robinson"

"No I'm not. I just think he's on a wild goose chase" Gail replied "Besides you and I both know that first love is not necessarily the best"

Paul laughed "Maybe not for us...but I wouldn't say that applies to everyone...look at Scott and Charlene" he said

"hmm okay I'll let you win that argument for now!" Gail smirked "By the way are you still going into work tomorrow?"

Paul groaned slightly "Hmm afraid so...but only for a couple of hours, there's a meeting I have to attend with a prospective Investor that Rosemary has found...unless of course you want to go in" he said

Gail shook her head "No you're okay, If you're back by lunchtime we can take the children out after lunch...see if we can burn off some of their excess energy"

"I can take the boys with me if you want" Paul said

"You can't hold a meeting with those two running around and you will never get them to sit still" Gail said

"I could always put them in the crèche for a couple of hours" Paul remarked

"There doesn't seem much point if I am home to look after them, we'll be fine"

Paul laughed and kissed her "Okay, if you're sure"

The following day Gail was busy preparing breakfast when Paul came downstairs carrying Elle, putting her in the high chair he walked over to Gail in the kitchen, she smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and wished her good morning.

"Well I finally managed to get madam to sit on the potty for more than a minute, I always thought boys were harder to potty train than girls but your daughter is stubborn" he said kissing her head

Gail laughed "She certainly knows how to get what she wants with you around" she said

Gail smiled "What time are you going into work"

"Around 9.30am and hopefully I should be back by 12.30pm but don't hold me to that "Paul said

Gail turned in his arms "Hey, I won't...just give me a ring before you leave and I will get lunch ready" she said

Paul kissed her tenderly, then hearing the sound of tiny hands being banged on highchair tops he said "Okay...guess you'll have to wait to later Mrs Robinson, we better get these three fed" as he reluctantly let go of Gail and walked towards the triplets.

An hour and a half later with the breakfast dishes cleared away, and the children busy playing on the floor, Paul came downstairs ready for the office and collected his briefcase from the desk.

Paul smiled and shook his head at Cameron as he held his toy up to him, stroking the child's head "No matey, I can't play now I've got to go to work" kissing each of them first he then stood up and walked towards Gail, putting his arms around her waist he pulled her closer to him, breathing in the smell of her perfume.

"What's on your mind?" she laughed bemused

"Just wondered if you wanted to go to this meeting instead of me" he said kissing her head

Gail laughed and turned in his arms "What so you can sit on the floor and play with the children, sorry darling but I have work to do here, not to mention your youngest daughter is going to want feeding in the next hour or so" she said

"You get all the fun!" Paul laughed "Okay you sure you don't want me to take the boys to the crèche?"

Gail finished clearing up the kitchen, seeing that the triplets were settled and happily playing she decided to go upstairs and clean up, taking the baby monitor with her so that she could hear what was happening downstairs.

Upstairs she walked into hers and Paul's room, checking that the baby was still sleeping peacefully. Stroking her back, she listened to the gentle breathing and smiled. Quietly she made the bed and tidied up the room, picking up the clothes that Paul had thrown onto the floor the night before, sighing at how untidy he could be sometimes. From the baby monitor she heard the chattering of the triplets downstairs, everything seems peaceful and seeing that Helen-Louise was still asleep she decided to continue tidying upstairs.

A short time later she heard her daughter's cries and knew it was feeding time again, walking back into her bedroom she walked to the cot in the corner of the room and gently lifted her out.

"I thought you'd still be asleep" Gail cooed gently "Let's get you fed and changed and then we can go down and see what a mess your brothers and sister have made" She knew it was too quiet downstairs for the triplets not to be getting up to mischief. As she walked downstairs she rolled her eyes when she saw that almost every toy was out. Gently she placed Helen-Louise in the basinet and walked over to the triplets, picking up a few toys that were in her way.

"Did you three need to take every toy out of the toy box" she said

The three toddlers looked at her with grins on their faces. Gail laughed "I take that as a 'yes' then, well it's tidy up time and you can help"

As she placed some of the smaller toys in the box the triplets copied her but they were disturbed by a knock at the door; the triplets looked up thinking this was a way to get out of putting toys away and stood up.

"Ah no you stay here and put the toys in the box, I'll answer the door" Gail said

Gail went to answer the door, glancing behind her to see if the triplets were putting the toys away. On opening the door she smiled partly in shock and paused for a fraction of a second.

"Hi Jane...I heard you were back" she said hesitantly "Well come in...sorry about the chaos"

"Hi" Jane said as she tentatively stepped into the living room.

"Would you like a coffee I was about to make a drink?" Gail asked breaking the awkwardness, glancing towards the triplets who seemed to have forgotten about putting the toys away, and were back playing on the floor of the living room. Jane followed Gail into the kitchen.

"Sorry about the mess Jane, we still haven't got these three house trained yet" Gail said laughing, going to close the gate between the kitchen and the living room to keep the children out.

