A/N: SPOILER WARNINGS. This is Alternate Circumstances (AC).

Summary - EDITED Version: Naruto has a twin brother that he met at the age of five. Through the years they've known eachother, they have made life changing impacts on many lives. Now, at the age of 15 Naruto, Huyu, and Sasuke have a plan to follow through with, but only they know about it... for now. Someone... or something... has forcefully changed the three boys progression... just by existing. Will they, and the rest of their precious people, be able to go through with their plan. NOTE: Story starts when their 8 years old and goes on from there. NarutoXIno OCXOC many others enjoy.

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"NARUTO!!! WAKE UP!!" Yelled a blue clad 8 year old. This boy had a blue jump-suit which was the exact opposite of what this Naruto boy was wearing. He had hair that reached the nape of the neck, which was black with red streaks, and bangs that cover his forehead and the top half of his eyes. His eyes were green frozen pools that could chill you to the core. Also he was wearing matching combat boots. What really would catch your attention though would be the 3 whisker marks on each cheek, it made him look more animalistic.

"Fuck off. I don't want to wake up yet, Huyu. Go to the academy yourself." Naruto groggily said, still half asleep.

Huyu, seeing that he wouldn't get anywhere at this rate decided to take matters into his own hands. "This is your last chance Naruto, wake up, now." Huyu said dangerously while glaring daggers at his roommate.

"Don't eat my cupcake, donkey." Oh no. Naruto's mumbling in his sleep. On that note, Huyu went into the kitchen, filled a pot with water, and went back to Naruto's bed and dumped it all over him.

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" Naruto launched 10 feet in the air; unfortunately the apartment ceiling was only a 7 foot high ceiling. Thus, Naruto's head went right through the weak roof and was stuck.

"Ha ha ha ha!! That was hilarious man, you should have seen your face when I dumped that water on you, hell you should see yourself stuck in the roof. HA HAA HA HAA!! Huyu was over taken by a fit of laughter for a brief moment before Naruto started shouting at him.

"Get me down from here, damn it!! I think – wait what the hell is that. AAAH MOUSE GET IT AWAY, GET IT AWAY!!" Naruto was struggling to get free when his blue suited counter part started laughing even harder. That is, however, until he glanced at the clock and cursed. They were going to be late, AGAIN.

"Damn it, Naruto. We need to get a move on." Huyu said while grabbing the blonde haired midget by the leg and yanking him out of the ceiling.

"Your lucky you're my twin brother or else I would beat you up for that, no, pull a major prank on you. Oh yeah. That sounds way better." Naruto said as he got up to get ready to go to the academy.

10 Minutes Later

Naruto and Huyu were running for their lives, why? Because of their little quarrel this morning they were running late. The Uzumaki brothers aren't usually scared of things, but when Iruka gets mad, well let's just say none of them want to deal with him.

"Hey, Huyu. After you want to pull a prank and get some ramen." Naruto asked, hope in his eyes.

Huyu looked at him with a smirk and muttered a 'sure'. Then proceeded to frown. Naruto only pulled pranks on people when they treated him or someone else badly, or when he was bored. Considering they had a whole day to talk about what to do, he highly doubted that they were going to paint the Hokage monument today.

At The Academy

They were so screwed.

They were late.

By a half-hour at least.

There was only one thing to do.

Sneak in or run for the hills. Of course they were going to try and sneak in, key word being try. It was bold, brash, something to gloat about whether you got in unnoticed or not. So they started sneaking in. The door was open already so that they didn't have to worry about, so, while crouching, they started walking as quietly as they could to get to there seat.

'I don't believe it we made it to the isle that leads to our seat this time.' Naruto thought.

'What the hell? Iruka-sensei didn't notice us. Well I guess we're just getting better.' Huyu thought to himself.

They did it. They were almost there, just 5 more steps and they make it.

"Late again Naruto, Huyu." Iruka stated more than asked.

Both boys were face to face with Iruka now. They looked back to notice only a bunshin of Iruka was standing at the front and then dispelled. They turned back to Iruka with that shit-eating grin only they could have.

"W-well you s-see -.." Naruto was interrupted by Iruka.

