Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or any of the characters

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or any of the characters. I only own my own ideas.

Why do I hate her?

This is a piece of writing out of Rosalie's daily journal. (A/N: I know there was never a real journal in the twilight books, but bear with me)

June 18, 2008

Isabella Swan. The small human girl from Forks… the girl that completes my brother Edward. Everyone in the family, especially Bella, thinks that I hate her. In some ways, I do… but in other ways I mostly envy her. There are many reasons why I feel and act the way that I do. Firstly, Bella has the one thing in the world that I want most to have… humanity. I know that she can't help what she is the same way that I can't help what I am but, seriously… I just don't understand how she could throw something so precious and dear to me away so easily. I would have loved to die of old age, have a husband (not saying I don't love Emmett), to be a mother. Bella, even though I have tried to talk to her, doesn't think that anything else like that will matter after she "changes". She believes that her 'love for Edward is stronger then any other need in my her body.' Seriously, if she thinks that she will be very disappointed in the next few decades when she realizes how much in life she missed and gave up just to be with my moron of a brother. I don't want you to think that I don't like Bella and Edward being together, because I do. This girl completes Edward, who has finally begun to live his "life" like the rest of us. Every time they look at each other I can feel the passion and love that is being shared just by them glancing at each other. This is another reason why I envy Bella.

Her and Edward's relationship is so much stronger then mine and Emmett's. I love Emmett sooooo much, but every time I see how much Bella and Edward care for each other I get jealous. Emmett and I would die for each other (if we could) the same as Bella and Edward would, but it is just different. For Edward, Bella is something to live for. For me, Emmett is just a companion that I love. I will always love him, but I just wish our relationship could be just like Edward and Bella's.

I do enjoy the love that Emmett and I share though, I am not really complaining about that part of our relationship.

Did anyone ever tell you how many times Bella has put my family in danger? There are too many to count over the years but there were some that really almost revealed our "secret":

#1- Bella was standing at her car one day before school on a snow day where the whole town was covered with inches of ice and of course she had to find one way to get herself into trouble. She didn't slip on the ice or anything like another person would do, but she almost got killed by a car. I know this wasn't her fault but if she had been paying more attention to her surroundings she wouldn't have had to have Edward run at vampire speed across the CROWDED parking lot full of HUMANS to get her out of the way from the truck. Then he had to use his vampire strength in front of PEOPLE to stop the car from crushing her.

#2- Bella was attacked by a vampire, James. She almost died and because she had to run away from Jasper and Alice to meet with this maniac of a tracker. We had to make up so many excuses of why and how she got hurt and then Alice still had to fabricate the evidence. Seriously that girl is really out to get us killed… HAHA.

#3- On her 18th birthday, she was of course going to hurt herself. You would think that this klutz would have cut herself with a knife while cutting her birthday cake or by falling down a flight of stairs. Instead she cut herself with a piece of wrapping paper, causing the blood to show, making everyone (especially Jasper) go crazy. She smelled so good and all I wanted to do was taste her. What would Charlie of said when he found that his daughter was killed by a paper cut and 7 vampires who were supposed to be her best friends. That would be the end of us.

There are many more to tell but, that is all I really care to say… you get my point.

There is one more reason why I really despise Bella. She is not even pretty and she has almost all of the guys at Forks highschool out to get her. There is Mike, the kid the his her with the van A/N-Can't remember his name. There are way to many to count. She probably would have been asked out at least a million times in her first and second year of highschool alone if Bella and Edward weren't together. It seems that many of the guys at the school are scared of Edward, I don't know why. She doesn't realize that Edward isn't the only guy in this damn world that cares about her so much that they would die to get her. Oh, and did I mention Jacob. That boy wants her so bad and she won't even give him a chance. He has tried and tried to show her how he feels but everytime she puts him down and states how they are 'just friends'. I know that one day she will realize that she loves Jacob as much as she loves Edward and will leave Edward for Jacob. That would be the happiest day of my life if she took Edward over Jacob! I have to go hunting….

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