Jane laughed "I see you've got the house child proofed though" she said

"We need it with these three believe me, they're in to everything" Gail said as she boiled the kettle and took some mugs out of the cupboard, she also prepared juice for the triplets deciding that they'd probably needed a drink too. Five minutes later she took a tray into the living room and placed it on the coffee table, seeing the drinks the triplets quickly made their way to her.

"Wait" she said settling them down on the floor before handing them their drinks. Gail introduced Jane to each of the triplets by name and on hearing the gentle coos coming from the basinet she smiled, going over to pick up Helen-Louise before sitting down. Jane looked at her in half amazement and half admiration.

"You seem to have your hands full" she said, picking up her drink from the table "Joe told me about the new arrival and how cute the triplets were but I couldn't imagine how I would cope"

Gail smiled "Cute is one word for them, trouble is another" she said laughing

"How's Paul...don't tell me he's working" Jane said

"He's gone in for a meeting but he should be back by lunchtime" Gail said leaning forward to see what time it was.

"How are things now, I know things were really tense at work when I left" Jane said "I was sorry to hear about your dad"

"Thanks" Gail smiled sadly "It was kind of a shock for all of us. . . . .just a stupid argument that got out of hand between dad and Paul"

"Ouch" Jane said

"You could say that...things were so bad between Paul and I during that time, after you left his work load multiplied and Hilary kept piling on the pressure...I saw very little of him and then dad happened and everything just went downhill...but we are very much together now" Gail replied looking at the triplets

"I knew things were bad when I left...I felt guilty for going" Jane said

Gail smiled "Don' had to go...your grandmother needed the way how is she?" wanting to change the subject

Jane rolled her eyes "She's fine...still trying to run my life for me...John Worthington's taken her on a three month cruise so I decided to come here to visit Joe and Toby" she said "Can't believe how grown up these three are though"

"They're going to be two this year" Gail smiled

"So how are things at Lassiters?" Jane asked

"Why are you looking for a job?" Gail asked jokingly

Jane shook her head "No thanks...not sure living back here would be an option" she said

Slightly relieved to hear that Jane hadn't come back looking for a job Gail continued "Well we've got five new members of staff in the office, Paul hired both a manager and an assistant office manager as well as a new PR officer to take some of the pressure of him and things are doing really well...Rosemary is also over at the moment which gives him more free time to spend with us"

"So he's given up his workaholic ways" Jane said surprised

Gail thought back to the day of her father's funeral "He had to" she said quietly "It was that or lose his family forever"

Sensing a delicate subject Jane changed the subject slightly "So how old is this little one?" stroking the face of the baby Gail held in her arms.

Gail smiled "Just over 8 weeks now" she said "Hey do you want to hold her"

Jane looked at her "You sure ...she's so small" she said

"She's not as fragile as she looks, particularly in the early hours" Gail laughed as she gently handed the baby over, Elle wandered over and put her arms out to her mother, Gail smiled and picked her up

Jane looked at the baby who seemed peaceful in her arms "Joe told me that Des has gone to see Eileen" she said broaching the subject that she had been not been looking forward to.

Gail sighed "Yes...he left a couple of weeks ago; think he needed a break from the street and some time with Jamie. Things have been a bit difficult for him lately"

"How come?" Jane asked

Gail rolled her eyes

"Sorry" Jane said "I guess it was my fault" looking sadly at the baby in her arms

"No" Gail said "I don't know, you did what you had to do. Des had a hard time dealing with the fact that you were never coming back and the marriage was off"

"I guess hearing over the phone that the marriage was off didn't help" Jane said

Gail shook her head "I think before that phone call he hadn't lost hope that you would come back" she said "Oh Paul must be back" seeing the boys make a dash for the door when they heard the key turn. "Hey boys let daddy get in the door before you jump on him please"

"Daddy" the boys squealed in unison, causing Elle to get down from Gail's lap and go over to join the boys. Paul managed to get through the door without squashing one of the children.

"Hey" he said crouching down to greet the children "Have you three been good?"

Gail laughed "I don't think the word is in their vocabulary" she said, standing up and going to the door to help Paul deal with the children who were all trying to get his attention.

"Ha ha, they obviously take after you" Paul said as he stood up and for the first time saw Jane sitting on the sofa holding the baby.

"Hi Paul" Jane said

"Oh hi Jane" Paul said "Didn't think I'd find you here?"

"I'm just here on a flying visit" Jane replied "Can't believe how things have changed around here" looking at the contented children in the lounge.

"Not looking for your old job back are you?" Paul said sarcastically "I've had to make a few changes to the office since you left"

Gail looked at him and shot him a warning look which failed to lighten the mood or the desired effect.

"I'm not staying" Jane said

"Of course you're not, the minute you decided to stay your grandmother would be taken unwell again" Paul said

"Okay Paul, stop now" Gail said walking back to Jane and gently lifting Helen Louise out of her arms as the baby began to fuss. Gently she placed her on her shoulder and patted her back. The boys went back to playing with their cars on the floor whilst Elle stood in between Gail and Paul listening with interest to what was going on, Paul bent down and lifted the little girl into his arms, smiling he kissed her.

