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The Anbu, along with a sorrowful Tsunade, decided that since an investigation was in order, they collected whatever evidence they could, asked Inoichi, Ino, Aoi, and Naruto questions, and then moved Kaida's body to the ninja morgue.

The ninja morgue was made specifically to hold dead shinobi away from prying eyes and hands when they were investigating a murder. Sometimes, they just sent the shinobi bodies there after a battle to have them later identified by anybody who might know who they were.

That's where Kaida's body lay at this moment. She was on a table with her wounds sealed. If she was alive, she would have a few not as noticeable scars on her torso, some on her arms and one big one across her back. Also, near her… womanhood, close to the top of the thighs, she had miner but still scarring lacerations. Her face was only bruised and her jaw was broken.

Tsunade closed her eyes, thinking hard on what to do. She wanted to pray that she was having a nightmare, because if Huyu found out about this before they find the one responsible, he would most likely lose control and literally destroy the world looking for the one responsible. If that wasn't bad enough, she knew that Naruto would help. Forget their friends, they could be pissed and upset all they want, but Tsunade feared that if the Namikaze Uzumaki brothers were both provoked, their combined power would most likely be the most destructive force in existence… As far as she knew, and she didn't even really know, it was more of a hunch that was in favor of it being right.

She shook her head from these thoughts, hoping to catch whoever did this, and save him/her/it, for Huyu to take care of. Before they had closed the wounds, Tsunade and another medic searched Kaida's body, and didn't find any traces of poison. Tsunade then cursed, knowing that Kaida wasn't one to be messed with, considering that she never went down with out a fight.

Which meant the bastard, which Tsunade found fitting to call him, had to have beaten her enough in order to rape her, which meant Kaida must have gotten in a few good licks herself. Tsunade was sure that Kaida had hit the assailant for she had a fight bite on her knuckles, but there wasn't very much damage done to the green house, so Tsunade had Anbu searching the entire village, to see where this might have started. From what Inoichi said, this creature just disappeared, so it could have easily started its assault somewhere else.

Naruto had summoned a bunch of foxes and Kakashi summoned a lot of nin-dogs and sent them off to see if they could find anything out. So far, the four people living in the Yamanaka estate, the Anbu team that arrived on scene, Kakashi, some medics, and herself, were the only ones that knew about Kaida. She ordered everyone to keep it a secret, not wanting to raise panic, and not wanting Huyu to find out yet. She wanted to find the person first, and out of respect and love, leave the bastard to her surrogate brother/son and his sickening torture methods.

"Hokage-sama?" Tsunade snapped from her reverie instantly and looked to the only other person in the room. It was one of the coroners that worked there.

"Yes?" Tsunade raised an eyebrow, the man in front of her was smiling. It started to piss her off, even though she knew this guy had seen many and worse deaths in his entire life. His job probably allowed him to see the worst and most deaths in this world, not every shinobi is able to witness all the different ways of death occurring, even Ibiki has yet to see some gruesome deaths.

The coroner grinned even wider when he showed Tsunade his findings. Tsunade was both happy and angry. 'We have a lead!'

She didn't understand what was happening. Everything was white, she looked around, but nothing but white was what she could see.

'I would have thought being blind would have darkness, but I guess you'd never know.' She lifted her arm to feel around, when suddenly, she saw her arm. 'Guess I'm not blind. But then what's happening?'

She looked at her hand, front and back, she couldn't tell if it was even her hand, she couldn't even remember.

'No, this is my hand, but I don't know why I'm here. Where am I anyway? Am I dead?' So many questions, and no answers.

Suddenly, everything around her turned into an open clearing. The sky was grey, the ground was hard and it looked like stone. Lighting flashed in the distance, nothing but clouds in here.

"Now what?" She looked around, then started walking forward. She walked and walked, coming across a few people in battle. A few people just staring at her, and then people just sitting there, like they had no purpose.

Then she came across a man that she had recognized. She smiled, she wanted to thank the man for what he did for her boyfriend, for protecting him as best as he could.

"Hey! Sarutobi-sama!" The old man looked up from the ground, having only sealed Orochimaru's arms and the souls of the sacrifices Orochimaru used to summon the other Hokage, he had no trouble pinning them down. He saw the girl that called out to him, and a tear left his eye as he realized what it meant for her to be here. He hadn't seen her for three years, and was hoping he would never see her in this forsaken place.