"No excuses this time boys you need to start taking responsibility and –," Iruka was totally blocked out by the 2 boys as they looked at each other. It looked as though they were coming up with a plan.

Ah. Twin telepathy. What a gift.

With a nod from both boys they looked back at their teacher and formed that all to familiar sign.

"Oiroke no jutsu!" They yelled while turning into much taller, much more beautiful, female versions of them selves. Did I mention they were naked?

Slowly, the fair haired beauty made her way to her companion and started rubbing her breasts. While the other let out a moan. And that was all it took to send Iruka sailing backwards with a major nose bleed.

"Victory is ours once again Iruka-sensei!" Naruto screamed as they transformed back into their original bodies. Huyu just smirked at how perverted Iruka was. It was quite funny actually, watching him sail backwards like that.

All the guys almost died of either laughter or nose bleeds, or both. Anyway, some of the girls were laughing while the rest were fuming at them.

Ah yes. The key to a successful day is pulling off one of the best pranks you've got.

"QUIET!" Iruka shouted with his big head jutsu. "Huyu, Naruto, take your seats." Iruka ordered.

The boys, not wanting to insure the wrath of Iruka, complied and took their seats on either side of Uchiha Sasuke.

"Nice one, Uzumakis, I was sure he was dead from that hit." Sasuke congratulated the 2 with a smirk and a nod.

Huyu scoffed. "It was better last week when you were helping us." Then looked out the window to space out.

"I guess, but I got grounded by my mom for 4 days." Sasuke stated.

Yes that's right his mom, the only other survivor of the Uchiha Massacre along with her son. It was a terrible night, and every time either 3 of them thought about it would bring a frown to their faces and a reminder of the promise they made all those years ago.

Flashback 2 Years ago

Sasuke, Naruto, and Huyu were getting ready to go to the park.

"Mom. Are you ready yet? Sasuke half-asked, half-yelled.

"Almost dear. I'll be down in a second." His mother responded.

Itachi walked through the door at that moment. Looked over the 3 boys then proceeded to leave. Well until his otouto called out to him.

"Hey! Itachi-ni-san. Can you train us today or go to the park with us?" Sasuke eagerly asked. Itachi waved him over. Sasuke complying ran to him, then was poked on the forehead by Itachi's index and middle finger.


"Maybe next time Sasuke." Itachi responded then left.

"You always say that." Sasuke mumbled under his breath. Then his mom came down and told them she was ready when they were.

"Good day, Uchiha-san." Huyu said as he slightly bowed. Now Huyu wasn't one to show that much respect for someone, but because the Uchiha mother was kind to Naruto and Huyu, despite certain circumstances, he felt obligated to show her respect.

"Please, Huyu-kun, call me Hide." The raven haired woman stated.

'Well, so much for showing respect. I guess doing that is useless anyway. Everybody should be treated equally, so screw this whole sama, san thing.' Huyu concluded in his head.

3 Hour Later

The group of 4 was coming back from the park, happy with how the day went. The boys went to play with some of their other friends that showed up. So she got to chat with the other mothers from the Inuzuka, Yamanaka, Nara, and Akamichi clans.

Their conversation was going well, until they realized how late I had gotten and decided to depart. Of course they had to drag all their unwilling kids with them, unfortunately, this left Hide with 3 boys.

As they entered the compound, Hide got this chill up her spine, like something terrible was happening. Being the ex-shinobi she is, kept her guard up. Huyu noticed this.

"Whats the matter Hide?" he asked with concern in his icy green eyes. She answered.

"Keep your guard up some things not right here." She said. At that all 4 of them were watching their surroundings carefully. All of the sudden, they here a scream come from 4 different directions.

"I've got the right." Huyu said as he charged off in his direction.

"I've got center-left, Sasuke take center-right." Naruto some what ordered. With that they went off in their respected directions.

"No! Wait you guys don't go by yourselves!" Hide yelled but it was to no avail. Hearing another scream come from the left, she decided to check it out quickly then go rounding up the 3 boys.

'Kami, please watch over them.'