"Paul it wasn't my fault that my grandmother got sick, I had no choice but to go to her" Jane said

"Yes but you also had responsibilities here, to both Des and me, how do you think Jamie felt, another female walking out of his life" Paul replied

"This isn't doing anyone any good" Gail said as she walked over to the basinet and placed Helen-Louise inside. "I'm going to start on lunch...Jane do you want to join us?"

Jane looked from Gail to Paul, she could see he wasn't happy with her being there "No I have to go" she said "Thanks for the coffee" Quickly she headed to the door, Gail shot Paul a look and shook her head, quietly she went into the kitchen. Paul knew she was angry but so was he, Jane waltzed back into Ramsay Street expecting everyone to be happy to see her, well she was wrong, thanks to her one of his best friends had left Ramsay Street possibly forever not to mention the fact that she had left him in the lurch. Watching Gail in the kitchen he sighed and went to see the boys on the floor, kneeling down beside them he placed Elle next to him and began to play with them. Gail stole glances at them every now and again reflecting on what Paul had said to Jane.

"Paul what do you want for lunch?" she asked breaking the silence between them.

Looking at her he smiled "I don't mind whatever you've got" he said, standing up "Do you want some help"

"You could get the triplet's lunch ready for me if you want" she said

"Okay" Paul replied going to the fridge, opening it he found the bread and started to make some sandwiches.

Gail looked at him "Paul you were too hard on Jane" she said reaching over him for the coffee jar.

"I know but it's true...she had responsibilities here, John Worthington was with her Gran...Jane didn't need to stay for the length of time she did" he said

"Okay say it had been Helen who had the heart attack wouldn't you have dropped everything to be with her" she said

Paul remembered what it had felt like when he had been in America with Rosemary and his Gran had had a stroke, he felt helpless but there wasn't anything he could do so he had stayed there, sighing he replied "I guess so, but you remember I was in her situation with Gran when I was in America with Dad" he said

"This isn't just about Des though is it; the fact is that her leaving you with the Robinson Corporation put a strain on our marriage" Gail said

With a note of insistence in his voice Paul said "Gail I gave her the assistant manager's job which was yours, but she gave no thought to it once she got to London. I was working all the hours God sent to keep us afloat and to get Hilary off my back"

Gail put her hand on his back "I see your point but darling...that's in the past; we got through it that's the main thing; at the end of the day I think we gave Jane too much responsibility considering her age" she said "When her parents didn't want her, all she had was her Nan, it was only natural that she wanted to go to her when she was ill. The corporation took a backseat"

"I guess I was being a little unfair" Paul said, sneaking a kiss on Gail's cheek "But she still should have come back and faced Des, not call off the marriage with a telephone call"

"I know" Gail said "I don't think she wanted to call the wedding off, my hunch would be that Mrs Worthington was influencing her a lot, I can't imagine her being happy at the thought of Jane marrying Des"

"There wasn't that much of an age gap though" Paul said

"True...but I still can't see Mrs Mangle liking the idea" Gail said

"But it wasn't like Des chased after her, it was Jane that wanted him" Paul said

Gail smiled as she watched the triplets playing on the floor "Wonder what we'll be like when these three start dating" she said

"Urgh" Paul groaned "I intend to keep our daughters locked up until they're 21" he said

Gail laughed and put her head on his shoulder "I don't think so darling" she said

Later that evening Paul and Gail sat curled up on the sofa, Paul kissed her head and pulled her closer to him, they had just put the triplets to bed and Helen-Louise was peaceful in the basinet.

"Am I forgiven for upsetting Jane earlier?" Paul asked

Gail turned in his arms to face him, kissing him on the lips. "I guess so" she said "You really should apologise though"

"Yeah, Yeah I know" Paul yawned

Gail gently smacked him "I mean it" she said, turning and lying back in his arms "How was the meeting this morning"

"Fine" Paul replied, not sure whether he wanted to interrupt the pleasant mood with talk of the business.

Gail frowned "Is that it? Just fine" she said

Paul laughed "Business're all the same...what do you want me to say" he laughed tickling her playfully.

"I was only asking" Gail laughed, knocking his hand away

"Well if you must know, we have a new investor who is keen on putting money to upgrading the hotel, which is brilliant because we have to deal with the structure repairs as soon as possible" he said "But he's also keen on revamping the waterhole" Paul said quietly, knowing how Gail felt about the old pub.

