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Chapter 12,

Hard truths and lies and Mt, Moon,

It's 1:00 pm and at this time the streets of the Leaf Village would be place of quite but not right now as word of a man and a women that look like the forth and his wife who is holding Sasuke are in the village.

Right now Minato and Kushina are still going to the Hokage office. But soon both came to a stop as a busty blond woman who is from what they could see was the Hokage and five ninjas jump in front of them.

"Alright you two I don't know who you think you are but we do not take kindly to people who impersonate two of our villages greatest heroes." Said the woman.

"Tsunade-Ba-chan is that you?" said Minato seeing her.

"Yeah Tsunade-san what are doing back in the village as the Hokage no less?" said Kushina.

"Because I am the Hokage who ever you two are and I well make pay for disrespecting there memories like this you temes we well also be taking back the Uchiha." Said Tsunade as she the pointed at Minato and then said. "And I well also make you pay for calling me old."

"It is us Tsunade we are back and alive." Said Kushina.

"Yeah right both are dead try again." Said Tsunade.

"Its true Orochimaru brought us back to life." Said Minato.

"In that cases your even more dangerous to the village as he has control over anyone he brings back to life." Said Tsunade as she and the ninjas with got ready to attack them.

"Tsunade we are not under that snakes control he some how brought us back wrong. He tried but we were able to act of are own will." Said Minato.

"Prove it to me." Said Tsunade.

"Here take this and open it." Said Kushina as she tossed Tsunade scroll.

Tsunade not trusting them had on of her ninjas open it. When the scroll open what came out shocked her and every one around as Orochimarus head dropped to the ground.

Once getting over her shock Tsunade used a scan move on the head to see if this was the real Orochimarus head.

"This is real this Orochimarus head. That means your both for real…." Said Tsunade as she looked at her two friends.

"See I told you…" Minato started to say only to have Tsunade to hug him.

"Your both back." Said Tsunade as she then hugged Kushina.

After she was done Tsunade had one of the ninjas with her take Sasuke to the prison hospital to have him looked over and to put him in a cell after that.

"Come let's go back to my office we have much to talk about." Said Tsunade as she vanished in a swirl of leaves.

So both did the same. Soon all three were in her office were they all sat down.

"Alright let's hear the question that your both dieing too ask." Said Tsunade looking at the two.

"When can we see Naruto and how has he been doing?" said Kushina.

"Yeah please tell me he is not been spoiled by this village to much." Said Minato.

"Naruto's has just left on a three year training trip with Jiraiya and as for how he has been doing well he's not been spoiled by the village I can usurer you of that." Said Tsunade.

"Well that is good thought for sure he would be." Said Minato.

"Me too with how he is the hero of the village and all." Said Kushina.

Well that is were your both wrong."

"What do you mean Tsunade?" said Kushina.

"Minato and Kushina Naruto life after the sealing was hell." Said Tsunade.

"But why I said he was to be a hero of the village?" said Minato.

"Minato that was a very noble idea but the villagers did not see him that way they saw him as the fox in human form and took their hate out on him." Said Tsunade.

"You're lying to us Tsunade I know these people they would not do that." Said Minato.

"Me too this village's people are very understanding." Said Kushina.

"Then don't believe me here is the old mans diary read the truth." Said Tsunade as she handed them the 3rds diary.

Soon both were reading it. As that was going on back at the gates Jiraiya had just gotten their after taking a fast boat from Server that got him back to Wave in half the time.

As he got closer the two guards saw him and called out to him.

"Lord Jiraiya you well never guess what has happened?" said one of the guards.


"The forth and his wife are alive and back in the village and they have also killed Orochimaru." Said the other one.

"Are you both sure of this?" said Jiraiya.

"Yes sir they are in Tsunade's office now." Said the first one.

And before ether could say anything Jiraiya was gone.

We find Jiraiya now leaping roof from roof as he dose he is having a dilemma about what he should do.

"Should I go forward with Naruto's plan or should I tell Minato and Kushina that he is alive and on Sever right now. If I lie to them and say he is dead both well be devastated. But if I tell them the truth they well want to get him back and bring him home hurting Naruto's happiness. What to do what to do." Jiraiya thought to himself as he knew that no mater what he did people were going to be hurt.