With Sasuke

(Same thing happens except his mom isn't dead)

"If you want to kill me. You have to hate me, run and cling to life. And once you get the same eyes as me come and find me." Itachi said to a very distraught Sasuke. Who wouldn't be after seeing their entire family murdered by their on kin.

"B-but -.."

"Also to get these eyes, you have to…" Itachi was cut off by the sound of his mother's voice.

"Sasuke where are you." Apparently, her direction was nothing more then a genjutsu.

'Shit! I didn't want to have to kill her.' Itachi thought.

"Sorry otouto, but I have to go." With that said Itachi leapt off. Sasuke was not going to have any of that.

"Itachi!" He screamed as he chased him. Eventually he caught up. Sasuke threw kunai at Itachi, but didn't hit the target. He was still drowsy from the Tsukyomi he took earlier and was about to pass out. After that he couldn't remember anything. Then darkness.

With Naruto

"Damn a genjutsu. I can't believe this."

"Itachi!" Naruto whirled around so fast, he was surprised that he didn't get whiplash. He saw Sasuke chasing Itachi. Whom was covered in blood.

'What the hell is going on?' Naruto thought. Eventually he caught up to him at the point where Sasuke fainted.

"Sasuke!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. Then he look over at Itachi

"What the hell is going on Itachi?" Naruto asked. Very confused.

'Shit, not him too.' Itachi cursed his luck at running into 2 people he didn't want to kill and had a 3rd one chasing them.

"Sorry Naruto, but I have to go Sasuke will explain everything." Then Itachi knocked Naruto out.

'Who the hell else am I going to run into today?' Itachi thought frustrated.


'Fuck. It just had to be him.'

With Hide

She was anxious, scared and ticked off that she let herself get so out of shape. After hearing all three boys yelling Itachi's name, and Naruto yelling Sasuke's, she was panicking.

'Please be okay.' To her luck, she found all 3 boys lying next to each other. She checked over them quickly, letting out a sigh of relief at the fact that they were okay, she was worried about Sasuke and Huyu. They seemed to be hit with a major genjutsu of some sort.

'Could it be THAT technique?' Eventually she pulled herself out of her thoughts and proceeded to do the following.

"I NEED SOME ANBU IMIDIATLEY!!" Then started crying.

3 hours later

The 3 boys found themselves in the hospital with Hide watching over them. Well, sleeping in a chair with a kunai in her hand.

"What the hell happened?" Naruto mumbled.

"It was Itachi." sounded the voice of the Third Hokage. By now Hide woke up.

"Damn. My head hurts." The curse from Huyu reassured Naruto on the fact that he was ok.

"I second that." Sasuke said

With a sigh of relief Naruto looked over at Sasuke and asked a question.

"What the hell happened Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

With tears in his eyes Sasuke explained the whole story. Then Naruto and Huyu filled in the blanks that happened after Sasuke passed out.

'Sasuke. I'm sorry.' A lone figure mentally apologized.

"Hey, Sasuke." Naruto drew Sasuke's attention away from his crying mother.


With the look of determination in his eyes and the very same look in Huyu's, who gave him the go ahead. He looked at Sasuke and said along side his brother.

"We, the Uzumaki Brother's, promise to help you get yours and our brother back." They said. Itachi trained them with Sasuke a little bit from time to time the year before, and have come to look at the boy as a bigger brother. He to didn't care about their special guests.

"Thank you, my brothers." Sasuke said.

End Flashback

After spending another day in the hospital, they were released. Hide proposed for Huyu and Naruto to live with her and Sasuke. It's not like space would be a problem. But being the kind of people they are they respectfully declined saying, 'We've been better off on our own.' Since Hide couldn't force them to do anything she gave up, for now.

"Hey, Earth to Huyu, Sasuke and Naruto class is over!" Iruka yelled. This brought them out of their stupor and they race for the door.

"So Naruto who are we pranking today?" Huyu asked.

"Oh. Some shop owner near the Uchiha compound." Naruto answered with a frown.

"Hey, Sasuke want to give this guy a taste of that prank?" Huyu asked.

"Sure. Wait what prank are you talking about?"

"Oh, you'll see, you'll see indeed." With that said, Huyu started laughing maniacally.

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