Gail turned to look at him, frowning "You know what happened last time you wanted to pull the waterhole down" she said

"Darling I didn't say I was going to pull it down, but it does need looking at. The air conditioning keeps breaking down and the roof needs repairing, I thought maybe we could look at updating it some more but within keeping of the old interior of the place." He said "I don't really want to knock it down as I think it gives a kind of uniqueness to the complex, after all where else could you find an outback pub in the heart of a growing and thriving hotel complex"

Gail smirked, she knew him too well "Plus you didn't want to upset me" she said "You know how I feel about that place"

Paul laughed "I didn't want the argument we had last time" he said "I admit that but I guess in the same way that Jack Lassiter built that place for his wife, I guess I'll keep it the way it is for you"

Gail laughed "So romantic!" she said "However, didn't Rosemary keep the clause in the contract when she sold Lassiters that the Waterhole had to remain as it was"

Paul thought for a moment, realising that he hadn't checked the contract that closely regarding the waterhole "I don't know, I guess I should check that out" he said "But as I'm not considering knocking it down we should be okay"

Gail chuckled when she recalled the argument from a few years ago over the Waterhole.

"What's so funny?" Paul said, reaching for his mug of coffee on the table.

"Just remembering the argument we had over the waterhole" she said

Paul laughed "So do I...I think the whole thing got blown out of proportion"

"I don't know" Gail said "From what I remember you thought I'd told Rosemary your plans, and as far as you were concerned you were in charge and I was supposed to go along with everything you said"

"Where work was concerned I was the manager and I wanted 100% loyalty from my staff..." Paul began

Gail interrupted him "But you had just didn't trust me" she said wondering why they were having this conversation now "I remember when Rosemary asked me to write that report you were convinced that I was scheming against you"

"I admit you scared me" Paul replied, putting his mug down and pulling Gail closer to him whilst turning back and checking on the basinet.

Gail smiled "Aha the truth is out...can I have that in writing please" she grinned

"No" Paul said moving his hands to her waist and gently tickling her , Gail gently smacked his hand away from her but Paul wouldn't give up "You were always so ambitious and the only place you could go from you own job was to mine"

Gail looked into his eyes, "I only ever wanted to help you succeed" she said sincerely, placing her lips on his she kissed him "There were times you infuriated me, you could be so arrogant and didn't care who you stepped on to get what you wanted but other times I saw a different side of you, and all I wanted was to be there for you"

"Even back then?" he asked, a little surprised.

"Yes" she replied honestly "Even though there were times you acted like a two year old"

Paul laughed "Speaking of two year olds...did you see how intently our daughter was listening to our conversation earlier" he said

"I did actually, we're going to be careful what we say around her as she grows up" Gail replied "You can see her little brain mulling it over"

Paul laughed "She reminds me so much of Lucy, she was exactly the same...we had to be so careful what we said around her as you can bet she would store it up and repeat it at the wrong moment" he said

Gail smiled "I can imagine" she said, trying not to yawn, however Paul caught on

"Bored of me already Mrs Robinson" he said

Gail looked at him "Of course not, but your daughter got me up early this morning" She said

Paul smiled "My daughter...I see" he said "She's fast asleep at the moment so why don't we take her upstairs and get some sleep before she decides to wake up again" he said kissing Gail,

"Sounds like a good plan to me, Mr Robinson" she replied as she stood up reaching for Paul's hand.

Two months later, Ian Chadwick sat alone on a park bench on the outskirts of Erinsborough, preparing to meet the woman who disappeared from his life almost thirty years ago. Ever since finding Gail, something inside him had been determined to find out what happened to her mother, little did he know that she lived just a few kilometres away from their daughter. He felt nervous, unsure of what to say, reaching into his pocket he took out his wallet and opened it looking at the small photo he had of Gail, Paul and the children, smiling he looked at the photo of the triplets. He couldn't help wonder what Gail had been like at that age and how much he had missed with not seeing her grow up. Reluctantly he placed the photo back as he looked up and saw a woman approach. Standing up he slowly walked towards her, smiling as he reached her.

"Louise" he said tentatively "It's been a long time"

Smiling she reached out and embraced him "'re the last person I expected to hear from after all this time" she said, letting go of him "don't tell me you're living near here now"

Ian shook his head "No just visiting...I'm staying at Lassiters Hotel at the moment" he said curiously adding "Do you know it?"

"I've eaten there once or twice...the food is good" Louise replied "So tell me how come you've decided to contact me after all these years"

Ian looked down at his hands, unsure of what to say "I don't know..been thinking about you a lot lately...I mean 30 years ago you walked out of my life" he said "Do you ever think about us and what we gave up"

Louise looked at him and frowned, there was no point in regrets as there was nothing either of them could do about it, sighing she replied "Why don't we go and sit down?" as she saw the secluded park bench

Ian nodded, as he thought about the photograph of their daughter in his pocket, reluctantly he tried to put it out of his mind, he wasn't sure how to approach that subject. As they sat down a silence overcame them, neither one knowing how to break it. "So how has life been?" Ian finally asked

Louise looked at him, "Fine" she said "And you?"

"Yeah about the same" Ian replied, wondering if he had made a mistake trying to make contact again.

