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"Word"- Speaking




Hiro was walking along a path that went from the main Sohma house to Shigure's house to go see Kisa, who was over visiting Tohru.

Why does she like Tohru so much? Hiro wondered. Not that he really cared, him and Kisa were just friends, anyways. He was halfway to Shigure's house by now. He couldn't even see the main house anymore.

Then he remembered that the rabbit was over at Shigure's too, though for what reason, the ram was clueless. He always did like that rabbit. He was always willing to play with him, though he was twelve he still liked to play games. Haru never would because he was always either at Shigure's, hopelessly lost, or busy with homework or some other nonsense. He never even has homework, so what in the hell is he working on all the time?

Hatori, though he was nice, was always busy either going out to find Haru, helping the Sohma members with their wounds, or busy attending to Akito's many needs.

Akito, well it was suicide just asking him to participate in anything remotely fun for other people besides himself. Kisa was always over with Tohru, so if he wasn't over there, she couldn't play with him.

Ritsu, well he was fine if you liked hearing useless apology after useless apology screamed in your face. He never liked that stupid rooster.

Rin was always with Haru whenever she got the chance. Wait. Ohhh, so that's what Haru did when he was locked up in his room. Rin! Well, that's one more mystery solved. That only left Momiji, who always was glad to play with him.

By now, he was at Shigure's. Hiro could hear a lot of laughter, and he decided to go on the roof to terrorize the cat. He was always up on the roof when there was laughter. So he turned around just in time to smack right into Momiji.

"Oh, hey Hiro! Do you wanna play?" Momiji asked with his famous grin. Hiro just smiled and said, "Well, I was gonna go see the ca- I mean Kyou." Momiji never did like it when Sohmas called each other by the animal they turn into. "But sure, why not?" "Yay! What do you wanna play?" "Uh, how about..." Hiro wondered. Let's see, what do I wanna do? Oh, I know! "Let's play Hide and Seek!" "O.K! Who's gonna count?" Hiro said, "Oh, can I?" "Sure!"

After Hiro had counted to one hundred, he said, "Ready or not, here I come!" Hiro went all over the yard, and not finding Momiji, he went inside to look for him. What he saw when he opened the door, however, he would never forget in his entire life.

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