ok this just popped into my mind. I know this never happened but it still sounds cool! don't own the doctor.

The Doctor and Donna ,having no ideal what so ever why Rose was taking so long to get done in the bathroom, yelled to

her "Hurry up outta of there!" After a few minitus Rose came out of the bathroom with a pale look on her face. The Doctor

looked at her and thought she was sick."Are you OK Rose?" Rose looked at the Doctor and smiled "Just a bit of a cold Doctor."

Donna looked at Rose with a frown "Are you shure Rose? We can always cancle are trip to Excalibur." Rose looked at her and

laughed "And miss trying to pull the sword outta the stone? No way!" She Smiled at the Doctor and ran to the center of the

ship. "Lets go then!" Rose said to them. "OK Rose were coming!" They yelled at her.

After they came back from Excalibur Donna felt tired so she whent to bed. "night." Rose and the Doctor said to her. After a few

hours of playing poker Rose asked the Doctor a question" Do you like kids?"she said timidly to him. The Doctor looked at her

and answered with a smie " Yes of corce I do. I love there cuite little faces and how they are so innocent." Rose smiled. Then

she told him "Good,cuz your getting one." The Doctor looked at Rose and stammered"your-you-your pregnant!" he said to

her. Just then the Doctor fanted from shock.

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