"Kaida? Why? How?" Suddenly his eyes widened when she stood right in front of him, he saw that her body was mutilated, although she was wearing her clothes, he could see her exposed skin scarred. "Oh Kami, what will the world do now that Huyu is going to be running the entire planet cold, ripping it apart so he can find out who did this to you."

Kaida shook her head. "I don't know, I don't even know why this happened. I thought I would have gone to the after life, not the Shinigami's stomach."

"So you knew." Kaida nodded. "Well, I don't know how that happened either, no one used that jutsu, did they?" Kaida shook her head at that.

"I have no idea what happened, all I can remember is being attacked in the middle of the night, it wasn't even at my house, but was dragged all the way there, then I was…" She suddenly shook violently, eyes widening, holding the look of terror. "…Oh my God."

Sarutobi quickly caught her as she was falling. He understood, she was raped. That angered him, and he hoped that Huyu would find the person who did that to her. He knew the boy that he looked at as one of his grandsons would deliver the rightful punishment to the bastard who did this.

"Hey, Kaida, you find out who their parents were?" Kaida smiled as she backed away an inch from the third. She nodded. The third grinned. "Why don't you go meet them?"

Kaida gasped. "Wait, both of them are here, I thought the fourth was the only one who sealed them."

She felt a tap on her shoulder, and when she turned around, she was shocked.

There stood a blond man that looked almost exactly like her friend, and next to him stood the woman that had part of the hair, and those exact same eyes… Huyu's eyes.

"Oh Kami, I actually get to meet Huyu's parents. Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina." She smiled, even though she felt that this was all wrong, she got to meet her boyfriends parents, sadly, before Huyu could. She quickly lost her good mood and saddened.

Kushina put her arms around Kaida and Minato put his hand on her shoulder. Kushina spoke. "Thank you, for being there for my child. My baby boys were treated unfairly, and you were one of the ones who loved Huyu most."

"Yes, you have been most helpful to Huyu. You have probably kept him from completely losing his morals and destroying the village. Well, you reinforced what Naruto was trying to build at least. The support." Minato smiled, squeezing the girls shoulder.

Kaida was about to cry, when she realized that this wasn't how she remembered the story. "Hey, why is Kushina here? I thought she died giving birth."

Kushina pulled away and Minato released the girls shoulder. "Unfortunately, someone thought it necessary to fuck with the agreement." The blond elder hung his head, Kushina tightly held him to her.

"It wasn't your fault, the Shinigami is an asshole! He went back on his promise, you used your Kage Bunshin and your real body to seal Hachibi and Kyuubi, but the bastard thought it would be funny to take my soul as real payment for the Hachibi's sealing! It's not your fault Minato-kun, it isn't." Kaida was shocked at what she heard. She couldn't believe that the Shinigami did that to them.

She growled. "Not even the demons inside of your sons would go back on their word." Suddenly she remembered. "Hey, did you know what the Kyuubi and Hachibi were really doing there?"

Minato and Kushina shook their heads. "Why, do you know?"

She nodded. "Huyu-kun had found out that the sharingan has a limited ability to control the demons' chakra. Uchiha Itachi, eight years after both Uzumaki boys were born, found out his whole clan was forming a coup de tat. He killed all of them, but his mother and brother. He did this by order of Sarutobi, his aids, and Danzo. He did this because he needed to spy on a group called Akatsuki, the leader being Uchiha Madara."

The two in front of her were shocked. They looked around her at the third. He nodded his head grimly.

"Anyway, so, after they got Tsunade to become the Hokage, because Jiraiya thought she was more fit for the job than he was, both your sons and Uchiha Sasuke, planned on having Sasuke stage a betrayal and go to Orochimaru. So, Sasuke was spying on Orochimaru, and Jiraiya had brought Naruto and Huyu out on a 2 ½ year training trip. After a year and a half, Huyu was approached by Itachi, who found out that Madara had caught on to him still being loyal to Konoha. So, Huyu, using his past as a legitimate excuse to go evil, staged a betrayal, and became Itachi's apprentice for the Akatsuki. Later, because I never got that far in his memories, I'm only guessing that he decided to kill Sasori, take his position, and continued on from there." Kaida stopped to take a breather, waiting for them to respond. When nothing came, she smiled. "Also, Huyu and Naruto know who you two are to them, and they have both bloodlines at their disposal."

Both parents smiled sadly, one of their sons had to experience the life of a black ops shinobi, and the other had to bare the knowledge. Minato shook.

