Midnight Dust

Chapter One: Two Months


Here was a rare sight for the small town of Forks; I could see clusters of stars glittering in contrast to the blackened sky. I found that I could sit here forever despite the crisp cool night air as long as he stayed here with me, simply stargazing.

"They're beautiful." Was my offhand remark.

"They are." he agreed before pausing and moving closer towards me so that his face was only an inch away, so close I could feel his cool breath on my face.

"I like to call them Midnight Dust. You see how they're spread across the sky, lighting up the night like burning dust. Glorious. However, compared to you they are nothing." His voice was like honey, so smooth. His golden eyes were bottomless pools of love. I felt selfish, I wanted him. Body and soul I wanted him. And not only did I want him, I neededhim. Like food or oxygen, he was essential to my very existence.

Bella's Point of View

I awoke to the sound of my alarm clock's shrieks informing me that it was the start of a new day. When I reached out to turn it off I discovered that a pale hand had beaten me to it. An involuntary smile spread across my face and I turned around on my bed to face my fiancé smiling that crooked smile that made my heart race. He smirked as he listened to my misbehaving heart and leaned in to place a kiss on my lips.

It began slow and sweet but of course my eighteen year old girl hormones took control of the situation. I weaved my hands into his silky bronze hair, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. For once he didn't pull away but instead licked my lips earning him a small gasp of surprise from me. He took that as an opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth. For precious seconds I was stunned as he caressed the inside of my mouth with his skilled tongue. My state of shocked surprise didn't last for long and soon we were fighting for dominance. I didn't even realize that he was on top of me until I felt his cool hands traveling up my waist, setting the skin ablaze and making me shudder in delight.

Unfortunately my sides weren't the only things on fire. My lungs were protesting at the lack of oxygen and I heard Charlie calling my name from down stairs, we quickly broke apart. I was certain that my face now more closely resembled a tomato than a human girl. His smirk certainly didn't help matters. What has gotten into him? I decided it probably didn't matter.

"I-I'll be back, human minute." I was surprised I was able to talk. I quickly grabbed my toiletries and exited the room to the bathroom, not bothering to turn around and see his arrogant smirk. I escaped the room in the hopes that I would be able to recover from that quite literally mind-blowing kiss.

"Yeah Char- dad I'm up, you can go now." I yelled in the hall room. Yet another issue on my mind...I really need to tell Charlie.

"Oh, okay just making sure. See you later Bells." Charlie called before heading to work in his cruiser. I hastily made my way into the shower. The hot water felt so incredible, I didn't want to get out.

I smiled as I looked down at my ring. God it didn't feel real. Me, Isabella Marie Swan, engaged to the most gorgeous man –vampire rather- in existence. It was so unbelievable -only a year ago I didn't believe in getting marriage before thirty! I sighed and finished up in the shower, wrapping myself in a towel before brushing my teeth and putting on a white button up shirt leaving a few buttons undone so my midnight blue spaghetti strap shirt was showing and into black skinny jeans. Yeah I had finally caved into Alice's shopping and make-over trips, they weren't so bad if I ignored the unnecessary and excessive amounts of money she spent on me.

I quickly blow dried my waist long brown hair, wondering whether I should cut it or just trim the ends, before putting it in a high pony tail. Grabbing my jacket, my backpack and a breakfast bar I headed out the door making sure to lock it. I then looked up to see a silver Volvo waiting for me in the drive, as usual.

"Good morning love you look bewitching as always." His velvet voice always made me smile, especially when he was saying such lovely things. He was wearing a fitted grey V-neck sweater -just tight enough to see his perfectly toned abs- and dark jeans; you could tell they were designer. Damn Cullens and their seemingly endless funds.

"Well good morning to you too." I blushed, realizing that I had sat there drinking him in without response. He chuckled, stroking my heated cheek and leaned towards me to place a chaste kiss on the corner of my jaw.

"Tease" I mumbled, pouting, making his chuckle turn to full blown laughter as he sped off to school.

Edward's Point of View

I stood by Bella's side an irritated growl building low in my chest as I was forced to listen to Mike Newton's vile thoughts about my Bella.

Bella looks so hot today, I wonder if I should ask her to the movies this Friday, I'll wait until Cullen leaves.

Sometimes I really wished I couldn't hear what people were thinking but I wouldn't let those thoughts get me into a bad mood. Of course it was fairly difficult to get me in a bad mood these days. Practically impossible in fact, after all in only two months Bella was going to marry me, she had chosen me over that dog Jacob Black and all normal, human men. I mean seriously I'm a monster, what could I give her other than an eternity of being damned? Of course her choice was insane. Other than the fact that I could kill her in less than a second and could kill her without expending more energy than it took a human to pop a soap bubble, and was a vicious bloodsucking vampire, I was also a hormonal teenager at my most basic level. I mean what I was thinking this morning?! I was so close to taking her right then and there.

"Edward! Edward! Are you all right?" Her warm soft hand was on my face trying to get my attention and her endless brown eyes –so full of concern- were distracting me with their intensity. Oh God, she smelt so good and she was so beautiful. It was like she was designed to be my ultimate temptation –in every way.

"Oh," I said, realizing I had yet to answer her. "I'm all right; I think I should go hunting with Jasper after school though." A sudden sadness flitted across her face. Why? God the only mind I can't read just has to be hers. The one person I desire to understand more than any other in this world just has to be the only mystery. It was aggravating.

"How long will you be gone?" Oh, that's why, I realized sheepishly, I swear I'm losing it.

"Don't worry love." I told her sweetly, trying to convey all my adoration for her with my words "I'll be back tomorrow night I promise. I'm not leaving until after school anyway. I'll make sure Alice stays with you." I looked her in the eyes to reassure her and let her see for herself that I wasn't lying.

I would have continued my assurances except for the fact that she did something that completely diverted my attention.

She breathed deeply, slowly inhaling and exhaling which caused her chest to rise and fall. The glorious movement of her succulent breasts was maddening! This added to my conviction that this woman would be the death of me. She enjoys teasing me and does it far too often -she must be aware of how she affects me.

I could feel myself caving as the hint of a blush bloomed in her cheeks. I selfishly devoured her lips, crashing my own down on hers. Stop it! Enough! There are only two months left, I can wait until then. Think of her soul! Just as I began to calm myself down her hands wrapped around my neck and she pulled herself closer to me and I could feel her breasts crushed against my chest. I was filled with over whelming desire. Slamming her up against a locker in order to leave my hands free to travel her body, under her tight, revealing clothes that my evil, wonderful pixie sister bought for her, gripping her skin far too gently for my liking.

I plunged my tongue wildly in her mouth while my left hand reached up to grope her breast. I was so caught up in the amazing sensations and the way this little minx made me feel that I completely missed the approach of our principal.

"Isabella Swan! Edward Cullen! Detention!" The principal was practically screaming in outrage at our little display. His thoughts indicated that he felt detention was far too lenient for us and he was simply waiting for an excuse to do worse.

Shit. This was going to be a long two months.

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