Louise laughed "'re hopeless at small tell me what you have been up to" she said

Ian laughed "Well I set up my own business in Tassie, got married, had two children and then got divorced" he said

"oh, I'm sorry to hear that"

"My own fault really, I became too wrapped up in business and neglected my family"

Louise looked down at the ground thoughtfully, for a moment she wondered what life would have been like if they had stayed together, just as quickly she wiped the thought from her mind, Ian interrupted her thoughts

"So tell me how's life been treating you?" He asked

Louise looked up at him and gave him a weak smile "Well after we left Tasmania we went to England, where I...anyway we moved around a lot and then settled on the South Coast of England. I left England on my 21st birthday and travelled Europe, getting jobs here and there to pay for what I needed before moving back here and continuing my studies" she said

"How long have you been living here?" Ian asked curiously

"About three years...a job opportunity came up so I took it...I started my own counselling service up" Louise replied, she gave a small laugh and looked across at the playground nearby "My speciality is counselling girls who find themselves pregnant...I try to help them come to terms with the pregnancy and make up their own minds as to what they want to do instead of letting the parents decide"

"That's a tough job" Ian said

"True" Louise replied "But when you've been there yourself you have a better understanding"

"Do you ever think about us, about what happened?" Ian asked still conscious of the photograph in his pocket, no matter how much he would have loved to have shown Louise he knew he couldn't

Louise smiled and sighed "It was so long ago...but I think that was one of the reasons I chose the career I did...I think every girl has the right to decide what happens if she gets's not the parent's decision" she said

"You sound bitter" Ian said "I guess your parents did what they thought was best for you"

"No Ian" Louise started angrily "They did what was best for wasn't acceptable in their circle of friends to have a pregnant teenage they took me away, I went through the pregnancy alone without my friends, without you and then I had to give up my baby...I never even got to hold her or look at her for that matter"

"I would have looked after you both" Ian said "You know that don't you?"

Louise looked into his eyes and saw an older version of the boy she loved "I know" she said "It was out of your hands"

"You never had any other children?" Ian asked

"No...I had a complicated pregnancy and birth, afterwards I was told I could never have any more children" she said, tears forming in her eyes "My parents saw it as a punishment for getting pregnant so young...I never forgave them for forcing me to give up the baby or making me leave Tasmania...I haven't seen or heard from them since I left England"

"Did you ever look for the baby" Ian asked, remembering that Louise's name was not on the adoption records.

"I looked for her when she reached 16 until she was 21, I figured that her adoptive parents would have told her that she was adopted around about that age but by the time her 21st birthday arrived and I was no nearer finding her I just thought that she was happy...and didn't need to know her birth parents" she said

Ian was silent remembering a conversation with Paul, where he learnt that Gail hadn't known she was adopted until they were considering the IVF programme. Louise looked at him sadly, the tears beginning to flow

"You wouldn't believe how many times I've wondered where she is, what she's doing, whether she's happy, does she ever think of me, is she angry because I gave her up" she continued "I never saw her, I gave birth to her and she was taken from me"

Ian looked into her eyes, an image came into his vision of Paul and Gail sitting on the sofa at Christmas cuddling Elle and trying to get her to sleep, their fingers entwined as they rubbed the little girl's back, he didn't know what to say to Louise to make her feel any better. Could he tell her that he knew where their daughter was despite Gail's wishes, "She would have been 30 in a few weeks time" he said

Louise laughed "Didn't think men remembered things like that" she said "Did you ever look for her?"

Ian closed his eyes, what could he much of the truth could he reveal, finally he replied "Yes I did" he began "My marriage had ended badly, my sons wouldn't talk to me and I wanted to find...I don't know...the past I guess...I wanted to find part of you as I knew I couldn't find you" he said

"I take it you didn't have any luck either" Louise said disappointed

Ian hesitated, Louise saw the look in his eyes and jumped on the slight glimmer of hope this gave her "Ian, you found her didn't you!"

Ian didn't reply, feeling torn by his respect and responsibility to Gail but knowing the feelings Louise must be experiencing.

"Ian?" Louise asked again but inwardly knowing the answer, suddenly realisation hit her.

"You found her didn't you and let me guess she doesn't want to see me" Louise said sadly, Ian looked at her and in his eyes she saw pity and the truth

"Why" she asked

"I don't know, she's just like you feisty and stubborn" Ian said "Look why don't we go and get a coffee and I can fill you in"

Louise sighed, she didn't really need to be filled in, she knew in her heart why her daughter didn't want to see her "Okay" she said "Do you want to go to the Coffee Shop at Lassiters"

"No I don't think so...I'm spending enough time there at the moment, there's a coffee shop just down the road from here" thinking quickly in case this caused any complications.

"Okay" Louise said softly, they walked in silence to the coffee shop, walking inside Ian spotted a table at the back of the room and suggested to Louise that she get the table whilst he ordered the coffee. After ordering two coffees, Ian looked towards Louise, she was fiddling with the table menu, and he noticed she looked so sad.