"Why are you here? Huyu… he's going to lose it." Kushina put a hand on her husbands shoulder.

"Remember Minato-kun? You made it so that if a certain amount of tails is released by any one of them, I will be brought into Huyu's mind to talk to him, and you will be in Naruto's. Now, Kaida, what were you saying about he Kyuubi's and Hachibi's real reason for attacking Konoha?" Kushina turned to Kaida, as did Minato and Hiruzen.

"Oh, well, since Madara had taken his brothers sharingan when he was going blind, he had the eternal sharingan. So, he was able to completely control the Kyuubi, but not at the same time as the Hachibi. What ended up happening was, Kyuubi started making a beeline to Konoha, under Madara's influence, while Hachibi was attacked by Orochimaru who was trying to capture him for his power. Orochimaru never left his leaf hitai-ite behind and never put a scratch through it, so when he dropped it in Hachibi's home…" Understanding washed over them and they cursed Orochimaru and Madara forever.

"So, do you know why you're here?" The Sandaime asked. Kaida shook her head.

"All I know was that I was attacked… and raped." She looked down, Kushina gasped as she squeezed Kaida close to her.

"Out of both our sons, who's like whom?" Kaida smiled.

"Huyu has black and red hair with your eyes. Naruto looks exactly like his father, both their facial features have a mix of the both of you. They both are kind hearted, but Naruto would take after you Kushina, with how hyper active he is and his jolly nature. Huyu can be like that, but he is more like you Minato. He'll kill people cold heartedly if he needs to, but they both have a strong hatred for traitors and manipulators." Kushina smiled but cursed at the same time.

"One day, during the war, I was raped by a Rock ninja. I wasn't with Minato's team, but somehow he found out and went on a rampage. Huyu… I don't know if anyone is going to be safe around him until he finds everybody that ever hurt you, and finds the… bastard… that… did this to you." Kushina shook her head, she knew she would be visiting her son soon.

"If Naruto takes after you Kushina-hime, then he'll help destroy everything that gets in his brothers way, especially because it means that Ino will be endanger." They both nodded.

Kaida liked being held by Kushina, it felt like she was being held by her mother. She started fingering the necklace that Huyu gave her as a Christmas present.

Suddenly, they heard a voice they didn't expect to hear. "Looks like a reunion of sorts. Ah, to bad you can't see your sons." The Shinigami started laughing.

Kaida quickly got angry and pointed at the god of death. "You asshole! You're the reason why Naruto and Huyu were left alone! You're the reason why Kushina couldn't be there for her sons! You're the reason Huyu and Naruto were separated at birth, not knowing about each other until they were five! You're the reason they were both beaten to near death by a lot of the villagers! Huyu had to live in a foster home that was corrupt and beat him everyday, especially on his BIRTHDAY!! You're the reason why they killed that little girl that was willing to be his friend!" Kaida was crying, not sobbing, no, she was letting her tears flow as she was trying to glare the Shinigami into eternal damnation.

"Oooo, I could see why he wanted you to have the Shoutengan." They gasped and had nothing but shock on their faces.

"What?" Kaida was completely confused. "He… he… he didn't kill me… did he? NO! It's not possible!"

The Shinigami frowned. "Although it would make for a better story, you're right, it's not possible. I don't think he could kill you. However, I approached him, and told him that you died; I didn't tell him the details because that wouldn't have given me the time to make my deal. He looked desperate for only a second, obviously, he wasn't going to take chances and…. Formed his words properly to make the deal."


The Shinigami had witnessed Kaida's death the night before, laughing his ass off at the reaction he could only imagine on Huyu's face.

"Hey gaki!" Huyu turned towards the Shinigami from his place on top of the Hokage mountain.

"Let me guess, you know, if not part of the reason why some of the Anbu that have gone in and out of the Hokage tower along with medic nins are scared and… I don't know, in panic?" Huyu crossed his arms, looking at the Shinigami. Ever since they met for his Shoutengan, he never trusted the Death God, or liked him.

"Well, I know the reason and I collected the soul. Those mind walkers aren't weak though, I tell you that much." The Shinigami grinned when he saw Huyu un-cross his arms and glare at the Shinigami. He could tell the boy was slightly fearful of what he was about to hear, but was prepared. "Oh, Kaida says hi."

Huyu was about to jump at the creature of death, but realized it was fruitless, and decided to punch a tree instead. He quickly regained his composure and just gave the Shinigami that cold stare.

