"I never do stuff like this," I whispered in his ear as I nibbled his ear lobe.

His hands ran up and down my sides, "no?" he murmured, turning his head and catching my lips in his.

I moaned into his mouth as his tongue attacked mine.

"No," I gasped pulling back, placing my hands on his hot, bare chest, "I just need to let loose, like he said, like he told me, but he's a dick, he's a real big dick." I mumbled nodding furiously.

Man those beers were really kicking in now. My eyes shut and opened slowly. He was staring into my eyes now with a hunger I had never seen before. I lay my head down on his chest and breathed in his musky scent before drifting off.


Arggg I rolled over in bed, burying my head under my white sheets. The music continued to blare in the next room. "LEAHH!! DAMNNIT!!" I had moved in with Leah a few weeks ago after my father remarried and moved in with his new wife, Colleen, and her three kids. Of course I was suppose to live with them, but after plenty of begging I was allowed to move in with my cousin Leah, who I hadn't seen in a while, but please live with a cousin around my age, or live with my dad, Colleen and her three screaming brats, I think the answer is obvious.

Your probably wondering where my mother is. She died while giving birth to me due to complications. My dad is really a great guy, but the death of my mother definitely played a major role on my relationship with my dad. He's great like I said but sometimes I see him looking at me with accusation in his eyes, but I really can't blame him because from what I've heard my mom was an awesome person, and I took her away from everyone who loved her.

The music wasn't stopping so I jumped out of bed and opened the door. Leah was making eggs and swaying to the music. "God, Leah, its only ten in the morning for god's sake!"

She was fully dressed in a light blue camisole and faded jeans, I pulled at the hem of my baggy tee, I was so not a morning person. Leah turned slightly and laughed, "Only ten?"

I narrowed my eyes, "yes only ten. What are we doing tonight?" We had both graduated from highschool before I moved in, and so far Leah had had plans for every night I'd been here. She smiled, "there's a huge party near port angles."

"Fun," I nodded. I grabbed her ipod and unplugged it, "I'm going back to bed now."



I smiled at the sound of his voice, "Hey Mitch, it's Ashlen. How are you?"

There was a pause. "Oh, uh hey. I was just going to call you actually."

"Really? What's up?"

Mitch and I have been going out for over a year now. He's really great, he's good looking and has a good personality. I don't know what I'd do without him.

"Yeah, hey uh listen we need to talk."

Oh no. "Oh no."

"No, no. It's nothing bad, really. Well I guess it could be, but I uh.."


"Uh yeah?"

I took a deep breath, "Are you? Are you breaking up with me?"

Long pause.

I hear him sighing, "Look, this isn't working Ashlen, okay? I mean it was already getting kinda weird and now that your halfway across the country I just can't do this okay? And I mean no offense Ash but you need to loosen up a bit, you stress me out all the time."

Tear started leaking over my eyes, "Mitch, no please don't do this!"

"Ash I'm real sorry, I hope we can be friends one day, seriously."

"I- I have to go." I chucked the phone at the wall, and watched it shatter into a couple pieces.

Leah rushed into the room, "What the fuck was-" She stopped looking at my tear stained face. "Shit, Ash what happened?"

"He broke up with me, he said I needed to loosen up, he said I stress him out too much, he- he said..." I sobbed as Leah wrapped her arms around me, telling me how he was a dick-head and to forget about him.