"Coffee won't be long" he said, as he sat down opposite her, Louise looked at him and smiled "Do you want anything to eat" Ian added

She shook her head "No thanks" she replied

They were silent for a few minutes whilst the waitress brought them their coffees, Louise picked up some sugar and placed it in the mug, then picking up a teaspoon she began to stir the sugar round. Ian looked at her not knowing where to start, finally Louise began,

"How long ago did you find her?" she asked

"Only a few years ago" Ian said "It was just after my divorce"

"but she wasn't on the adoption register when I looked for her" Louise said

"No...she found out she was adopted by accident, her adopted parents didn't tell her and she needed some documents and came across a letter from her late adopted mother in her father's papers" Ian said "It explained everything"

"I can't believe they did it in a letter" Louise said, astonished that anyone would give someone that sort of information in a letter.

Ian sighed "I don't think they meant to, her adopted mother died when she was young, and from what I know she wrote a letter to Gail telling her everything so that her Dad didn't have to, unfortunately her Dad kept the letter but couldn't bring himself to tell her the truth" he said

"It must have been a bit of a shock" Louise said

"You could say that" Ian replied picking up his mug and taking a drink of the coffee, he grimaced at the taste of it as he realised he had tasted better at Lassiter's Coffee Shop

"So tell me about her" Louise said

Ian put down his mug, "Where do you want me to start?" he asked

"Is she happy?" Louise asked

"Yes she is, she's married with four children" Ian said

"She and her husband manage the children and their business between them" Ian said

"How old are the children?" Louise asked

Ian smiled, thinking of the photograph in his pocket, realising that he still didn't have a photograph of his youngest grandchild "Well she has triplets that are nearly two and a daughter who's four months" Ian said "She found out she couldn't have children so her and her husband enrolled on the IVF programme and had triplets, that's in fact how she found out she was adopted, she wanted some information regarding her mother's medical history and of course she found out that she was adopted"

"So what business are she and her husband in?" Louise asked

Ian hesitated as he knew whatever he said would potentially let Louise know where Gail was "They own a successful hotel and business" he said

Louise rolled her eyes and suddenly realised sitting up with a start "Don't tell me Lassiters...that's why you didn't want to go to their Coffee Shop, I mean you have to admit that their coffee is better than this" she said staring at the mug in front of her

Ian grimaced "Absolutely" he said

"I take it she doesn't want to see me" Louise said dejectedly

Ian sighed "I think she decided when you weren't on the adoption register that you didn't want to know her, then after the triplets were born, she found it difficult accepting that anyone would give up their child so easily" he said

"I did not give her up easily...I was 17 years old, I had no choice in those days" Louise replied "I'm so glad those days have gone...will you tell her you've seen me?"

"Well I'm going to visit her tomorrow, so I might mention it" Ian said "I'm not sure how she will take it though"

"You mean she won't see me" Louise said

"I honestly don't know" Ian said

Louise looked at her watch, realising what the time was and remembering an appointment she had "I'm sorry Ian, I've got to long are you staying at Lassiters for?" she asked

"Another week" he said "Gail's birthday is coming up and the family have arranged a surprise party for her" realising how awful those words must sound to Louise.

"Gail . . . . is that her name. I was never even able to find that out" In an attempt to pull herself out of the surprise news Louise continued "Okay, well you have my address and telephone number, please keep in touch" she said

After paying the bill, they walked back to their cars, agreeing to meet up again soon. Ian watched as Louise drove off before getting in his car unsure if he had just made a very big mistake or if everything would work out.

As he drove into the car park at Lassiters, he noticed that the office light was still on, it was past five o'clock, he knew Paul had gone into work but wasn't sure he would still be there, deciding that he needed to speak to him as soon as possible he walked to the office. Opening the door, he went to the inner door and knocked before walking in. Paul was sat on his desk with Cameron playing with his cars on the floor.

"What's this?" Ian asked "It's gone five and you're still here" walking over to Cameron and picking him up, throwing him in the air, laughing as the child squealed with delight.

"Just clearing up now" He said, as Ian placed Cameron back on the floor and turned to Paul "I have a confession to make" he exclaimed hesitantly.

Paul looked at him curiously "What?!" He asked "Don't tell me you have to go back to Tasmania and can't make the birthday party" Cameron toddled over to Paul who picked him up, lifting Cameron in his arms he stood up still looking at Ian.

Ian shook his head "No...I'll be there" he said "I saw Louise today"

Paul frowned "Louise . . . as in Gail's biological found her" he said with concern

"Yep she's right and working a few kilometres away" he said "The problem is I told her that I knew where Gail was and she wants to see her"

Shrugging his shoulders in frustration and part anger Paul exclaimed "Ian you know how Gail feels about her"

With a note of desperateness in his voice Ian pleaded with Paul "Can't you make her change her mind...she listens to you, all Louise wants is a chance to see her daughter"

"I can understand that but Gail's not interested in seeing her" Paul said firmly "We've discussed it before and my first concern is for her wishes and my family"

"But" Ian said

Feeling that he wasn't making himself clear or Ian just didn't want to hear what he was saying Paul started to feel frustrated and sharply replied "Look Ian, there are no 'buts' you know how Gail feels, you had no right to tell Louise that you knew where she was"

"Make her see reason" Ian said "If anyone can you can"

Paul laughed "Look Ian, she has a mind of her own, and there's nothing I can do to change it" he said "Beside my loyalty is to her" picking up his briefcase and with Cameron in his other arm, he stepped away from his desk and moved towards the door, Ian followed him outside.