"Alright, I'll make a deal with you, you give Kaida the Shoutengan and I'll bring her body to Demon Country. I'll have a sacrifice for you as well." The Shinigami chuckled at those words.

"You sure?" Huyu was about to nod when he suddenly realized his mistake.

"No, you revive her as well." The Shinigami nodded.

"Good, you chose your words carefully, but, in order for her to both have the Shoutengan and be revived, you have to do something… extra." Huyu nodded.


"The sacrifice has to either be related to Orochimaru, or is Orochimaru." The Shinigami frowned at Huyu's response, which was a laugh.

"Who do you think I had in mind?" With that they shook hands, this time, Huyu's arm didn't implode again and was only cut in several places. They nodded and Huyu went to get his teammates.

"This will be interesting."

End Flashback

Kaida smiled, Huyu was already prepared. It may not have answered who killed her, but she knew that Huyu was ready.

"Now I'm offering you a deal girl." Minato, Kushina, and Hiruzen stepped in front of Kaida.

Kushina spoke. "Ah hell no! You're not screwing them out of this you scum!"

The creature raised his hands in defense. "It's not what you think. Kaida, if you do a favor for me, then I will not only revive you and let you live until you either are killed again or die of natural causes, but I'll let Kushina, Minato, and Hiruzen here pass on."

Kaida looked surprised. She didn't know what to say, she'll have a chance to help the three most selfless people she knew, next to Naruto and Huyu of course.

Minato coldly answered. "Pass on to what?"

The Shinigami snickered. "You caught me! Alright, I'll let your souls pass on to the after life, allowing Kami and who ever the hell else wants to judge you, judge where you go."

Kaida looked to Minato for an answer, and he nodded. She smiled and agreed. "Alright, I'll do it."

The Shinigami saw her reach her hand out. "You're just like Huyu." He was about to grab her hand when Minato swatted her arm away.

"I'd advise against it, I know you feel the effects of his voice alone, imagine if you touched him." Kaida instantly shivered, just remembering what Huyu did.

"Oh yeah, I forgot I saw that part of Huyu's memory. Amazingly, where I would imagine anybody scream in agony, all Huyu did was grunt and die so he could get his Shoutengan." Minato smirked as Kushina grinned widely. Hiruzen smiling as well.

"That's my boy! I bet Naruto's just as tough if not tougher." Kushina loudly proclaimed. Kaida smiled and nodded her head.

"Okay, this is what you'll be doing for me…"

Whenever an allied village of Konoha has their Kage visiting for more then one day, they would usually have them live in a pretty large house, big enough to hold the Kage, and any of his shinobi he brings with him. This building is near the Hokage tower, but its well hidden so that anybody who isn't an Anbu member, doesn't know where it is. The house is guarded by a few select Anbu.

The smart thing, is that this building has seals placed on it that correspond with other seals placed through out the villages undisclosed locations. This way, after the Kage has left, the building is then summoned to any seal the Kage wishes. Also, just so that the other leaders don't know where the other seals are, one seal is designated for one leader, so when he/she returns, it will be summoned to the same place it was before hand.

One of the many rooms in this house was an office, it had enough room for a Kage to store anything away for the time they are staying there, but when they leave, they have to take all of their documents with them.

Gaara was currently sitting behind the desk to this office, fight that ever present foe that seems to follow a Kage no matter where they go.

That's right, paper work.

Luckily for Gaara a knock resounded through out the room and Gaara's mood was really low on happiness. However, he'd rather deal with the council of every village then with paper work… 'On second thought…'


The one who came through the door was one of the only people who could bring a smile to Gaara's usually emotionless face. This woman was something else to him; something that he felt was a gift that he wasn't going to lose easily. A gift he wasn't going to through away or take for granted.

She closed the door and locked it, with a smile she said in a sultry tone. "Enough mental work, lets do something a little more physical, Gaara-kun."

Gaara was still getting used to these actions and modes of thinking, but with her help, he was able to enjoy them more openly, to her anyway.

"You know best Tayuya-hime." Gaara leaned back and watched Tayuya walk towards him, smile never leaving her face and a certain sway of the hips. Gaara felt she was going agonizingly slow, so he allowed some sand to go quicken her pace.

Tayuya giggled when sand gently wrapped around her and brought her over the desk and onto Gaara's lap. They had been doing things like this for awhile now, never going all the way. They wanted to make sure Gaara was mentally and emotionally ready for that.

