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The Doctor got up late one night to get some bananas. After nine months of sharing them with Rose, he was glad to have them to himself again. Just then he heard from the baby com that he installed last week a noise. The doctor quickly ran into Namine's room with a banana in hand and saw her five month old face smiling up at him.

"Hey there Namine, what's wrong?" The Doctor cooed to his daughter. He then lifted her and sat down on the rocking chair next to the crib. Namine looked at her father and put her hand on the banana. The doctor looked at his little girl with disbelief.

"Oh no Namine, bananas are mine." he softly told her. Namine reached for the banana but her arms were too short. Her eyes started to mist when she couldn't reach it. The Doctor sighed and carried Namine to the kitchen.

The doctor set Namine down gently on the tile and went to a cabinet. There he took out a key and opened it. In it there were 12 bunches of bananas. He calmly plucked a banana off of one and closed the cabinet. The Doctor then got a bowl out and mashed the banana all the wile saying to Namine;

"You know, this is my personal stash. Yep, came from a little island that I go to weekly. If you like these a lot we might have to go daily when you get older. Personally I don't mind but your mother…." The Doctor then got out a spoon and sat right next to his daughter on the floor. He then spoon fed her some and saw her face light up. He chuckled at the thought of sharing his bananas with Rose was just gearing him up to spend 18 years sharing them with his little girl.

And you know what, he diden't mind at all.

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