Paul turned as he opened the door to let Ian out "We'll see you tomorrow" he said

Ian stroked Cameron's cheek "If she would only see Louise I know she would feel different" he said

"Ian, please" Paul said as he placed Cameron down while he got his keys out of his pocket "Maybe one day she will change her mind but just at the moment she doesn't want to see Louise so we have to respect that"

After Paul opened the door, Ian stepped outside turning around to say something he sighed and started walking away, Paul watched him, he wished he could help Ian but he also knew how stubborn his wife could be, Looking down he saw Cameron looking up at him, watching him curiously, Paul laughed and scooped the child up in his arms "Hey you it's time to go back home" he said kissing him.

"Home" Cameron repeated

"You've got it matey" Paul said smiling.

On arriving home, Paul heard the laughter of the children as he got to the door, with Cameron in his arms he managed to get the door opened and walked in, seeing Nick and Todd sitting on the floor with the Robert and Elle.

"Hey you two what's going on?" he asked as he put Cameron down.

"Just playing farms with these two" Nick said, standing up, Elle put her arms out for him so he picked her up "But now we have to go home" he said tickling her, Elle squirmed in his arms.

"Something I said" Paul laughed

"No" Todd said "We're going to meet Sharon and Lucy up at the skatepark"

"Okay" Paul said as Nick handed him Elle "Have fun and be careful"

Todd rolled his eyes " know us!" he said

"Unfortunately yes" Paul said "Where's Gail?"

"She's upstairs bathing Helen-Louise, we were going to stay until she came down but as you're here we're head off" Nick said

"Bored with my children already" Paul laughed

"There's only so much playing little kids games that we can take" Todd laughed "Can't wait until they grow a bit bigger and we can play football with them outside" as he walked out the door.

Paul placed Elle back down on the floor along with her two brothers and walked into the kitchen, the triplets' eyes followed him, he put the kettle on and looked inside the oven "Ooh looks like dinner will soon be ready" he said, as he began to get plates out of the cupboard, the triplets walked over to him standing by the gate.

"Hope you three are hungry" he said, the triplets turned when they heard Gail coming back downstairs.

"Hi" she said as she walked towards the kitchen "How was your day?"

Paul smiled and walked out of the kitchen, carrying some cutlery to put on the table, "Busy but fine, and I had Cam to keep me company" he replied kissing her on the lips.

Gail smiled "Well how about we get these three fed, bathed and in bed then curl up on the sofa together" she said

"Sounds like a brilliant idea" Paul said "Can't think of anything I'd rather do tonight, might just change and check on our youngest"

"Okay" Gail said "I'll start getting these three their dinner"

Paul walked out of the kitchen and turned and looked at her as he got to the staircase, she was happily chatting to the triplets as she got their dinner ready, he smiled at how happy she looked but knew that he needed to tell her that her biological mother was in town, if he didn't he was sure Ian wouldn't be able to keep quiet, sighing he walked up the stairs and into his room, stopping briefly to check his youngest daughter's cot, seeing her sleeping peacefully he gently stroked her back, watching her for a minute before he turned and walked into the bathroom.

An hour and a half later Gail and Paul had finished bathing the children, after looking through a picture book with them, they put the three of them to bed, Gail smiled as she watched Paul have a battle of wills with Elle, who was refusing to lie down, seeing the other two were settled she walked over to her daughter's cot.

"Hey you" she cooed "Time to go to sleep"

"I've been telling her that for the last five minutes" Paul said "She's not listening"

Gail laughed "Stubborn" she said as she picked her daughter up "Come on, you've had a busy day playing now it's time to sleep" Elle shook her head and then placed it on Gail's shoulder, Gail cuddled her close for a moment then gently put her back in her cot, placing her blanket over her.

"Mummy" Elle called holding out her arms

"No sweetie" Gail said gently "Time to go to sleep"

Paul gently stroked Elle's head, "Night sweetie" he said, watching and smiling as her thumb went in her mouth and her other arm went around her koala bear. Gently Paul and Gail walked out of the room switching on the night light and making sure the baby alarm was switched on.

Once downstairs, Gail walked to the kitchen to wash up "How is it that Elle is always the one that won't go to sleep straight away" Paul said

Gail turned and looked at him "Because she loves being the centre of attention" she replied smiling as she picked up the dishes from the table and placed them on the draining board.

Paul walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, "She's just like her mum" he said putting his lips close to her ear. Gail slapped his hand away "That is so not true" she said, Paul laughed "I think the lady protests too much"

Gail quickly picked up the tea towel and threw it in his face "Just for that remark you can dry up" she laughed, Paul held up his hands in surrender and picked up the tea towel which had fallen on the floor.

