Story Title : Me

Chapter Title : Who Am I?

He opened his eyes and stared at the light fixture that was a rectangle
in the center of the room's ceiling. It wasn't a very big room, but it
seemed big enough for one bed, a dresser, and some space to walk in. No,
it wasn't very big, it was more like a closet then a room. The walls and
floor were bare, made of metal plates though they refused to reflect
anything but some of the light.

Lifting his hand, he looked at the dark blue hard skin that covered it.
Something didn't seem right. Something in the back of his mind stated
that he should not have skin like that. When he tried to chase the
thought down, he found it flown and could not remember what it had been
in the first place. Still, it nagged at him like an irritating mosquito
buzzes at one's ear.

Slowly, he sat up and slid his feet to the floor, noticing
that he was wearing a form fitting black suit. The suit had
an insignia on the left breast and he tried to peer at it,
but found it too obscure to decode. The insignia was of
three outlined red diamonds raying out from each other, a
filled gold circle.

He jerked his head up as a section of the wall opened to show a glimpse
of what seemed to be a hallway and the full figure of a man dressed in a
long white coat over a black body suit with an insignia on the left
breast. He was carrying some sort of electric device. "Ah, so you're
awake," the man stated, his voice was smooth and somewhat reassuring.
Lifting one of his thin hands, he brushed his silky short blonde hair
back from his face. "I'm Doctor Katachi," he said and half turned, as if
expecting him to follow.

"What am I?" he asked as Katachi waved a short wand in front of him
before replacing it on it's holder on the pad.

Doctor Katachi smiled brightly at the words. "You are Project ZG. Your
registration number is three-oh-two-five-six, and your official name is

He nodded, fixing that name into his mind. "I am Grey."