With out a second thought, Tayuya's tongue started exploring Gaara's mouth, all the while his was doing the same to her mouth. Muffled moans and gasps were all that could be heard in that room.

Knock knock

Gaara glared at the door, he started ignoring it when Tayuya got his attention by shoving her breast in is face. He was enjoying this.

Knock… Knock…

This time Gaara didn't even acknowledge it, and Tayuya was hoping it wasn't something important.

Suddenly, they both heard a sound of a sword being drawn, and it started scratching against the door. The chair they were in was able to spin, so Gaara made it so that Tayuya and him were facing the window while they both leaned down into the chair, heads not being able to be seen from the door, which was right across from the desk. Gaara perform his third eye jutsu and the floating eyeball lay hidden in one of the corners of the room.

The sound of a sword being put away was heard, which confused Gaara, but then they heard a muffled voice. They were able to hear the person say a Mokuton jutsu.

The day Gaara cursed wooden doors.

Not knowing what happened to the door didn't matter, what matter was that the both of them hadn't moved for five minutes. Gaara looked to Tayuya and smiled when he saw her pull her flute out and waited for his command. He gathered sand underneath the desk, preparing it.

"It's me Gaara." Gaara whirled around with an annoyed look on his face. "Wow, with that look I could swear you would have used that sand on me anyway. Don't worry, I heard what you two were doing and I wouldn't have dared to interrupt unless it was important."

Gaara frowned, the tone in his voice was as serious as ever. "Well Kyoujin, what is it?"

"First off, I put a sound barrier on this room when I heard what you were doing. Deciding this conversation can be between us and then you guys can get back to… mating." Gaara smirked as Tayuya growled. "So, you can refer to me by my real name."

Gaara nodded as Kyoujin removed his hood and pulled his mask down. Had their been a window in the room, he would have kept both articles on.

Tayuya gasped. Before her was a familiar sight. Kyoujin had red and black hair, green eyes and a goatee. The thing that got her the most was the whisker marks.

"Huyu?" The Jinchuriki smiled as he scratched the back of his head. "Really, I don't know if I'm surprised you're Kyoujin, or if I'm ticked because a bunch of fucking assholes didn't tell me fuck all!" Huyu took a step back.

"Hime, it was necessary. If you knew, there may have been a chance at someone thinking he was being held in Suna, there for, capturing and torturing people for information. I just didn't want that for you." Gaara didn't seem as scared as most men would be in this situation, but maybe that's because he was and forever will be protected by sand with out his control.

"You're lucky Gaara-kun, remember that. As for you Huyu…" Huyu pointed at himself with such an innocent look. It didn't work, but she remembered why she didn't hate this kid. "…forget it."

"So, if that is all, why'd you come here Huyu? You know your team has to be at the Chuunin exams in…" Gaara looked at a clock and shook his head. "…you have ten minutes."

When Gaara turned back to Huyu, he saw him toss back his pills before putting the bottle away and swallowing. "I'll make it, so don't worry. Now, I made a deal with the Shinigami, and it involves someone I need you to get." Gaara's raised his eyebrow. "Don't worry, your just retrieving the body of Yamanaka Kaida."

At that, not only did Gaara and Tayuya feeling like smacking their heads for Huyu's weird statement, but they also felt really depressed about losing a friend.

"Um, you do know the deal was to bring her back to life right? What else would I have asked for from that damned Shinigami?" Gaara sighed.

"When and where?"

Huyu smiled. "Thanks buddy. Tsunade said she'd have someone bring Kaida to the North Gate, and they'll only leave Kaida with a Suna-nin that has been with you, so most likely one of your siblings or even Tayuya here. All I ask is that it's a really fast ninja, in terms of traveling, there is a deadline here."

Gaara nodded. Rock Lee and Maito Gai were on a mission, it wouldn't really matter because they weren't even here for the whole week. Gaara started thinking about who the fastest traveler was, on a solo with a body. He smiled.

"I'll personally do this mission." Huyu scratched his head, seeming to think about Gaara's decision. "I've got full control of my sand again since Shukaku was removed, and that means that I can travel on the sand like it's a summon while carrying Kaida's body with sand. I wouldn't be slowed down by dead weight." Huyu smiled at this and Gaara received a peck on the cheek from Tayuya.

"I owe you Gaara."

"No, only now are you and I even for what you did for me. Now I am only in debt to Naruto."

Not having any time left to argue with him, Huyu put his mask back up and pulled his hood back on. "I have to go. Ja ne!"

