Cephied.. I hope yall don't kill me for Ch 32... I know the battle sucked. I.. seem to have lost momentum in writing it.. but here's an Epilogue, I hope you like it better... definitely containing demented X/F.


Amelia stood in front of the bathroom mirror, staring at herself, or more, at her waistline, which was rapidly disappearing. More than a week had passed and not only had she not had her Time of Month, but her power hadn't returned. That, combined with the early morning nausea could probably mean only one thing. A smile suddenly sprang to her lips, "Won't Zelgadis be so happy," she said gleefully. "Maybe he'll get around to marrying me before it's too late?"

She left the bathroom and headed for the hallway, where she found Zelan and the princess walking toward her room, holding hands. Once more, Amelia smiled, only this time in a more motherly fashion. "My little boy's all grown up... Just like his father. Just like me," she shook her head and moved on, giving the two children privacy.

Next, she passed Riven's room, his door was left open a bit, so she dared to peek in, finding the owner of the room asleep on top of the blankets on the bed. In his arms was Mira. They were both fully clothed, except Riven was missing both shoes and socks, but that was alright. "How cute," Amelia murmured to herself and closed the door. Further down the hall she came upon Xelloss, who was leaning against the wall and smirking.

"What've you done?" Amelia automatically asked suspiciously.

The Mazoku opened his eyes to look innocent, but didn't quite pull it off as well as he could have hoped, for that smirk was still pinned to his lips. "I haven't done a thing..."

Filia slammed open her door rather suddenly, though she was just in time to hear Xelloss answer. "You Liar!" She was rumpled, her hair a mess and her clothes looked hastily donned. A blush filed its way over Amelia's face and she hurriedly moved on, eyes slightly widened. She hadn't ever expected THOSE two to get anything like THAT going, but...people changed, and apparently so did Ryuzoku and Mazoku.

That left one last person, but where was he? Amelia wandered the halls for a bit before ending up in the library. Yes, there he was, with Jiras working on translating some of the books Riven had given to the scholar. She moved in and draped herself over her lover's shoulders, kissing one of his blue pointy ears, knowing the reaction she would get.

Grey lifted his head from the keyboard he was using to look at her. "What?"

"You're so rude sometimes," Amelia said in response, one hand caressing his hair and pushing it down out of her face a bit. "I just wanted to ask you a question."

He sighed, pushing the keyboard away and straightening in his chair as she moved to sit in his lap. She took one of his hands, playing with his fingers somewhat, silence falling in the library after Jiras made a tasteful retreat into the subpocket room that Riven had linked to the library. "What did you want to ask me?" Grey finally asked somewhat testily.

Amelia smiled at him, she seemed to think about her words for a very long moment before she said, "Would you prefer a boy or girl?"