They all got up and got ready to go to work. They all came into office together and were talking about the night before. Woody and Seely were waiting on the girls along with Bug. They just looked at the three girls as they started laughing. The boys looked at each other and tried to figure out what was so funny. They just looked at the girls like they were crazy. All six of them walked to the break room when Macy walked in and told them that he had a case for Jordan and Adrianna. A car crash that seemed odd to the officers at the scene, they headed to the scene and discovered what Garrett meant. The crash didn't seem like it was severe enough to have killed the man. They took the body back to the morgue and got started in the autopsy. Jordan started drawing fluids to test while Adrianna did the internal exam. Jordan walked in and told Adrianna that she thought she had found the cause of death. The guy had high levels of arsenic. He had died of arsenic poisoning. They called the officer assigned to the case to let him know. The officer was excited to get that information. "Must be a newbie," Jordan said as she hung the phone up. "Why do you say that," Adrianna asked. "Because he seemed excited to be told that the guy was a victim of poisoning, not a car accident," Jordan answered. They both laughed as Adrianna closed the Y-incision. They both went to finish up the paperwork that they had on their desks. Garrett walked into the office to find them both working on the paper work. He asked for the file on the poison victim, so he could fill in the detective that was in his office. They handed over the folder without even looking up. As the sun sets, the pile on the floor had gotten big. They had both just finished their final folder and were preparing to take them into the file room when the boys showed up. They all grabbed some of the files and headed down to file them in the room. They made three trips and finally had all of the files put away. They headed out to the cars and headed out.

Jordan and Woody were going out to eat and Adrianna and Matt had been invited to join them and so they were all heading to the pub where they were going to relax and have a drink until their reservation time. They all walked into the pub and took a seat in the upper area and then ordered a beer. They just sat there and talked about the cases that they had and how it seemed that people had no respect for each other. They all got up and headed to the restaurant making it just in time for their reservation. They all ordered their food and then sat back and enjoyed spending the time together. The food was excellent and the service was just as good. They paid the bill and then got up and left. They headed back to Jordan's and talked about what they hoped for in the future. At 10:30, Adrianna and Matt headed down to her apartment and got ready for bed. They laid there and talked about their relationship. Adrianna told Matt that she wanted to have children and Matt let her know that so did he. He had always wanted to be a father but had been looking for the perfect girl. He then said that he thought that he had found that girl in Adrianna. Adrianna rolled over and looked at him as she started to cry. "That is so sweet, Matt," she said.

Unbeknownst to them Jordan and Woody were having the same conversation at the same time. Both of the couples seemed to be accepting the way that their lives were going. They knew that their lives were going to be changing and they would have to change along with them.

They laid down and talked a while until they fell asleep. The following morning, Adrianna and Matt got ready to head to work and then kissed each other goodbye. Adrianna walked into the morgue to find out that they didn't have any calls and the autopsies that were needed had already been completed. Garrett informed them all that he wanted all of the files before noon. Adrianna went down to her and Jordan's office and started to work on her files. With 20 minutes to spare, she and Jordan had completed their final file. They walked down to find that there were still no calls.

"This is a weird day, no one has died," Jordan said.

"I know, hopefully this won't last long," Adrianna said. They walked down to see if Bug, Nigel, and Kate had completed their files. As they walked in they saw that they were playing cards. They tried not to laugh as they watched the game. They decided that they wanted to join and so they asked to be deal in when the next game started.

Macy walked in to find all of his ME's playing cards on an autopsy table. The day ended without a new case and they all headed home. The next two weeks were very slow with less than ten cases per week. Adrianna and Matt were planning their One Year Anniversary dinner when Macy walked into tell her that he had a case for her and she would be working with Kate. It was a triple homicide. She met Kate up at the van and they headed out to the address that they had been given. They walked into the house to see a gory mess. They found the three bodies in the living room. It looked like they had been killed while they were lying down. They had their throats slashed. Jordan and Kate picked up the three bodies back to the morgue to see if there was any trace of the killer on the bodies. After several hours, they had completed all three autopsies and had a DNA from under the victims' nails. They were hoping that it would lead them to the killer. Kate was running it through CODIS when the detective came in to see what they had found. The scene gave them a shoe print but nothing else. "We are running the DNA that was under the nails, but no match yet," Kate said.

They all sat there waiting to see if they would get a match. Finally, the computer said that it had a match. The persons name was Joe Nickels. His previous crimes were all sexual assaults and battery charges. They couldn't see why he had gone up to killing. The detective went to go pick him up.