He then jump on to the street and ran the rest of the way as he did he heard this from a large group of villagers.

"Now that the forth is back he can finally kill the demon."

"Yeah when that demon gets back it is as good as dead."

After hearing this Jiraiya made up his mind.

"I well go throw with Naruto's plan I love Minato and Kushina but right now Naruto's best interest needs to be put forth not theirs or the villages."

And with that Jiraiya made ready to give the best lie of his life to not only Minato and Kushina but also Tsunade.

Back in Tsunade's office both parents were crying and holding each other as they had finished the diary.

"It's all my fault I should have guessed that after the attack and all the people we lost that the villagers would not be so understanding." Said Minato.

"Me too I should have also known." Said Kushina.

As both cried they heard the door to the office open they all turned to look and saw Jiraiya walk in.

Once Jiraiya was inside the office he was rushed by all three in the office.

"Jiraiya where is Naruto I need to say I am sorry?" Said Minato.

"Jiraiya I need my baby I have to hold him where is he?" said Kushina.

"Jiraiya way are you back so soon and where is Naruto?" said Tsunade.

"I think you three need to sit down before I tell you anything." Said Jiraiya

Once every one was sited Jiraiya started his lie.

"Alright first I am sorry to say this but Naruto is dead." Said Jiraiya in a sad voice.

At hearing this Kushina burst into tears and Minato went into a state of shock Tsunade was the only was able to talk but barley.

"How did it happen?" said Tsunade as she held her tears back.

"We were out side a small village when we saw a group of bandits attacking a group of farmers. Naruto being Naruto ran to help as we fought them it turned out that they worked for a few ninjas who joined in. We fought them off but the last one was going to kill a small little girl but Naruto saved her but the attack killed him even as he died he killed the ninja." Said Jiraiya as he got out a scroll out and unsealed the clothes Naruto and him made.

He the walked up to Kushina and handed her the clothes. Kushina took them a wept over them as Minato tried to comfort her.

After a few minuets Minato looked at Tsunade and said.

"Tsunade call a village meeting."

"Yes right away." Said Tsunade as she left the room but before she left she asked.

"Minato well you and Kushina be staying in the village and well you be retaking the title of forth?"

Minato and Kushina looked at each other ay hearing this.

"Yes we well still stay in the village it is our home despite what it did to are son and I well retake my place as the forth." Said Minato.

"Thank you both." Said Tsunade as she left.

After she was gone Jiraiya looked at both and said.

"I am sorry about Naruto."

Jiraiya then left the office.

About an hour later the whole village had gathered in front of the Hokage Tower. The only ones not there were a few Anbu that are out on the villages walls. Out on the Hokages balcony we find Tsunade she is about to talk to them.

"People of the Leaf I am happy to say that today two of our heroes have been returned to us today. I give you the fourth Hokage Minato and his wife the Red death of the Leaf Kushina." Said Tsunade as she stepped out of the way of the two as cheers went up from the villagers.

"Hello my fellow people of the Leaf Kushina and I are angry and sad today before you all." Said Minato looking at the villagers.

"Now I bet you all wonder why we are angry well we are both very disappointed with you and with us." Said Minato.

"Yes why are you disappointed with us and you?" said a female villager.

"Before I tell you all this let me tall the young ones of this village a story." Said Minato. "One day 13 years ago I battled the demon fox but in order to win I had to seal it in a child that I said was to be the villages hero."

"Why should we have seen that demon in human form as a hero?" said a male villager.

"Because he was my son you fool do any of you fools think I would seal the demon in my son if I thought it would be able to hurt him? Also if it was not for my son who saved many other babies born that day one of your kids would have been used" yelled Minato as his killing intent went out.

"Nooo sir." Said the same villager.

"That is why I we are disappointed in the village as for us we should have known that the hate from that night would have blinded you all to the truth. But we both thought that this village was stronger then that but I guess we were wrong." Said a sad Minato.

The older villagers all looked down in shame. But one of the young ninjas asked him this.

"Fourth way are you and your wife sad?" said a young girl named Hinata.

"Because we have found out from my teacher Jiraiya who came back today my son has died helping a group of farmers." Said Kushina taking over.