They began washing up in a comfortable silence; Paul looked at his wife wondering whether it was a good idea to bring up the subject of her biological mother, Gail sensed he had something on his mind.

"What's wrong" she asked

"Nothing...just thinking how lucky I am" he said

Gail laughed "Yeah well don't forget it" she said "Seriously though what's on your mind"

Paul sighed "How about we leave the rest of the washing up until tomorrow and go and sit down" he said, putting down the tea towel"

"Come on Paul, we only have a few more dishes to do" Gail said

Paul rolled his eyes "Okay, slave driver!" he said

Twenty minutes later, Paul was sat in the lounge reading the paper when Gail walked over carrying two mugs of coffee, Paul smiled and put down the paper as she placed the mugs on the table. "Come here" he said opening his arms for her, Gail smiled and sat down. Paul pulled her closer to him and kissed her.

"What's on your mind?" Gail asked

Paul sighed "Ian came to see me in the office today" he started

"Don't tell me he has to go back to Tasmania so wont be here for my birthday" Gail said

" just.." Paul began

"Just what" Gail asked

"He's found Louise" Paul said

"You mean Louise as in my biological mother?" Gail said, not really needing a reply to her question.

"Yes" Paul said

"Well that's nice for him" Gail said "Just as long as he doesn't tell her that he knows where I am" she said seeing in Paul's face that Louise did know.

"He's told her he knows where I am, knowing that I don't want to meet her, hasn't he?" Gail said

"Darling" Paul said "He said it just slipped out, she wants to meet you" as he held her closer, Gail moved out of his arms and looked at him.

"You agree with him don't you" she said "You think I'm being unreasonable about not wanting to see her"

Paul shook his head "No I'm on your's just I can see their point of view" he said

Gail moved out of his embrace and stood up, putting her back to Paul "Great" she said angrily "Thanks a lot"

Paul stood up and put his hands on Gail's shoulder, she angrily pushed him away "Darling...I'm on your side"

Gail turned to face him and he saw the tears in her eyes, he cursed Ian for telling Louise anything, gently he walked up to her and wiped away her tears "I love you...more than anything in this world you know that and if you don't want to meet Louise then that's fine with me...I told Ian the same" he said

"But you think I should see her" Gail said "Truthfully"

"Not if you don't want to" he replied, pulling her into a hug

"Paul she's not my mother" Gail said quietly "She gave up that right when she had me adopted"

Paul stayed quiet, waiting for Gail to continue. His eyes drifted to the photograph of their children on the fireplace mantelpiece. Gail looked at him, then turned to follow where eyes were looking.

"I don't know, maybe having our own children has made me see things differently; parenthood isn't just about giving birth to a baby, it's about the caring of the children, look how much time we've spent on our children these past few years" Gail said

"I wouldn't have it any other way" Paul smiled, as he went to sit down on the sofa, gently pulling Gail with him

"Rob and Brenda were my real parents, they cared for me, made sure I was safe and they worried about me whilst I was growing up, Ian and Louise are my biological parents but I realise now that's all they will ever be" Gail said sadly "I don't really know them, and if Ian thinks he can change my mind about meeting Louise he's wrong"

Paul looked at her and pulled her closer to him "You don't have to do anything you don't want to" he said

A week later Paul and Gail sat outside the coffee shop enjoying breakfast with the triplets, having left baby Helen in the care of Jim and Helen. Paul laughed as he looked at the face of his daughter which was covered in jam, picking up his napkins he went to wipe her face.

"Nooooo..daddy" Elle squealed pushing his hand away from her

"Hmm maybe bringing these three to breakfast was not a great idea" Gail laughed

"Well the boys are behaving" Paul said "Besides I thought it would make a nice change"

Gail laughed "Think we need to get them table trained as well as toilet trained" she said, quickly moving a glass or water away from Cameron's reach, before he knocked it over.

"Anyway once we've had breakfast we can take these three back to dad's and spend the rest of the day together" Paul said

"And what have you got planned" Gail asked "You sure your dad won't mind looking after the children"

Paul laughed "On question one, I'm not telling you and believe me dad will enjoy having the triplets around...he's already said we don't ask for help enough" he said

"Well a few hours with these three will change his mind" Gail smiled "So come on at least give me a clue as to what you have planned. I mean what if I don't like what you've got planned"

Paul laughed "You can do whatever you want" he said "I just thought it would be nice to spend the day together and not have to worry about the children"

Gail looked at the three children who were getting restless; she sighed as Robert put his hand on his piece of toast and got it covered in Jam, he then showed Paul saying.

Paul smiled as he grabbed a napkin to clean his son up "I think it's time we went home, don't you matey" he said

"Yeah" Robert replied looking at him "Daddy...down"

"In a minute" Paul said "Darling I think these three have had enough breakfast today, how about we get them back to the car"

Gail didn't answer, causing Paul to look at her; he looked to where she was looking and rolled his eyes. "I don't believe it" he said

Gail looked at him "Paul what he doing here with her, I told him I didn't want to see her"