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A smile touched the twenty-two year old's lips as he flipped through the pages of the photo album, his soft cerulean eyes shining with fondness at the memories. The book was filled with photos and drawings of humans, turtle tots, turtle teens, allies, and a few assorted villains. As he turned to the section labeled "The best vacation EVA", he sighed contentedly. That had been a good trip. No, a great trip. No, no, the awesome-est trip. Ever.

"Mikey? You up yet?"

"Yeah, I'm up, Leo. Just being lazy."

The bed squeaked softly as Leo sat down on the edge of the mattress. "Hey, little brother. Whatcha doing?"

"Just looking through this old photo album."

Leo smiled. "Ah . . . that was a fun vacation. Now before we get lost in memories, it's time for practice."

"Oh . . . okay." Mikey flipped past a few more pages. "Hey . . . it's Donny in his uniform. Back when we were humans."

"Yeah, it is." Leo's eyes filled with soft emotion. "I was so proud of him, watching him walk out on that field for the first time. He was so excited. So grown-up. You remember, don't you?"

"He was bouncing off the walls like a maniac. Of course I remember." Mikey's eyes lit up. "Say . . . Leo, can I talk with Donny a bit before practice?"

"Sure. Ten minutes and then you both get yourselves to the dojo, alright?"

"Got it." Mikey darted away. "Donny, Donny, Donny, Donny, Donny . . ."

Leo chuckled mildly and resumed looking through the photo album as the continuous cry of 'Donny' faded off. He glanced up at the sound of a familiar, "Yo, Leo?"

"Hmm? Oh, hey, Raph. What's up?"

"Thought it was time for practice or something."

"Mikey wanted a little extra time; said he needed to talk to Donny."

"I kinda figured when I heard him . . ."

"Yeeeaah . . ." Leo shrugged. "It'll get Don out of bed if nothing else."

Raph glanced over his brother's shoulder. "You miss it?"

"Being human? A little. But . . . I really think I'm happier here."

"Y'know, Leo . . . you could'a gone through college and had a great career and been real successful. Heck, you could'a wound up as some guru who sits on those foggy mountains and gives everyone their proverb."

Leo chuckled. "And who only speaks in riddles."

"Well, I mean . . . don't you regret not being able to do that?"

"Be a guy who lives on a mountain and gives proverbs? Not really. Finishing school and having a real career . . . ? Sometimes. But I really would have missed you guys. And . . . I don't think I'd change things if I could."


"Yeah. This just . . . feels right." Leo looked at the clock. "C'mon, Raph. Let's head for the dojo."

They went and waited, and soon Don and Mikey came to join them. They were both grinning from ear to ear, or so to speak. "What are you two so happy about?" Leo asked.

"Well," Don said, "I seem to remember you promising me something a little over a year ago. Something about you allowing Mikey and me to put you two through band camp? Hmm?"

"Oh . . ." Leo scratched the back of his head. "Ah . . . about that . . ."

"You did promise," Don reminded him.

Leo chuckled weakly. "Guess I did. Well . . . what time does this start?"

"Eight A.M. sharp tomorrow. Now, it's supposed to be two weeks . . ."

Mikey giggled, and Raph folded his arms. "And I get how much of a say in this promise that I never knew existed?"

"But," Don continued, "we'll cut it down to two days. Day one, we teach you the basics. Day two, we . . . attempt to teach you a mini-show."

"Very well," Leo agreed.

"Fine," Raph grunted.

"And," Don added, "there will be no slacking off! Understood?"

"Yes sir!" Leo and Raph answered in unison.

Laughter rang through the dojo. "Okay, guys," Leo said. "Let's get started. Basic calf stretch, left leg. Everyone ready? Twenty counts. One, two . . ."

A/N: And that's the end!

Okay, now I know I'm going to get the all-important question of, "Will there be a sequel?"

In answer, I have no plans for a TRUE sequel. However, I DO have fluttering ideas for a story of what would have happened if they had just been humans, and hadn't at one time been turtles, and had gone through school and grown up etc, etc. I don't know if these fluttering ideas will at some point condense into a full story. If they do, I shall inform you, my readers, at once.

Until then, sayonara and I hope you've enjoyed the story! Now, what to write next...