At hearing this every one was shocked as the older villagers who thought that they could say sorry to Naruto found they could not as for the younger one they thought they would say thank you for your sacrifice.

Hinata had fainted at hearing this with her team helping her.

"Now I want to say I am once again the leader of the village and even though a lot of you did not fallow my wish I still see this place as home and you all as family." Said Minato as he and Kushina left to go back inside.

"Dismissed." Yelled Tsunade as she fallowed.

And with that the people left each think about who they are.

Back inside the Hokages office the three got ready to handle a lot of problems in the village and how Leaf handle things in the village. And the first thing they had to do was take care of Sasuke.

From that day forward the Leaf would grow stronger and it would be a long time before the truth about Naruto would come out.

Back on the continent of Server Naruto and his friends had gotten to Mt Moon at about 8:00 am and are going throw a tunnel throw the Mt.

"This place even with the lights in the tunnels is dark." Said May trying to hide how she was a little scared of this place. "Maybe we should go over or around?"

"Yeah it is dark but it would take three days to go over the Mt and five to go around it would take to long." said Keitaro.

"He is right it would take to long. But don't worry May I well not let any thing happen to you." Said Naruto as he grabs Mays hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

This action made May blush as she squeezed back. Soon both let go and entered the tunnel.

Some time later the three heard the sounds of digging not to far ahead of them wondering what was going they headed to where the sound was coming from.

Soon the three found a man with brown hair and glasses he is dressed in a white lab coat with brown pants with a blue shirt under the lab coat.

The man had yet to see that they were there but as they got closer Keitaro called out to him.

"Seymour is that you?" said Keitaro.

The man at hearing Keitaro turned to the group and said.

"Keitaro is what are you doing here?"

And with that both men ran up to each other and hugged.

"Keitaro who is your friend?" said May.

"Oh were are my manners Naruto and May meet Seymour he and I went to Crystallized U together and he is a Pokemon scientist at Pewter City Science Museum." Said Keitaro.

"Hello you two." Said Seymour.

"Hello." Said both together.

"Seymour this is May she is a Pokemon Coordinator and Naruto a Pokemon Trainer."

From there Keitaro asked this.

"Seymour way are you here?"

"I am studying the Clifairy andClifable as you know but Keitaro I have recently come across a lead on the next key of the dark temple." Said Seymour.

At hearing this Keitaro was shocked he has been looking for a lead for the other two keys for years.

"Where is it?" said Keitaro.

"It is on one of the Orange Island that is all I have." Said Seymour.

At hearing this Keitaro knew what he had to do.

"Naruto and May I hate to do this but I have to go and get the second key before Team Rocket gets a lead on it." Said Keitaro. And before you both ask no you can't come along I want you both to continue your journeys."

"We understand Keitaro we well miss you though." Said May.

"I don't like this but okay just call us if you need help." Said Naruto.

"Don't worry I well." Said Keitaro as he hugged them once he let go he then said. "Now then both of you should get going to Cerulean City."

"Your right." Said Naruto as he and May left.

Once they were gone Keitaro told Seymour what was going on once Keitaro was done Seymour left to Pewter City to tell his teacher about what was going and that they had to find the last key area.

And with that Keitaro left the cave heading to the nearest river so he could use his Dewgong to get to the ocean. As he head there he pulled out his cell phone he then called his teacher Seta to tell him he need him to shadow Team Rocket.

Back with Naruto and May they were sad that Keitaro was gone.

"Naruto do you think Keitaro well be okay?" said May.

"Yes Keitaro is very strong I know he we be fine and he knows if he needs help he can call us." Said Naruto.

"I guess but I wish he had stayed I miss him already." Said May.

"Me too but as long as we remember that no mater how fare apart we are as long as we remember each other we are never apart." Said Naruto as he hugged May who hugged him back.

Once they were done they continued on their way to Cerulean City and both of the matches.

So Keitaro leaves Naruto and May to look for the seconded key of the dark Temple. And even though he is not with them now Naruto is right as long as the hold on to the memories they made he well all was be with them. And even as May and Naruto part with Keitaro on their Pokemon journey I am sure more meeting await them.

End of Chapter 12,

Next Chapter,

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