I'm quite out of practice writing Kingdom Hearts fics, but I was playing last night and I couldn't resist.

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She was quite nervous about leaving everything she knew. It had been harder than she had ever imagined, saying goodbye to all her friends, now scattering like seeds across a field to colleges across the world, and leaving her house and parents. But now she sat in her new dorm room quite alone, abhorring the fact that college was even invented. Her roommate seemed nice, but she had fled to meet boys as soon as her stuff was in the room. She assumed that she wouldn't see much of Kairi. Pushing back her hatred of walking alone, she dug out her iPod, the only friend she had here, and walked to the school store, hoping to pick up as many books for her classes as she could just to have something to do.

The store was colossal. Everywhere she looked, there were people or shelves or merchandise. It was quite intimidating. Nervously avoiding eye contact, she located about two thirds of the books she would need for her first few weeks; she'd come back for the rest. She paid for her items and cursed herself for forgetting a backpack to carry them in.

Awkwardly, she carried her books in front of her, praying beyond belief that she remembered the way. As she tried to look past her books to see if she was even near the right building, something crashed into her and she toppled onto along with her books.

"I'm so sorry. I should've been paying more attention," said a blonde boy, who now kneeled down next to his skateboard to help her with her books. Brushing herself off, she collected those that he missed.

"It's alright. I should've been too," she answered politely. Though it was annoying that he had knocked her over, at least he had the decency to help.

"Do you need a hand? I think you've got a bit more than you can handle," he said with a smile, still holding some of her books.

"Excuse you, I could've made it if you had paid attention to where you were going," she laughed and he shrugged with a smirk. "But yes, I would so appreciate some help if you don't mind."

"It's the least I can do. I'm Roxas, by the way," he added, leaning down to pick up his skateboard and taking a few more books from her hands.

"Olette," she answered.

Maybe Twilight U wouldn't be so bad after all.