Huyu left the room and jumped to the nearest window from his location. Standing on the sill, he focused, slowing every bodily function he had down to near death, then the a crack was heard and Huyu was gone.

The two Suna members would never show their frustration at their partners lateness out to the open public. However, inside, they were seething. The Jonin-sensei seemed to be amused though. He obviously could read his 'students' enough to know they were pissed off.

"Where the hell is Kyoujin, we have four minutes." Came the voice of the boy with the black jacket and red flames.

"I don't know Nori, he'll be here soon." Came the voice of the much older shinobi with the white jacket and black flames.

The Jonin-sensei laughed. "Nori, Kyoga, he'll be on time for this event."

"If you say so Gama-sensei." Just as those words left Nori's mouth, a crack was heard and Kyoujin appeared in front of his team.

"Yo." Both his teammates reared on him.

"You're late." They both spoke with minor annoyance evident in their voices.

Kyoujin laughed. "No I'm not, we've got 8 minutes." He looked at a clock and pointed. "See?"

Nori and Kyoga looked up and saw the clock, indeed it said there was 8 minutes.

"What? I could have sworn there was only four minutes left." Nori spoke.

Huyu shrugged. "I'm guessing you were looking at the clock in that classroom, it's fast. I only know this because I checked the time before I got here."

They all shrugged and decided to just get on with it already.

Naruto sat in a chair near a window of the classroom. Beside him on either side were bunches of Chuunin he knew the names of, but didn't know personally. Everybody else beside Naruto and Shikamaru were the only ones out of their little group that was working the first exam. The second would be held by Ino and Anko. Naruto didn't know why two proctors were needed. If prelims were to be held it would be held by Zabuza and the finals would be held by Naruto himself.

Naruto was wondering about whether or not he should just leave a Kage Bunshin in his place for this part of the exam but couldn't think on that matter any further for the last team had arrived.

Naruto's face showed no emotion as he stared at the Suna Team that passed Inari's squad. When he looked at all of their jackets, he frowned at the likeness they had to his father's coat. Naruto shook his head as he decided not to dwell on it to much. Ibiki always tells him…

'Like the Yamanaka clan will tell you, the mind is extremely powerful and dangerous. One of the best ways to understand someone, is allow yourself to become that person. It's like when you're completely healthy but you can believe that your sick. If you believe it enough, your mind can and will trick your body into being sick. People who survive cancer just believe that they'll make so much that their brain will sometimes fight the cancer off, even for a little while. Always remember this Naruto, it could be the key to winning a battle, obtaining information from a prisoner, or even being successful in relationships.'

Naruto was interested in this team, so he decided to keep an eye on them specifically through the whole Chuunin exam. Naruto then turned to see the new Team 7 come face to face with the Konohamaru Corp.

Naruto sighed. 'I hope they don't get into a giant rivalry thing.' Naruto continued watching them interact.

Inari was standing with Hanabi on his left, and Yoshirou on his right. Konohamaru was standing across from Inari, with Moegi in front of Hanabi and Udon in front of Yoshirou.

Inari spoke first. "So, you're Konohamaru Corp. Well, I'm Inari and this is Yoshirou, I'm sure you already know Hanabi." Konohamaru nodded. "We're the new Team 7."

Konohamaru motioned to his team. "I'm Konohamaru, this is Udon and Moegi. We're the Konohamaru Corp., and I'm going to be the Seventh Hokage someday."

At the proclamation, Yoshirou raised his eyebrow. He knew fully well that they were currently at the Godaime, not the Rokudaime. So, he voiced his opinion.

"Don't you mean the Sixth Hokage?" Konohamaru smiled at this.

"No… that spot is Naruto's." It was simple, but it got the attention of most people in the room, and Naruto was speechless. With a smile he thought about how being the Rokudaime would be so rewarding with all the hard work he's put in.

However, Naruto would be content if he died, because he knew the joy of being in love with someone. He couldn't wait for this exam to be over.

Suddenly smoke erupted at the front of the room. "This is troublesome, but take your seats so we can get on with the exam." Naruto smirked at Shikamaru's ever present laziness.

One by one everybody started taking their seats, Shikamaru looked over everyone and smirked. 'What a drag, I can't just use Ibiki's tenth question. Well, they'll be in for a surprise.'

Shikamaru explained the rules, nothing had changed from the first time. After he had finished explaining the rules and what he was going to do, he looked at the clock.

"Alright, let's get this troublesome test over with."

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Ja ne